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vgbhjvjhse45vgbhjvjhse45Posts: 2 April 24, 2010
hindahoney30hindahoney30Posts: 9 April 25, 2010
Have a BBQ or Italian cold cuts or a large Italian sub sandwich. All 3 dinners are somewhat economical if you buy everything yourself.

Fun things to do: (1) have a scavenger hunt. Hunt for things around your house in on the people that come there or what they have in their mom or dad's car. (2) Have a costume party-theme type: 50's, gangster dress, roaring 20's, (3)Formal Party (4)
dalla420811dalla420811Posts: 1 April 26, 2010
i am planing my 14th birthday party!! it is not fun it is just giving me a headache!! i still dont have a theme and i still dont know where to have it and my birthday is in 33 days!!! i remeber my 13th birthday i was sick and i cont go to my own party! it sucked!! i hope your party turns out way better then mine!
yolan153529yolan153529Posts: 1 May 14, 2010
Have you thought about having a spa party? visit spatacularpartykits.com.
miama435148miama435148Posts: 1 May 15, 2010
I'm having a thirteenth party too! And I need help!
Guest May 15, 2010
go to watervlle and see if they`ll give you a discount,if not go to the park and h\ave a cook out
Guest May 16, 2010
im having one to and i totally need serious hepl
Whoel430245Whoel430245Posts: 1 May 17, 2010
If u can, do a luau/pool party theme
Party city has great themes,
Guest May 19, 2010
hi im a girl and i am turning 13 and i want to have a huge party thats beteen 100 or 200 dollars!
Guest June 5, 2010
I'm having a sweet thirteen and the theme is sweets. i good venues or other ideas
nmpic461883nmpic461883Posts: 1 June 29, 2010
I live in concord NC area and trying give my son a surprise party turning 13 and have no ideas on what he may like and where to have it at. I want be nice but on budget as well. Please help with ideas..

The young lady parties ideas go oriental trading you get ideas and very cheap prices on supplies as well. Good Luck Happy birthday to all. remember no matter what you decide have fun your day and it be best day ever
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 June 29, 2010
Hi N M Pickett,

Have you asked your son what he has done in the past year that was the most fun?

Has your son been to any 13th parties lately? What does he say about them?

Have you spoken with a few of your son's friends? They may have some good ideas for you.

If your son likes sports, you might want to have the party at a sporting event. See if the local sports teams offer specials like putting your son's name on the scoreboard or inviting him to the field to meet some of the players, etc.

If your son likes swimming or boating you might have the event at a pool, lake, ocean, etc.

If your son likes camping, you could organize a camping trip.

If your son likes bowling check with a bowling alley in your area.

You might look at the Making Events Memorable forum right here on Eventective.

You might look at the posting Cards, invitations and Signs for a Special Birthday Surprise on Slideshare. You might also look at the posting A Special Birthday Surprise.

Best wishes...
Let me know if I can be of further help.
Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD.

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