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amagu421924amagu421924Posts: 2 April 27, 2010
hello, i am in need for a place for my daughters sweet sixteen party on june 5th 2010. i am looking for something cheap and affordable. i live around the boston ma. area and i need a venue. her theme is black and blue and she will be wearing white. i will be able to bring my own food but i need help with the decorations, DJ and the party favors. if any anyone can help me please help ASAP!
prolatindjsprolatindjsPosts: 10 April 27, 2010
Email us with the number of hours you are looking to book a DJ for and we will work something out with you.


TooATeeTooATeePosts: 6 April 27, 2010
where are you planning this sweet 16?

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