If you are considering using video for your upcoming wedding, here are 10 good reasons to check us out. Messages in this topic - RSS

If you are considering using video for your upcoming wedding, here are 10 good reasons to check us out. Messages in this topic - RSS

kmcvideoproskmcvideoprosPosts: 29 October 25, 2010
For about the same cost as traditional announcements and invitations you can send a unique message that is sure to make the recipient smile and take notice. This service can use either a photo montage or a one hour in-home or on location visit to produce the video message. Our standard editing package has title graphics, wedding animation, (if applicable) your invitation & R. S. V. P. message, and a music track selection of your choice to complete the video. Couples get up to 100 DVDs (with the standard versions) and the DVDs have a start menu (with optional music track), personalized DVD media and mailing cases with the couples photo. * DVD Video Messages can also be used for a unique and personal thank you message.

There are 4 production packages starting at - $195.00
To find more information about our wedding services go to our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com To receive an information package go to the contact us page on our web site we will be happy to send you a price and information guide.
kmcvideoproskmcvideoprosPosts: 29 March 14, 2012
We want to thank all of you for your interest in this post. There is a retail company serving the Chicago area and their message is a simple one "An educated consumer is our best customer". We believe that many problems between wedding vendors and customers could be prevented by using this philosophy.

For your wedding day there is no other preservation medium that can match professional video production as a tool for bridal couples to relive their wedding day memories. You don't have to take our word for it, here are some facts from an industry survey tracking brides after their wedding day by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc.

· 60% of the brides that did not have their wedding captured on video at all had second thoughts and regretted their decision not to have their wedding videoed.
· 49% of the brides that used a friend or family member to video their wedding said if they had to do it all over again that they would hire a professional.
· 79% of the brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to video their wedding day.

Treat professional wedding videography services with the same level of importance as professional wedding photography services.

Have a vision of the kind of images you want captured before, during and even after your wedding day. We always communicate to our wedding customers that the wider the variety of wedding related images covering the total wedding experience the better the wedding video. Today's video production companies offer a plethora of related wedding video services, not only for the wedding day itself, but pre and post wedding timelines can be captured by your video company. The better the wedding video the more likely that same wedding video will be cherished and replayed 10, 25, and even 50 years later.

The first step in having a wedding video that can be cherished and enjoyed for years to comes is having a vision and a plan to match that goal.

We found this 3 minute YouTube video testimonial from Eric and Jill posted March 16, 2007, it may help to drive the point home because "you don't get a second chance to have your wedding day memories"!

Visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com if you want to find more information.
kmcvideoproskmcvideoprosPosts: 29 May 19, 2012
You can now follow KMc Video Productions on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kmcvideoproductions
kmcvideoproskmcvideoprosPosts: 29 February 14, 2013
Taking Your Wedding Experience To A New Level!
Two premiere wedding vendors have come together to offer the best in D J & Videography Services.

Audio West assures you that our D Js have your selected songs in a library that contains over 100,000 titles! Our services are tailored to your needs. Phone: (630) 996-0939

KMc Video Productions understands that there is never a second opportunity to capture the bride coming down the aisle. Our commitment to all customers is to maintain the highest level of production standards. Phone: (773) 924-8452

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kmcvideoproskmcvideoprosPosts: 29 October 10, 2013
This package offers a traditional candid approach to your wedding day providing seven hours of coverage of the entire wedding with reception highlight (starting with Bridal Party introductions). Included with the package is a photo montage (with up to twenty photos) set to music, a great wedding animation package, opening titles and bridal party closing credits. The package also includes our upgraded state of the art non-linear (tapeless) editing special effects wedding package, and three musical selections to complete the video. We also include a private YouTube "Photo Motion" photo music montage Thank You Video Message to your guests. Finally, three personalized DVD wedding albums copies. $795.00

During the period from November 1st to February 28th as our way of saying thanks to our customers you can add a second camera (and the editing of that additional footage is included) to cover the wedding ceremony portions of the day for only $145.00 (that’s 50% off the regular price of $295.00). If you’re asking yourself “Do I need a second camera?” Consider this! Adding a second camera to cover your wedding ceremony provides more of a television feel to the images of your wedding. Remember no matter how good the video production company is or how good the cameraperson is in capturing those images, one camera can only provide a myopic point of view. (Example: When the camera captures the bride coming down the isle, it can’t see the groom’s initial reaction when he sees the bride coming through the door or it can’t see the bride’s mom crying tears of joy as her daughter enters.) You save a $150.00 off the regular price!
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