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saycuhsaycuhPosts: 1 Austin Texas November 25, 2013
I am looking for a wedding photographer for my sisters wedding - this is one of the gifts I am giving them and I want this person or persons to be awesome. I'm hoping not to find just anybody - I do not want to search google for one basically; someone who's friendly, knowledgeable, energetic, creative etc.

Perhaps someone can recommend a forum, or website with plenty of reviews from personal experiences I can check out.

Any and all help is appreciated.

P.s. I am also looking for a DJ - not sure where to find this kind of service either

veoglanveoglanPosts: 2 Windsor, Ontario Canada November 26, 2013
If you happen to have your wedding in Windsor, Ontario Canada I highly recommend Jaques Photography.......Jaques and his wife, Richelle do awesome work and reasonably priced. Look them up.
Guest November 26, 2013
Find out who the wedding officiant is and ask them for a recommendation. Looking online is a good idea, too. Just search "your city/county + wedding photography" in your favorite search engine. Online, you can view a sample of the portfolio on their website.

You can always ask the local wedding association, but they'll just give you a list of their members. They won't give a recommendation.
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ashle1089906ashle1089906Posts: 1 Austin Texas December 9, 2013
I know a wonderfully fun photographer who lives in Houston, but is willing to travel. Aaron Harris is the lead photographer of Oohs and Oz Photography. He did my friend Alexa's wedding and was so much fun to work with. Plus the photos were beautiful. His website is www.oohsandozphotography.com

Congratulations on your engagement!
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MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 January 6, 2014
get some wedding magazines in your area. there are many ads. you can also become a member of theknot.com and they recommend people in your area. you can fill out a reqeust form here on Eventective and vendors can contact you.
info918114info918114Posts: 2 Austin Texas January 13, 2014
saycuh wrote:
someone who's friendly, knowledgeable, energetic, creative etc.

I'm all of the above! I shoot many wedding a year in Houston and am glad to photography weddings in Austin as well. I have one this summer in Dripping Springs.

Check out my work at http://atascocitaphotography.com

I also have my packages listed here on eventective.

djjon1127220djjon1127220Posts: 1 March 5, 2014
We would love to consult with you! Check out our work at http://www.djjonesphotography.com
We have great package prices and flexible payment arrangements.
Good luck and happy planning!

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