How did your fiancée pop the question? Messages in this topic - RSS

How did your fiancée pop the question? Messages in this topic - RSS

Guest April 29, 2010
Did he get down on bended knee, did he propose in front of your family, were you surprised? Share your stories.
Guest April 29, 2010
My husband called me at work and asked, "Is today too early?"
LoraDLoraDPosts: 16 April 30, 2010
Me and my fiance know each other ever since we were infants. Our families were friends... When I was 7 we moved to Europe.. so we didnt see each other that often... but still kept in touch... Well few years ago, we were grown up and well it klicked... we both didnt know though, how the other felt... see we didnt want to "risk" our long-termed friendship. So it took a while till he finally opend up. He came to Germany, in March break and on March 18, 2009 he told me how he felt! A year later, again during March break (he's a teacher, so that's why the March break), he came with the intention to talk to my father. Unfortunately, he couldn't suprise me the way he wanted to for proposing... he tried to though, saying he only wants to speak to my dad this time... yeah ok... :-) While I was at work, and the rest of the family was having lunch on Monday, he told my father that he loves his daughter (my dad: "really????, I had no clue... is that true???! trying to be funny...) well and then he asked for permision, etc. Wednesday, my first day off, he wanted to go to the Benrather Schloss for a walk and have lunch somewhere in the area. It's a little castle, my fav one and its close to where I live. I was sort of suprised. I knew something would happen there, bc. a year earlier, when he talked to me, we first had went there for a walk.... So I knew!!! But I was suprised, cause Wed. was the 17th... not the anniversary...not the 18th! While waiting at the stop for the tram, I accidently sat on his coat... and felt a square something... He smiled, but we didnt comment... I knew what was going to happen!!! Nevertheless, it's the most special moment! I mean I was expecting it, but still you get the feeling as if not... Well we went to my fav spot - a little bridge, with water undernieth at the park of my fav pink castle... While he held me really close and tight in his arms, he asked if I would marry him!!! What did I say? "Of course!" He then gave me the ring... The most beautiful ring!! After a few moments, he said that we should be get going, cause he'd started to get thirsty... I thought, oh nice... that's it?? But he just went to a little stone-bridge from I dont know when... took a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses and well we just sat there enjoying ourselves... It was amazing. The first day, the wheather was nice and warm. The sun was out, the birds were singing and for some reason, bells were ringing... I wont forget that day!!! We are getting married on March 12, 2011!!!
ladyv119809ladyv119809Posts: 2 June 3, 2010
My grandmother had died before thanksgiving and i was crushed because i didn't get to say goodbye. We had moved to missouri to be close to my family which was a mistake. On december 25, 2008 greg and I had been texting eachother all day joking about getting married. We had discussed it earlier in our realtionship but nothing was final, it was just being discussed. At 8:49 pm on christmas day greg sent me a text asking me to marry him, i was shocked that it took a while to say yes. Later that night my dad came over to give us kids our christmas presents along with my step-mom , right in front of them he got down on one knee and re-asked me to marry him. I found out from my dad that he had aksed him for his persmission(which is hard to get.), i was so suprised, it was so sweet and romantic. I knew my grandmother and grandfather were watching from above and giving me thier babygirl approval to marry greg..
Hkemp143243Hkemp143243Posts: 72 June 3, 2010
I got a hey wanna get hitched ;_
hocke447334hocke447334Posts: 9 June 4, 2010
I remember we went out to eat for dinner and he put a box on the table and said, "here, you know what it's for". xP
faust460189faust460189Posts: 3 June 21, 2010
On chrismas eve/ christmas day it was like 12:00 AM at his mom's house and we were covered in frosting building a ginger bread house smile
ILOVEHIM99ILOVEHIM99Posts: 1 June 22, 2010
My fiance'e came home from work, pored two glasses of wine and asked me to come in to the dinning rm because i was perparing dinner at the time.he handed me a glass,got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.he put the most beautifulest(if thats a word) ring on my finger,what he dont know is he could have put a pop can top on my finger and i would still marry him,i love him so!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sbarn443751sbarn443751Posts: 190 June 24, 2010
I was having a @#$%^&* day. Nothing was going to cheer me up. I told my boyfriend. We were also having problems with our roommates. I was crying. Asked him for a straight tequila, he said he got something better than that. Got into a box of papers and pulled out a ring,and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. Little did I know at that time, my daughter played matchmaker. That just made my whole day!
Rebec449201Rebec449201Posts: 2 June 24, 2010
I really liked how my Fiancé proposed to me. We were living together at the time, I had just gotten home and was talking about my day and getting a few things off my chest. He disappeared to the little store we have in the building, getting me a juice. he came back and gave me a kinder surprise egg which he gets for me every so often, telling me he got it for me the day before but put it in his pocket and forgot about it ( I bought it) so when I opened it to see the egg cracked I didn't think anything of it. just as I start having the chocolate part-sitting on the edge of our bed- he kneels in front of me telling me how much he loves me, and I start opening the plastic part to get the little toy, looking at him not my hands. He says to me 'Promise me you'll say yes' I said 'Yes to what?', he took the ring out of my hand and placed it on my finger. I started crying out of happiness.

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