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herre436588herre436588Posts: 2 May 17, 2010
CCEventPD wrote:
I have been in business since 1994. Opening a second location in Miami, Florida.

I specialize in creating different themes at a price that fits all budgets.

Creative Concepts Event Planning and Design
Janelle Johnson, MBA, CSEP, CBC, CBA
Direct: 404-668-3624
Fax: 404-601-9347
Website: www.Wedologist.com
Email: creativeconcepts1994@gmail.com
herre436588herre436588Posts: 2 May 17, 2010
Pls contact me at herrerabf@msn.com I need your help for my daughter's quinceañera that is coming up on 8/7/10. Thank you
info180485info180485Posts: 14 May 18, 2010
Hi Spierre162,

Can you tell me where you're located. My company and I can help you whether you're local to us or not.
Please email us info@saceventsplanning.com.

spierre162 wrote:
Hi. I'm planning a caribbean themed sweet 16. I need help finding a caribbean place to have it in. Someone please help me!
Guest May 18, 2010
go to WWW.MYTEENBIRTHDAYBASH.COM its got alot of cool stuff on there! I just had them do my party it was AMAZZZIIIIINNNNGGGG and not too expensive
Guest May 19, 2010
Im turning 16 on july 14 2011 and my friend is turning 16 in june 2011 and we want a co-party in rockford an we want it to be big but we have a small budget HELP!!
jene.438589jene.438589Posts: 1 May 19, 2010
I am starting to plan my daughters quincenera for June 2011. I need help.. Anyone interested in helping me out with what I need to do? Thanks. I am in AZ, but the whole thing is going to be held in the Lakewood CA area
Guest May 19, 2010
Party venues for a sweet 16 within 30 mins of Goshen , New York? Lower cost prefferred
Guest May 19, 2010
do you know a good dj in Roseville, CA
Guest May 22, 2010
i live in baton rouge and planning a sweet 16 party.HELP
vwlap441080vwlap441080Posts: 2 May 23, 2010
4 Moms with 4 boys turning 16 in January are looking for a great place and/or ideas for a combined lively, Sweet 16 party. We are in San Diego and would like to keep it around $2,000 if possible.
vwlap441080vwlap441080Posts: 2 May 23, 2010
I should have added....does anyone know of any ideas in the San Diego area, or have any cool or interesting things they have done elsewhere for a Sweet 16 party?

vwlapaglia wrote:
4 Moms with 4 boys turning 16 in January are looking for a great place and/or ideas for a combined lively, Sweet 16 party. We are in San Diego and would like to keep it around $2,000 if possible.
mgarc396886mgarc396886Posts: 5 May 24, 2010
Hello Everyone-

I own an Event Planning company Called Marvalous Events, LLC. My daughters Sweet 16 birthday party was last night it turned out as planned. Click on the link and check out the pics.

My service can fit your budget needs and the event will be FAB-U- LOUS!

Good Luck with your planning!
Guest May 25, 2010
looking for something inexpensive in the cincinnati area for my son's 16th. not the super sweet 16 budget!!
Jayle195984Jayle195984Posts: 1 May 25, 2010
Hi, Im Jaylen and im tryng to find a place for my 16th birthday party and i live in Jacksonville, Florida on the westside. I am in truly need of help finding a place with a reasonable price, please help if you can.
hhilt406202hhilt406202Posts: 4 May 27, 2010
Events by Heather - I am an Event Coordinator and I would love to assist with planning your events.
Please feel free to contact me at hhiltwine@gmail.com
Guest May 28, 2010
I am planning a SUPER 16 party for my son. I want it to be very nice and classy but fun. Also, how much is too much for a SUPER 16 party?
Guest May 28, 2010
Do you have any suggestions where in the Chicagoland area for a SUPER 16 party?
LiveWire99EntLiveWire99EntPosts: 18 May 29, 2010
Hello All,

Man the responses to everything goes so fast. Hope I can help someone here. I know some of you aren't sure of what your budget will or will not get you so you don't post or you post the low end. Just remember the bulk of your expense will be the rental space and food. I don't mind assisting someone free of charge that just needs some sites, etc. in an email. Simply email me and I'll see how I can help you. If you rather speak on the phone for a 30 min consulation, I ask that you email me to discuss availability. If you do call please leave a message. Doesn't matter your location as I plan events all over the globe. I'll see how I can be of assistance to you or recommend an event planner in your area.

Guest June 1, 2010
Hi; My daughter will turn 15th in Feb. 2011. I'm planning to make her a party/quincenera not to big (no more than 150 people). I want something affordable within the $3000.00 budget. I really don't know where to start. Does anybody has any ideas? We live in Mesquite, Texas.
pcorr448925pcorr448925Posts: 1 June 4, 2010
Hi ! I am looking for a venue for sweet sixteen; In / or around the LA- from glendale to long beach, upland to downtown la area in august / Japanese buffet style / cherry blossom masquerade - thanks for you ideals , help, !
kaybr449768kaybr449768Posts: 3 June 5, 2010
does anyone like a lady gaga theme?
grann450456grann450456Posts: 1 June 6, 2010
Guest June 7, 2010
My name is Angie I am a special event planner owner of Blessed Occcasions Special Events in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. I have being in this business for more than 15 years I will be happy to assist you with any special event big or small Blessed Occasions can do it all. Contact me at blessoccasions@yahoo.com, or (813)473-1146
zeebi453938zeebi453938Posts: 2 June 11, 2010
hello, we live in silver spring and are also doing a sweet16 WOW!!!!!$3000.00 for all of that, please please could you help us with your contacts, we want just about the same things you had for our daughter. thank you. her date is for july 17 sat mattzangeleyes08 wrote:
Hello, I live in MA and hosted a very formal, elegant Sweet 16 two yrs ago for my oldest daughter. I spent less than $3,000.00 on the whole event. We had a formal hall, DJ, wedding style cake, 2 buffet tables of food and I even had chocolate fountain with tons of goodies to dip. Every guest had a great time but most importantly my daughter to this day brags about it. I'm currently planning my youngests sweet 16th for April and my budget this time is $2,000.00. You just have to shop around and sometimes it's the little things that make the lasting impressions.
zeebi453938zeebi453938Posts: 2 June 11, 2010
please feel free to contact me via email zeebigmama03@gmail.com thank you
Guest June 11, 2010
noemi456364noemi456364Posts: 1 June 15, 2010
For cool pictures visit at reasonable prices chec out this website: www.LuminosaPhotography.com
anjie270975anjie270975Posts: 2 June 17, 2010
Jaylenmr wrote:
Hi, Im Jaylen and im tryng to find a place for my 16th birthday party and i live in Jacksonville, Florida on the westside. I am in truly need of help finding a place with a reasonable price, please help if you can.

Hi Jaylen, I live in Florida but not in your area however, if you need a special event planner for your event I will be happy to plan your special day within your budget, have your parent contract me at blessoccasions@yahoo.com. Be Blessed
Guest June 18, 2010
I'm a planner in South Florida, Miami - Ft. Lauderdale Area. If anyone needs help, ideas, or info on parties in the area feel free to contact me michelle@marzionnachocolate.com check out www.marzionnachocolate.com
Guest June 20, 2010
Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. I'm wanting to have my sweet sixteen to be elegant and formal but within a budget. I wanna have it by December 4-2010. If anyone is in the Lynchburg, Virginia area can you please let me know. Thanks smile
Guest June 20, 2010
kaitlyn I can help you! Email me at sandramcguckin@comcast.net I am a planner that works in your area often!!
Guest June 21, 2010
any one from liberal ks could help me i am trying to find a dj for november 12 this year for my sweet sixteen and i need help big time
Guest June 23, 2010
- hello, well im adri. i stay at palatine, illinois and i need help planning a great sweet 16 for next summer, but i need to start planning this year! any advice is really wanted and suggestions too!
Guest June 24, 2010
Does anyone know if any good locations for a Sweet 16 in Lafayette, Indiana. I don't want to spend a fortune. Just a place that will allow loud music and more than 300 people.
Guest June 24, 2010
My daughter is turning 15 on March 2011, I need a place to celebrate it on Naples,Fl. the Quinceañero theme is under the sea, I will do her special under the sea cake; did someone know a place that can we use for 100 people and not too pricey?
Guest June 24, 2010
Guest June 25, 2010
I am looking for a banquet hall that has a stage with curtains in the Grand Rapids area. Planning a sweet 16 party and need for my son to make a grand entrance on stage as curtains are drawn. Anyone have location ideas?
ClubR361828ClubR361828Posts: 31 June 28, 2010
try your local VFW or Moose lodge most of those banquet rooms are cheap and have stages!!!
katie464953katie464953Posts: 1 June 28, 2010
Im turning 16 July 30th and I just need somewhere for my party to be held here in Colorado. I really need help please message me if you know of somewhere
Guest June 29, 2010
HIi have 4 months to plan my sweet 16; i live in boston and i need help finding a place to rent for my sweet 16 , invitations, a dj , and a party planner
Guest June 29, 2010
I can def. help you in the boston area. What budget are you working with? Custom invites, Dj and all that email me at sandramcguckin@comcast.net or text/call me at 610-564-9525 my website is myteenbirthdaybash.com and I do plan in Boston!!
Guest June 29, 2010
hi my name is jasmine my bestfriend mom wanted me to organize my bestfriends surprise sweet sixteen i have the theme which is hollywood but i cant find an venue nd her budget is 1000
Guest June 29, 2010
jasmine what area are you planning this party in?
Guest July 2, 2010
hi im sara and i just started planning my sweet 16 for december.its a mascarade theme when i get there but after everyone sings happy birthday it will turn into a retro theme. i need help finding a place to get a portable dance floor that lights up for rent. i also need help finding a place that will rent lounge furniture and i need ideas on decorations. i would also like ideas of where to mask for all my guest for the mascarade part. i already have a really pretty one from italy but i want my friends to have them to. i dont really have a budget so any place can be considered. thank you!
Guest July 2, 2010
what city and state Sara?
sugar468507sugar468507Posts: 3 July 5, 2010
tinapooja678 wrote:
Hey I live in Georgia and am planning a sweet sixteen. Could someone provide me with more information on good venues or caterers?
sugar468507sugar468507Posts: 3 July 5, 2010
Where in Georgia are you located? South Ga? Or else where?
Guest July 9, 2010
I am looking for someone who specialize in invitation. Fayetteville NC. lyeshiaw@yahoo.com
karen472910karen472910Posts: 3 July 11, 2010
Hi, my name is jennifer, and i just started to plan for a quinceanera (sweet 15) and we are having a hard time to find a venue/hall for my party. It is gonna be in November. Please help me out!
Guest July 12, 2010
hi im turning 15 and going to have a quince (15) and would like to know what good recreation centers is good for 200 people in california and im having a little trouble looking for oine.
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