I just started planning my wedding.. Messages in this topic - RSS

I just started planning my wedding.. Messages in this topic - RSS

SylverWeddingsSylverWeddingsPosts: 3 December 12, 2010
Every Bride should hire a DOC (Day Of Coordinator) - you can also ask local Coordinators if they do A La Carte Services. You can often get extra help for individual items that way. Or pick her brain for an hour on stuff like Venues, DJ's etc. Feel free to email me if you'd like a referral to a local Coordinator...
voglanvoglanPosts: 6 December 13, 2010
I am able to perform marriage ceremonies in and around Windsor, Ontario Canada. I am licensed with All Seasons Weddings (allseasonsweddings.com). If you would like me to marry you and your significant other, then please contact me.
Thank you.

Vera O.
enchantedmemoriesweddingsenchantedmemoriesweddingsPosts: 37 December 13, 2010
I would suggest having your future spouse talk to her. He knows how far she is really willing to travel and could make more headway with her. If the two of you agreed on an area to be married in, don't let her guilt you into changing it, especially since they do make quite a trip twice a year. For them to travel the 1-2 hours south in New Jersey isn't really a long distance considering the trip they make to go to Florida.

Good luck to you! In-laws can be fun to deal with. One quick suggestion. Hire a wedding planner immediately if you have not done so! They will be able to help you deal with the stress of this siutation and help keep the peace in your family.

Kim Schrack
L & S Events
(717) 571-0557
(215) 488-7149
nalevy wrote:
I am planning our wedding for June 12, 2011 .. I am meeting difficulty with my inlaws as his mom is handicapped and uses a walker and they are snowbirds and live in Paramus NJ from April to Nov. My dad is handicapped - needs and uses a wheelchair and has an aide to assist him. It would be a lot easier to have the wedding in South Jersey for my mom and dad who are footing this bill as opposed to Paramus NJ where his parents live. His mom is stating that she cannot travel and not mobile anymore and insists we have it in North Jersey to the point she would cry if she could not be there to see her son get married ... blah blah blah ... I have told her my dad is in a wheelchair and needs an aide. It would be alot easier for my mom and dad to do it in NJ but she is very set in her ways. LOL Mom in law to be travels in a car with father in law every year from NJ to VA which is 6 hours in a car to catch the auto train in Lorton VA and then off the train in Sanford and drive to Boca which is 3 hours. My dad has limited mobility and would travel in a wheelchair van which we bought for him with an aide. It would take about 1 to 2 hours from south to north jersey. How do I convice my mother inlaw and father in law as well as sister in law that it would be better in south jersey and she mom in law can make it 2 hours in a car.

What is the best way to tackle this issue ?


Frustrated Bride trying to keep peace in the families
blossomeventsblossomeventsPosts: 3 December 15, 2010
Candace, a planner can definately help you save money in the long run! We pre-negotiate with vendors so that we may get the best price and pass it along to our clients! I am the owner of www.blossom-events.net located in Atlanta, georgia and all we require is a $300 deposit--which will go towards your wedding. With the deposit we take you to multiple venues over a weekend. Once the venue is selected we begin our proposal process. In a proposal you will receive basically everything you will need for your big day along with a final price. Again, planners Pre-negotiate deals with vendors so you are sure to receive the best prices! If the proposal comes back too high...you have the option to make changes or remove items all together in order to meet your budget.
Best of luck!
Marta Catania, owner blossom-events.net
PartyPlannersPlusPartyPlannersPlusPosts: 8 December 27, 2010
Hi Hammysgirl, Please check out our website for specials that may fit into your budget. Also our Bride's Seminar is coming up in March.
It is hard to plan a wedding with only one working and the other staying home with baby, but it can be done...Hope to hear from you soon to set up your free consultation before the end of the year.
PartyPlannersPlusPartyPlannersPlusPosts: 8 December 27, 2010
I wish you were all in Central Ohio. Party Planners Plus has their 2011 Bride's Seminar coming up in March. I have these seminars to help Brides and Grooms know where to start with the planning...and it is such a fun day. If in the Ohio Area you can Register at www.partyplannersplus.vpweb.com
good luck everyone!
stepi524243stepi524243Posts: 7 December 27, 2010
You will feel so much better if you hirer an event or wedding planning to help with your wedding. Wedding planner have different packages to help you in area where you may need some help. They can coordinate the whole wedding from start to finish. They can coordinate the day of the wedding. They give you advice on vendors, time management, help you stay within your budgets, look over contracts, keep things running smoothly so you can enjoy your day. Help you with the sitting arrangements, timeline, guest list there is so much relief that a wedding planner can give you and it will be worth the pay. Find an event planner in your area.
Sharlita Jordan Event Consultant
Guest February 16, 2011
We are excited about our wedding in Vegas ... but the stress of having a wedding reception in NJ is driving me crazy. You see I have to plan everything. My fiancee is there for support and moral support and all; but the issue is like I have to plan and make everyone happy. My parents are eager to help and extremely flexible despite my dad being wheelchair bound and needing an aide fulltime. In fact, though it is a hardship they are willing to have the reception in North Jersey because you see my fiancee's mom says she just can't travel to south Jersey because it is too difficult as she is handicapped but walks with a walker and does NOT need a fulltime aide - though she says her husband does everything for her. She practically went off on me when I simply tried to explain it really is a hardship for my parents to travel because plans for an aide - a hospital bed - a home health nurse - need to be secure up in north jersey - My parents and I are footing the bill for this event --- his parents are not paying a dime for this as they are frugal and really don't have the money. So far his uncle and aunt have at least been supportive to find a place in Englewood. But again that is all I did all the calls and have to from a far see what is available and wheelchair accessible let alone see where this place is as my parents and family are making the drive north to an area they are unfamiliar with not too mention a long drive in a wheelchair equipped van for my dad sucks but he is doing it for me. My sister in law and brother wish I could do it in south jersey to make life easier for my dad but oh no fiancee's parents are not for that at all. They are apparently selfish to the point that she actually said I don't give a damn about your father I am too handicapped and can't travel. Oh yet they drive 5 hours in a car to Lorton VA to toake a train every year to FL where they live 6 months out of the year. Oh well have to cater to soon to be mom in law who I have always been there for when she had her medical issues like hospital stays and home care visits and needing any medical stuff or drs or whatever.. I even made sure they had a fully decorated table literally on thanksgiving day bringing them a turkey dinner at their house the day they drove in from nj to fl. She was in tears and loved it so much ... She thought she was having like take out but was suprised by a full turkey dinner and all the trims right at her house and I unpacked them and will do so to pack them back up in April when they go back up north. Guess I have a heart and am there for them. I guess I never saw this side of her as wellas my soon to be father in law get so irrate and irrational when I attempted to try and make them understand how much of a hardship this is for my dad and mom - more for my dad but they just did not care and I love my parents so much and would not think of doing a reception without them. I am so afraid that my dad will change his mind when our day comes June 12 ... Oh and our wedding reception weekend happens to be conveniently coordinated with fiancee's father's birthday. Wow I really bent over backwards and what to get treated like my family means nothing .. hopefully things get better - signed stressed and need a friend to sort things through
tjordan8402tjordan8402Posts: 1 February 17, 2011
The site does pretty good but like the others have said the local area you are getting married in may have their own site.
KreativeKonceptionsKreativeKonceptionsPosts: 1 February 17, 2011
crosbykandace wrote:
i just started to plan my wedding so i was looking at different websites to help. i went to theknot.com but it was asking specific questions about locations and so on. we know othe city but not sure of location. we know our date and colors but thats about it. is this website actually good at helping find what i want or is it a waste of time?

Hey! Planning an entire wedding yourself is definitely overwhelming! I too thought I would be able to handle planning my wedding by myself and I found that it was wayyy too much. I just started my event planning company Kreative Konceptions and for a Day of Coordination my packages are starting at $450 (in comparison to $1,000 from my competitors). You may not need a planner to help plan the entire wedding but you at least need someone to make sure that your wedding day flows nicely.

Antoinette L. Belton
(912) 429-2766

Hope to hear from you soon:-)
Guest February 18, 2011
There are a lot of things on here that will help you I believe and give you ideas, for example I am an entertainer and do wedding receptions, I perform magic and balloon animals for your guests. Of course there are people on here to help you plan your event.
Sometimes just looking in the phone book for a location will help you find what you need. Do you have a date? Call around sometimes a little leg work will go a long way. Generally the people who book out halls and different venues are very helpful in having other places they deal with on a regular basis for exampl flowers and so on.
Thanks have a great day
Roger Boucher
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 February 27, 2011
sbarnhart1974 wrote:
I'm in NY. I am having second thoughts about my venue they want the deposit upfront. All of it. I'm not sure if I can do that! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Just read the contract carefully and make sure you do a "tasting" first to be sure you are getting what you pay for. If you are confused, then go elsewhere. This is where a wedding planner can help. Many do want payment upfront if they are giving a considerable discount. My best guess is that they want to cover themselves for last minute cancellations. They have your cash and if you cancel, they won't hurt. Things are bad all around for business these days. I'm a photographer and request 50% up front. Particularly if I am having a great sale. But I try to work with the couple by doing an installment plan so that I am paid by the wedding day. See if they would take, say 50% up front and the rest a week before your wedding day. If they don't cooperate and you feel weird about it, then go elsewhere. Or, have a lawyer read the contract. It's your right to do so. Tell them that you will consult with your attorney and get back to them. This way, you know exactly what you are in for. And, by saying that, they may work with you.

Good luck with that. I know you must be frustrated.


Lise' Ramos

Creative Director


ABETTERDJABETTERDJPosts: 24 February 28, 2011
We have DJs and photographers in San Jose and free plannning assistance is included in all oof our packages. We will run your reception for you
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 March 1, 2011
We encourage our brides-to-be to explore their options and possibilities to determine their desired colored scheme. This helpful article will get you started:


Our partnership blog is designed to help you explore those color possibilities first hand by showing you inspiration and themes by color combination. We have popular colors like aqua and brown or pink and chocolate. We also feature not-so-traditional schemes like brown and gold, or dark purple and sage green. Perhaps you'll find something to help jump start your planning process within these helpful links.

If I can be of assistance or if you'd like more advice, email us info@neotericexpressions.com

info640429info640429Posts: 6 March 4, 2011
crosbykandace wrote:
i just started to plan my wedding so i was looking at different websites to help. i went to theknot.com but it was asking specific questions about locations and so on. we know othe city but not sure of location. we know our date and colors but thats about it. is this website actually good at helping find what i want or is it a waste of time?

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces would be perfect for your wedding. You can rent these on Do-it-your self, or have a full service setup. Plus it's cheaper than buying flowers.
Large spandex vases with ostrich feathers, will raise the bar to your guests.

Michael Thomas

cnaysmithcnaysmithPosts: 3 March 6, 2011
check out the alexanderhomesteadweddings.com They have very good food, and are all inclusive if you like
janet642518janet642518Posts: 1 March 7, 2011
MAGEventsMAGEventsPosts: 27 March 15, 2011
The Knot is a great resource for photos on center pieces, favors, bouquets, etc. I always use it for photos to show brides options. You dont have to know all the details, you can still get on and take a peek and get some inspiration. Martha Stewart weddings is another fabulous site for getting ideas.
Guest March 28, 2011
I agree that you don't have to know all the details! Kind of looking at a bunch of Ideas and finding what you really like workssmile If you ever have any questions on where to register check out www.pamperedchef.biz/shannondelo its for the Pampered Chef. It's really awesome and the Bride and Groom get FREE Stuff based on what their people buy them.
MoniIfereFloralsMoniIfereFloralsPosts: 1 March 31, 2011
Ok, well seems many people gave you ideas. Try weddingbee.com and google diy bride, etc. You should find quite a bit that way.
Mona6Mona6Posts: 6 May 17, 2011
Congratulations! It's an exciting time to plan your dream wedding, best of luck.

EmeraldKissEmeraldKissPosts: 4 May 17, 2011
I just joined too and have a similar question. Hoping to find a good venue for my wedding, thnks.
pajar737077pajar737077Posts: 9 September 28, 2011
EmeraldKiss wrote:
@ emerald kiss when are you planning your wedding for? what state and what exactly are you looking for a good website to go to?
Dorot749077Dorot749077Posts: 1 September 29, 2011
djdaddyd wrote:
The post wedding reception is the fun part of the day where family and friends gather to eat, mingle, and PARTY. Thats where the DJ comes in. He will orchestrate with you what music to play and will assist in MC'ing the affair as well. I specialize in weddings, so when you are ready to plan that part of the wedding contact me:
DJ DaddyD at www.djdaddydonline.com.
Guest September 29, 2011
Hello, I am a wedding planner in Lancaster, PA. I would be glad to help you with this process. Please contact me at 717-682-1266.
pajar737077pajar737077Posts: 9 September 29, 2011
pajaroservices wrote:
EmeraldKiss wrote:
@ emerald kiss when are you planning your wedding for? what state and what exactly are you looking for a good website to go to I can help you I'm an event planner please call me 937-331-8628?
occasionsbyjcoccasionsbyjcPosts: 1 October 3, 2011
Well I am a Wedding Coordinator in Georgia and you really should sit down with your Fiance and discuss what you are willing to pay for your wedding...The first step should be your budget. There is really no reason to look for a Planner, photographer, caterer, or venue if you don't know what you want to spend. The first question any vendor is going to ask you is what is your budget. This site is a good tool for finding a plethora of vendors just make sure you have a good idea of what you want. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me at 404-913-2-I-DO or via email at pjohnson@occasionsbyjc.com!
Guest October 7, 2011
Hello to you both. Planning an event is very stressful. Don't let it stress you. I am a Wedding Director/Coordinator/Planner/Florist/Decor. with alot of experience. I would have you to come out first for a FREE consultation that and show you a video. I will go through the entire process in having a perfect wedding cost effective, while fitting your budget. I am in Houston, Texas and I do travel as well. I am also hosting a FREE WEDDING SEMINAR/BRIDAL-EVENT SHOWCASE. I will have vendors there and no obligation but willing to assist you and answer any of your questions as well as help you in planning your wedding. Feel free to look at my website www.yourdayweddings.biz and you can also register for the show if you are available. Otherwise, call me personally and I can answer any if your questions. Thanks Bernice
kimberlygraham161kimberlygraham161Posts: 1 October 11, 2011
crosbykandace wrote:
i just started to plan my wedding so i was looking at different websites to help. i went to theknot.com but it was asking specific questions about locations and so on. we know othe city but not sure of location. we know our date and colors but thats about it. is this website actually good at helping find what i want or is it a waste of time?
info750381info750381Posts: 18 October 13, 2011
Wedding Wire is excellent as well. I think The Knot can be useful but sometimes overwhelming. I am a wedding coordinator and designer located in KY and willing to travel. I do many wedding this way. Let me know if I can help at all. Check out my site at www.fancyevents.net also most the time a wedding planner can save you more than three times what you pay them so keep that in mind.
turne694256turne694256Posts: 1 October 26, 2011
I have been planning my wedding and I am down to the last 6 months... I have found the following websites very helpful:


And if you're looking for deals/ideas I have used the following:
(this is where I found a lot of my stuff)

I also suggest going to any bridal shows in your area because they often give out awesome deals and it will give you some ideas of locations, caterers, etc.

info750381info750381Posts: 18 November 2, 2011
Hello again, I wanted to tell you that just because you hire a wedding planner does not mean you lose control. You have all the power, we are not all like David Tutero(who I adore) and come in and take over. A good relationship should be formed with your planner and they should be there to guide you, bounce ideas off of, assist in negotiations, etc... But they should never take away your planning. If you need anything give me a shout I would be glad to help. We also are there to relieve your stress and believe me there will be stress. I believe my brides should not worrry about anything that's my job. If you need anything just holler (401)FANCYME 326-2963 info@fancyevents.net fancyevents.net
Sandr489071Sandr489071Posts: 22 November 15, 2011
crosbykandace wrote:
^ that was me, didnt realize i wasnt still logged in.

Crosbykandace, you can definitely plan the wedding yourself. Just remember that it can be overwhelming. I suggest you delegate responsibilities to your wedding party so you won't feel so stressed. Weddingwire.com is a great site and has lots of vendors in your area. You should also go to a bridal show to get ideas as well as meet vendors in your area and sometimes you can get great discounts. TAKE A CAMERA for pictures.
If you need favors, invitations and bridal party gifts visit my site: www.yourweddinggirl.com

Read this article so you know what and to whom to delegate responsibilities:

Good Luck!
image447434image447434Posts: 1 November 15, 2011
Congratulation on your upcoming wedding! Starting a new life is a wonderful experience and yes eventective is a wonderful resource.
crosbykandace wrote:
i just started to plan my wedding so i was looking at different websites to help. i went to theknot.com but it was asking specific questions about locations and so on. we know othe city but not sure of location. we know our date and colors but thats about it. is this website actually good at helping find what i want or is it a waste of time?
318design318designPosts: 1 November 17, 2011
Check out louisianaweddingstyle.wordpress.com great resource
Guest November 30, 2011
I'm Michelle Whyte with Ambiance Special Events (www.ambiancespecialevents.com) I hope to answer your original question of what websites to check out. The best bet for any DIY bride-to-be is to Get Organized and break it down. Inspiration is everywhere but it can also be overwhelming. You may find it helpful to organize and only research one area at a time. Try to look up only bouquet styles or invitations designs or square cakes one at a time. Try a general search on your search engine of choice for the things you know you like or may be interested in, ie: red rose bouquets or purple wedding decor and let the websites find you. Consider Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Wedding, Broke Ass Bride, and/or Wedding Paper Divas for starters. However, The Knot tends to be the most popular among brides.

In the meantime, if you are thinking about a wedding planner, instead, consider a wedding coach! The benefit? You get to stay in control of your budget by only paying for the time and advice you need.

Just starting out? Where to begin!
Bid Overload? Negotiating tactics!
Guest List Headaches? Friends and family not helping out as expected?

Get Guidelines in a Snap!

Ambiance Special Events coaches nearly-weds through the challenges of wedding planning each year. You can have and afford the help you need: answers to questions, day-of timelines, assignments to keep you on track, rehearsal outlines, frugal advice and more!

You may not be able to afford a wedding planner but you can’t afford not to have a Wedding Coach. Don’t let your day end in disaster. Have the day you can afford without losing an ounce of romance. Call toll-free, 855-DIY-PLAN (349-7526).

Best Of Luck!

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