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Posts: 1 Savannah, GA August 23, 2013
I'm trying to plan a wedding for under $2000 (not including the wedding dress).
I'm in Savannah, GA but am looking at smaller cities/towns near the area.
I'm doing my own decorations and flowers. I'm just running into an issue finding a Venue. I don't know anyone with a back yard to get married in.
Any ideas?
Posts: 3 May 14, 2015
I dontlive in your area, but it is so beautiful!! Are there any parks that you can obtain permission to use and then just rent chairs and such? Also you can buy chair sashes very cheap (cheaper than renting) and with little white chairs the sashes can add a big bang for a tiny price tag!! Good Luck!!

Guest Savannah GA April 22, 2015
Call The Gingerbread House. The Venue can rent for $1500 to $2000 on certain days plus you get a free night stay in the historic Gingerbread House for up to 15 people. Check it out online at www.gingerbreadhouseevents.com or facebook at facebook.com/thegingerbreadhouse. Ask for Michelle

Guest Savannah, Georgia July 26, 2014
Try community centers like winzor forest and wwlaw to name a few in savannah georgia.Just a thought because my mom had her anniversary at winzor forest community center.

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