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mstee1077125mstee1077125Posts: 3 Cleveland, Ohio October 27, 2013
Looking for a Hall to hold a Wedding reception and possibly ceremony in the Cleveland Ohio area. we had a location for both but we were informed that the hall we contracted for is no longer available we were offered two other locations but one is too small and the other is not up to par. we will be receiving our deposit and payments back, but would lose money with some of our other vendors because they cannot change to our alternate date and some deposits are non-refundable so now we need a venue we can afford on our date which is August 2, 2014. our budget is $1300 for the venue, we need it from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m. thank you
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Guest October 27, 2013
How many people? Your not including food in that price right??
Guest c;eve;and, ohio November 1, 2013
about 200 no we have all other vendors just need a space
mstee1077125mstee1077125Posts: 3 November 1, 2013
about 200 people, no food or any other services included just the cost of the venue

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