Grand Olympia Going bankrupt ?!?!?!? Messages in this topic - RSS

Grand Olympia Going bankrupt ?!?!?!? Messages in this topic - RSS

hmurrhmurrPosts: 1 Hamilton Ontario October 29, 2013
Hi there, so my fiancé and I have been booking appointments and looking at venues for our feb 2015 wedding. Finally we both decided on one; that being said after viewing some other venues someone has mentioned that the Owner of the the Grand Olympia is in serious finical trouble and will probably we forced to declare bankruptcy! I'm so torn do I believe the guy who told me this I fee sick about the whole thing thank god I didn't put a deposit down, my question here is has this happened to anyone else in the GTA or maybe you know someone who was told this as well? Is this man a slime ball should I be booking somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
Guest October 29, 2013
Always pay, even deposits, with a credit card. If you pay by check, you have no recourse if someone declares bankruptcy. When you pay with a credit card, you have consumer protections and you can ask the bank that issued the credit card to initiate a chargeback. When you pay with a credit card, the vendor knows they must provide what they promise, or face a chargeback, which includes a penalty to the venor.
Guest October 29, 2013
Well... if they actually declare bankruptcy before you initiate a chargeback, they might not have to pay all of your money back. But, at least you have a chance. If you pay cash or by check, you have zero chance of getting your money back.
Guest October 31, 2013
I would begin looking for another venue. Do not take any chances losing any of your money.
Guest Haimlton January 24, 2014
I am not sure, but if you are looking for a venue try the Lincoln Alexander Centre, They have brought in a fantastic venue manager that has a seasoned culinary concept background
Guest Grand Olympia Banquet Centre February 4, 2014
Didn't Go Bankrupt ! But was forced to sell and now they are EAST INDIAN OWNERS. Check out their South Asian Indian Specials !
tyler1165893tyler1165893Posts: 1 May 25, 2014
Grand Olympia is no where near bankrupt and they are doing just fine. It is a great hall to have your event and is definitely not experiencing any financial turmoils.

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