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Guest Clinton/Jackson December 27, 2013
I am trying to plan my class reunion for May. Im needing a venue for Sat night so we can party !!!! But I am having a hard time finding somewhere that I think all my classmates would come to .
EclecticEntertainmentDJEEclecticEntertainmentDJEPosts: 15 December 30, 2013
It all depends on how many of your classmates are scattered around the country/globe. What seems to be the problem with the local venues? Or maybe even a golf course nearby?
erin1038633erin1038633Posts: 1 Norcross, GA January 2, 2014
What city are you in?
excit745326excit745326Posts: 3 January 2, 2014
We had a blast at my Class reunion so I know you're going to enjoy yourself hopefully. It's a lot to take in to consideration such as how many guest?

What city, State?

will there be alcohol serve?
BlackTiePhotoBoothBlackTiePhotoBoothPosts: 3 April 13, 2014
Oh I know, Clinton is tough for a venue. Have you tried the party barn in Jackson across from the Country Club. it's great, had a party there. kitchen, two floors, great space.

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