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rhode867514rhode867514Posts: 1 Warren, MI June 11, 2013
I am looking for place to have my son's 16th birthday party in warren michigan that can accomadate 100 guest and that's also inexspensive, also looking for ideas for a mardi gras theme.
EclecticEntertainmentDJEEclecticEntertainmentDJEPosts: 15 June 16, 2013
Mardi Gras is pretty easy to figure out. For the gals, I would recommend feathery masks. For the guys, perhaps a jester hat?
As far as the colors, the standard purple, yellow and black would be good.
Maybe some zydeco music and/or pictures from New Orleans would be a good idea. I believe there are some vendors that sell Mardi Gras backdrops as well.
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 June 18, 2013
Mardi Gras, has a lot of beads, you can make him king of the mardi gras, so make everything parade like. As far as a hall goes, look into community centers or some of the less expensive hotels in the area.

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