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21st Birthday! Messages in this topic - RSS

atauk412807atauk412807Posts: 2 May 28, 2010
I am turning 21 in a couple of years and in my culture, it is a very big thing to celebrate-womanhood. I want something very formal at a very reasonable price. I just want to get things figured out ahead of time to know where I am apart from where I need to be in terms of money. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Guest May 28, 2010
21 is a milestone age in the USA also. Where are you from?
Guest June 1, 2010
Where are you having your party?
atauk412807atauk412807Posts: 2 June 3, 2010
Im from an island in the south pacific-Tonga. Its a very small island but we have big strong traditional beliefs. Turning 21 and still a virgin is the biggest thing to celebrate in our culture before a wedding. Im having it somewhere in Northern California. Preferably San Francisco-city-like.

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