Wedding Ceremony/Reception in Central to South FL with a small budget! Help! Messages in this topic - RSS

Wedding Ceremony/Reception in Central to South FL with a small budget! Help! Messages in this topic - RSS

tirha1032928tirha1032928Posts: 2 Central to Southern FL May 12, 2013
Hi all, I am recently engaged and I need help! I am so overwhelmed and am trying to find a very unique venue in FL anywhere from Central to Southern FL (would prefer to not go south of Boca Raton, but might reconsider if there's a place we really love. Problem is, we want to pay for our wedding ourselves and not go over $5,000 for everything (would prefer to keep it around 3-4k.) I'd love to find an all inclusive venue that includes open bar, catering, photographer, dj, cake etc. Not interested in a traditional venue such as a banquet hall or country club- I'd love something on a rooftop, an island kind of place with tiki huts/torches etc.- or just something really different. Please please please help me!
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 May 12, 2013
Congratulations on your engagement! A rooftop wedding would be incredible! I'm an event planner in your area and would be happy to give you suggestions/get you started on your planning and budgeting. Let me know how I can help!

Sara Bacon
The Dolce Design
(334) 521-2254
tirha1032928tirha1032928Posts: 2 May 12, 2013
Hi Sara,
Do you know of any rooftop venues in that area that would actually be affordable enough to do the complete wedding for $4,000 including everything? I need to make a decision on a venue within the month, but I have to be realistic about price too. Thanks!!
banan994599banan994599Posts: 7 May 13, 2013
Hi and congratulations!
First of all you need to have a vision of what you want to see accomplish, including at what time you are looking to have the ceremony and reception, what day of the week and then you will be able to look the budget situation in a different way.
You can also look into a cocktail reception, with this idea you can be very creative. If you need any help give us a call. 863-812-3864.

Thank you,

Banana Leaf Creations & Events
Embassy305Embassy305Posts: 3 May 13, 2013
Congratulations! We have the perfect location for your ceremony in our lovely tropical atrium. Cocktail reception can be hosted pool side with existing tiki huts. Sit down dinner can also be hosted pool side or place in one of our ballroom's.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss in further details.
Yolanda Randolph, 305.779.5018
Guest west palm beach June 25, 2014
I am also the same status as the prior couple. Budget is 5000 for everything. Would like something small but tasteful. Rooftop and even a garden sounds nice. I always dreamt of a beach setting wedding. But every where I inquiry is so expensive. wedding date fulls on a weekeday 10/20/15 on a Tuesday about 50 ppl. ceremony and reception. open bar, dj buffet is fine. email me any information
formalinvitesformalinvitesPosts: 3 San Marcos, CA August 8, 2014
I can help you with fancy wedding invitations as low as 2.00 each.

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