What are ideas for entertainment for a company picnic? Messages in this topic - RSS

What are ideas for entertainment for a company picnic? Messages in this topic - RSS

Guest March 11, 2010
I'm looking for some ideas to make sure everyone is having fun at the company picnic this summer. I want to do more than play frisbee or whiffle ball this year. smile
sandylsandylPosts: 3 March 11, 2010
Have you considered renting bikes or kayaks if you are near water? You could hire a band for a concert? Or do karaoke. Try to get everyone involved!
djpau312956djpau312956Posts: 13 March 13, 2010
First I would make sure you have enough volunteers so that everyone will have fun..If the picnic serves alcohol, have Kareoke. Have a clown pasing out balloons and face painting, have someone organize softball, vollyball, or kickball
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 14, 2010
Is it a family picnic or an employee's only picnic?

Is this a year in which you want to be having a grand celebration or is it a year to have a great time but on a lower budget?

Guest March 15, 2010
It's for employees and their family. We don't want a "grand celebration", just a great time on a moderate budget.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 15, 2010
Getting To Know Each Other

One purpose of a family company event (outside of having a great time at the event itself) is to encourage the attendees to get to know each other. A listing of a few very low budget "getting to know you type activities" which I have led at both corporate events such as bring your child to work day and community based events follows. All have been extremely well received.
  • Networking Bingo. Make a game card for every attendee by drawing lines dividing an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper into one inch squares. Fill each square with a descriptor for each attendee such as: in fifth grade, plays golf, likes to cook Italian food, won an award in 2009, starred in school play, worked all night yesterday. Make copies for each attendee. Give attendees a game card and marker as they arrive. Objective for each attendee is to fill the card by getting a person who matches the descriptor to sign a square or two on the card. Maximum two signatures per person per card. Also, need to get contact information (such as name legibly printed and an email address ...or parent's email address) printed on the back for each person signing. Everyone is a winner as small prizes are awarded to everyone filling their cards. Champions are the youngest 5 people to fill their cards (without parent help.)
  • That's My Mom/Dad. Bring group of four to five parents with their kids on stage. Blindfold all of the kids. Kids need to identify their parent based upon asking job related Yes/No questions of the parents. (Parents hold up a Yes/No sign and a moderator announces the answers.) Also, do a round in which the kids need to identify their parents based upon shaking hands.
  • That's My Son/Daughter. Similar to That's My Mom/Dad, except this time the parents attempt to identify their kids based upon school related events and/or handshakes.
  • Championship Networking. Bring the champion Networkers from Networking Bingo on stage. Blindfold them. Ask them to name and describe as many people as they can. Person naming and correctly describing the most people wins.
sacke385154sacke385154Posts: 1 March 15, 2010
My company used to have an inflatable obsticle course, volley ball, softball, a dunk tank to dunk the higher ups and we donated the money to charity, also an ice cream truck came and it was free, and a Dj with karoke. All the excutives manned the huge grill they rented....
Guest March 16, 2010
Different games to build team cooperation, plus I would suggest a DJ that has the understanding of what games the company can play to generate friendly competition. If family members are invited a few games that can be played as a family unit or team.
Guest March 17, 2010
Find a caterer that has a wood fired pizza oven on a trailer. The pizza is unbelievable and everyone loves pizza.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 17, 2010
The Activity Page


About eight to ten years ago a Graduate Student by the name of Christian Itin (now, I believe, a Professor at Humboldt State University in Redding, California) assembled a list of activities on what he called the Activity Page. The work started at the University of Denver and then migrated to Geocities. When Geocities was eliminated this work was archived. It took me a few days to find the URL to the archive, but I think some of the activities may be helpful to you.
jarde366325jarde366325Posts: 8 March 22, 2010
Please visit www.johnardenmusic.com
Live music such as a dueling pianos show, an acoustic band, or sing along with one man band are all great options we can provide.

adven391953adven391953Posts: 1 March 23, 2010
DrRonShapiro wrote:
Is it a family picnic or an employee's only picnic?

Is this a year in which you want to be having a grand celebration or is it a year to have a great time but on a lower budget?

thedukeofmotownthedukeofmotownPosts: 2 March 23, 2010
I'm a Motown singer/entertainer; perhaps I can offer my services. We'll have a great time at the event. Email me directly to discuss it: thedukeofmotown@live.com

Talk to you soon,

The Duke of Motown
Guest March 24, 2010
Find a good barbershop quartet. It's different and they can be a lot of fun.
APEdallasAPEdallasPosts: 1 March 25, 2010
Don't forget to have a videographer or photographer, so you guys can get all the craziness documented
Guest March 27, 2010
If your looking for a great Food Vendor, You might want to look at Sassy Hot Dogs They have been setting up at Northern Tools on I 35 in Saturdays and Sunday. At least you can check them out. They have a great looking trailer. The hot dogs are gourmet on fresh baked buns. They have every kind of dog you can think of. Hire them to do the cooking, and get the people in some awesome out door activities. Like Horse Shoe contest, washers, What is really crazy is tricycle races.
Guest April 5, 2010
I work with a affordable catering company and we do on site BBQing and delicious milkshakes!! Call Robyn @ Elegant Catering
503 3997437
fortu395673fortu395673Posts: 1 April 5, 2010
Why not try a Fortune Teller? It is an excellent way to liven up your party or special event. It is both fun and highly popular. Its a great ice breaker and suitable to any age group and involves minumal set-up time and preparation. We can do special pricing based on time and venue. Pamela Fortune Telling Plus!! 612 250 6198
Guest April 5, 2010
How about a stuff-n-fluff workshop? We have over 40 animals available, maybe one that represents your company logo or mascot?? This is a fun and exciting workshop that people of all ages enjoy. And of course, we bring the workshop to your event and set-up, so you do not need to do anything smile We can even provide tshirts for the animals with your company logo. For more info visit:
msdes126419msdes126419Posts: 1 April 6, 2010
I am looking for someone in Eufaula, OK area. We are looking for someone to cook out for our family reunion over Memorial Day weekend.
event403262event403262Posts: 4 April 7, 2010
Hello, You can hire us Touch of Paradise Catering and Entertainment!!! We can cater on-site BBQ and Grilling and put on A Luaua show Proffesional Polynesian Dancers and Fire Knife.We have HUGE selection of theme props Please vist www.touch-of-paradise.com or call 714 582-2479
lmill406138lmill406138Posts: 1 April 8, 2010
Elvis impersonator - usually a hit at reunions and family picnics. :-)
pinkp407586pinkp407586Posts: 1 April 11, 2010
Hi, I usually plan our small company's picnic and last year I called a place in Ca. called Scandia amusement park. (very small) BUT EVERYONE had a blast! Alex arranged pic nic food and games then we rode the parks rides....VERY fun...
Guest April 11, 2010
How about hiring a balloon twister? I was at an event where they had one, and everybody was walking around in these crazy hats and having a GREAT time. The artist was very entertaining and fun to watch. And the balloons everywhere made the atmosphere really festive. It was funny how much the adults were getting into it, even more than the kids were!
Guest April 13, 2010
Piano Music for All Occasions can be a hit at a party. Call Steve Johnson, Duluth, who can play every song but one! Try a unique part of his performance. Name That Tune!! www.pianoballoon.com or call (218)-724-3747 He also offers an informative and fun indoor Hot Air Balloon Presentation for Banquet Programs and meetings. Highly Recommended !!
LiveSoundLiveSoundPosts: 7 April 19, 2010
It takes finding the right person but there are always local striving bands that will play for expenses. You can get 2 or 3 of them and a variety of music is always fun.

Sacramento Sound and Audio Rental
Guest April 19, 2010

I am the Event Manager at America's Incredible Pizza Company in Urbandale and we have great accomodations for a company picnic! We have 4 themed dining rooms to choose from which include a 50s diner, gymansium, a leave-it-to beaver family room, a starlite theater and private party spaces. We offer an all you can eat buffet with items ranging from pizza, pastas, homestyle favorites and full salad bar to ice cream, brownies and much more. Incredible Pizza offers go carts, bumber cars, miniature bowling, mini golf and games for your guests as well. We are company based on Christian values and family entertainment. I would love to speak with you, for more information please contact me at sjobst@incrediblepizza.com.

Guest April 20, 2010
Where and when are you looking at having your event? I own a corporate events company in Phoenix, AZ and have travled to Vegas, LA, San Diego, and other close by cities to help organize picnic events. We have been in business since 2000 and can help you put together a family friendly, interactive style picnic. Musical relays, inflatalbes, entertainers, contests, and more. We staff all areas of the event so you and other committee members can actually enjoy the event. Feel free to contact us for more information. The Event Zone 602-689-2765
LiveSoundLiveSoundPosts: 7 April 21, 2010
Usually this is budget driven.... If you're real busy - work with an entertainment management company. If not, you can find all kinds of the vendors googling ideas...
Guest April 22, 2010
If you are having a Tropical Theme party look up your areas Frozen Drink Machine Rental. They deliver a machine (no Ice Needed) you poor in the Alcahol and the mix they provide and you have a self serve Tropical Drink Bar for your guest. Its so awesome. My guest love this. I do it every single year.
Guest April 24, 2010
My name is RUSSTY a signer\guitarist entertainer great for private or business parties, BBQs ,dances and RestoBars events. Songs from the 60s to the newest hits.
For more information please contact russtymusic@hotmail.com
TooATeeTooATeePosts: 6 April 25, 2010
I would go full on family style carnival, or maybe luau with pig roast, dancers, maybe someone to teach the hula and kids can perform? Something fun!
tunaoddfellowtunaoddfellowPosts: 2 May 2, 2010
A good close-up magician can be an attraction for kids and adults. The routines a magician performs can be customized to any kind of audience, and the experience of a great magic show is the memory of a lifetime.
ronl1946ronl1946Posts: 7 May 2, 2010
We've provided a variety of musical entertainment for many company picnics that have proven to be a lot of fun for everyone. The important thing is to focus on fun, while you keep speeches and company "business" to a minimum during these events. We've found families (adults and children) relate well to Karaoke, DJ "dance music" and live vocal shows. Children love face-painting, "temporary tatoos," etc. Ron, Cape and Islands Entertainment 508 274-0388
bsid425850bsid425850Posts: 1 May 3, 2010
Face Painting is great. Try Face Art by Jan - She's the best. She's done big company parties & does amazing artwork.
ShealynShealynPosts: 1 May 3, 2010
There is lots of space for all kinds of activities at the 1899 Farmhouse, Wedding & Event Venue. Some great bands have entertained guests out there. www.1899farmhouse.com
compassroseeventscompassroseeventsPosts: 1 May 3, 2010
Compass Rose Events is a turn key event provider. We deliver company picnics across the country and we bring our catering and activities for all ages right to you. You can visit our website at www.CompassRoseEvents.com for ideas. If you would like pricing information, please give us a call at (866) 733 1101
JokersWildIncJokersWildIncPosts: 4 May 5, 2010
Have you considered a Las Vegas Casino theme night? They are fantastic and they liven up the entire party in no time. If you are interested please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to lay out a plan for you.
Thank You,
James Paul
Jokers Wild Entertainment
Casino Rentals
(630) 362-8639
kathi136007kathi136007Posts: 1 May 5, 2010
Not sure what area you're in....Photo booths are fun, as well as Karoke, Hula hoop contests, trivia, and "the history of dance".
ensig429595ensig429595Posts: 5 May 7, 2010
After reading all of the post...I would love to be able to speak with you to assist you step by step of what you can do to ensure all involved will have a good time...including you!
Noelle @ En-Sight...An Event Planning Firm
PufftheGurkhaPinkerPufftheGurkhaPinkerPosts: 1 May 7, 2010
It really depends on the kind of event, and the mood, will there be drinking and fun??? How about a casino night and Cigars? Check us out!
greatestofdaysgreatestofdaysPosts: 10 May 9, 2010
DrRonShapiro wrote:
Is it a family picnic or an employee's only picnic?

Is this a year in which you want to be having a grand celebration or is it a year to have a great time but on a lower budget?

greatestofdaysgreatestofdaysPosts: 10 May 9, 2010
There are a couple ways to think about this. There seem to be two dilemmas that arise when trying to decide which way to go. The first is how do you think your employees will react to having a celebration that is much different than it was in the past? If you do nothing at all, you risk the impression that the business is in trouble causing more insecurity for employees. If you have had to lay off a number of employees, one solution might be to scale it down and combine the event with a food drive for the local food bank or something to help kids with school supplies.

Second, are you concerned about how your clients might feel if they see you having a celebration? Creating an event that will benefit a non-profit or charitable organization can make it appear to be more acceptable, but make sure that it looks like a sincere partnership without ulterior motives.
LiveSoundLiveSoundPosts: 7 May 17, 2010
If families are coming you might consider some structured activities for the children. Often that gets the parents involved. Structured games in general (that are not too physical) can be real fun. They did that at the last casino employee event I was at and it seemed to work.
yoder161066yoder161066Posts: 3 May 24, 2010
Have you considered carnival rides, inflatables, rock walls, bumper cars, and more for your company picnic fun? We work with a lot of companies celebrating a business anniversary with a larger company picnic filled with fun for all ages. Check us out at: www.funny-business.com/games-and-rides

corporatemagician1corporatemagician1Posts: 1 May 26, 2010
What kind of entertainment would you like? Do you want to focus on the Employees (read adults) or the children? There are 2 major different live entertainment options from quality performers; Strolling (roaming) style or a show.

Ask for website and most importantly see if they have videos on their site and see send info you find to all the event committe members.

Also, price and value are very different. You might get a similar price range from a quality entertainer (but typically they are much higher) consider those factors when looking at vendors. Hope this is helpful.
Phil Smith
Abracadabra Productions
lisam279676lisam279676Posts: 1 May 29, 2010
On the off chance you are in the LA area...
I plan 'road rally' events. Solve clues to find the next location, find the party, etc. If you are interested you can email me at:
Guest May 30, 2010
Pin the tail on the boss is always fun!
kimmiemkimmiemPosts: 11 June 25, 2010
I planned a company picnic using the Olympics as the theme, complete with opening and closing ceremonies, trophies, the whole thing and folks had a blast. Outrageous Olympics is the company that helped me put the event on and we were at Smoky Glen Farm in Maryland. The key to this event was the hype before, getting the managing partner and other management folks in on it and really making it fun for the staff and the families. The kids had fun too - if you need help, just let me know!
Guest July 12, 2010
Consider having a photo booth! Employees love it, and it builds interaction. I have one that will hold up to 6 kids at a time. Details on my web site. http://www.carlsonsstudio.com/#/photo-booth-home-page/

Kevin Carlson
Carlson's Studio

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