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mejes1076780mejes1076780Posts: 2 Spring, TX October 25, 2013
I am desperately trying to put a wedding together before June 2014. Half of our guests will be coming from out of town and it is making planning very hectic. Since I do not know the area that in live in very well (Houston TX) I am looking for some extra help finding a place to hold the wedding along with any advice about planning with traveling guests as well. I am looking to do this on a tight budget so I will most likely do all the decorations myself. Looking mostly for the essentials. The chair/table rentals, possibly a tent for guests(Houston heat),officiant & a beautiful nature inspired venue. Trying to stay in a $1500 budget for the essentials.

Please if you know of any reputable locations for a decent price in this area I would appreciate any and all help.
Guest October 25, 2013
Houston is a really big town. What part of Houston are you talking about?
Guest October 25, 2013
There are two airports. One on the North side of town and one on the South side of town. If your guests are flying in for the wedding, it would be a big courtesy to advise them which airport is closer to the venue.
mejes1076780mejes1076780Posts: 2 Fresno, CA October 26, 2013
I'm Located Close To Spring Area 77375
gailhunt1gailhunt1Posts: 1 Santa Clara, CA October 26, 2013
Hello. you sound a little bit frantic. You want to enjoy every part of your wedding, including the preparation. You have plenty of timeso relax. My suggestion for finding what you want in terms of hotels or whatever for your out-of-town guests is to look at the website It is an excellent resource for so many things. When you get to the site you will see that you type in what your search is. , I often try different variations.

Yelp is a very professional site. They screen all of their recommendations very carefully to avoid bogus ones or someone stacking the deck. I use it all the time to search for doctors, restaurants, places to stay, etcetera.

Another site to look at, in case you are interested in someone renting a house or townhouse or apartment, is www.VRBO. com.
,I have used this site many many times for renting cabins houses including ones in Spain. These are listings of rentals by owners and include lots of pictures and feedback from other people who have stayed there. If you like something that you see, there is a simple form that is emailed to the owner. I suggest that you write an email that you can send to various owners. The site will save the message you sent to the last owner and you can send it to the next one as well, so that you are not repeatedly having to type. Most owners will get back to you by the next day.

I hope you find these resources helpful. I think you will.

Enjoy your wedding, preparation and all.
info918114info918114Posts: 2 Humble, TX January 7, 2014
Hi, Did you pick a date and location for your wedding yet? You can have a nice event on any budget. You just have to identify the most important parts to you and your groom and start there.

I am located not too far from you , in Atascocita. I'd be glad to offer up some advice for planning your event. I have lived in the are for 30 years- so I know the area pretty well. Feel free to email me: info (at ) atascocita photography (dot) com and let me know how I can help.


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