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tiffa1031201tiffa1031201Posts: 1 Houston, TX May 4, 2013
I am getting married May 31st in Jamaica, and having a reception back in Houston when we come back. Long story mother and father can't be in the same room so she won't be able to attend. upset This has caused me tremendous turmoil and heartbreak to see that they still can't let go of the past and work together to celebrate my happiness for one day! I don't have much money to spare, but I have to throw a reception for my mom. It would only be around 20 attendees, we will need a DJ, dance floor, and dinner served. Can anyone help?
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 May 4, 2013
Look into community centers or ask your church if you can use a room. Since it will only be 20 people look into renting a mansion for a night

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JamPackPartyJamPackPartyPosts: 1 May 5, 2013
Hi, DJ! dance floor, and catered dinner will cost. since youre only having 20 people or so, I would look within your community or evn clubhouses. there might even be a restaurant in your area that offers a room for small gatherings.
Good Luck ♡

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Reg22Reg22Posts: 3 May 5, 2013
I would suggest giving a weekend to your mother instead of a one nighter. I would plan to take her to your local topiary garden I assume your 20 is your wedding party that will be in Jamaica? I would ask that those who would attend pay for their rooms then you pay for the garden expense some have fireworks in the evening and a varied assortment of things to do nearby in addition to the wonderful flowers and beautiful scenary to share during your time there.Then a dinner party in the evening Saturday night. I would create a wedding album at the gardens to present to her. Spend the weekend enjoying the benefits of the gardens staying at a nearby Bed and Breakfast . Let your attendents chip in for a portion of the room bill and you and you new husband cover the rest. Maybe a little over budget but my other idea would a golf course Continental Breakfast brunch they are always nice and enjoyable for everyone May the spirit guide and bless you in all that you do. God Bless Pastor Jean
Margo12Margo12Posts: 1 May 6, 2013
Its very immature of your Mother to be so bad as to not be able to attend your wedding..I was divorced and my ex and i attended our daughters wedding. with our husband and wife by our sides and got along great..I just think you should spend your money on therapy for her instead of a party.. I am not being mean or anything, just she doesnt deserve a party in my opinion
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 May 21, 2013
Just choose a local restaurant for a brunch. That would be a much cheaper menu. They can serve a mimosa as a toast and then a nice breakfast/lunch menu without alcohol. That's the cheapest I can think of; otherwise you'll have to do a party at her house or backyard, which can also be very stressful.

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