What’s the BEST piece of wedding advice you’ve ever gotten/heard? Messages in this topic - RSS

What’s the BEST piece of wedding advice you’ve ever gotten/heard? Messages in this topic - RSS

JaneJensenJaneJensenPosts: 6 April 8, 2013
Well, weall know with the statistics that marriage isn't easy as being consider. Whatwas your best piece of advice that you will not forget forever?
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 April 8, 2013
The best advice I have received is to be open to change and allow your love for one another to expand and grow. It gives for an exciting ride!.....
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conta913919conta913919Posts: 3 April 25, 2013
Be a guest at your own wedding- hire an event planner.
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JoeMillerJoeMillerPosts: 3 April 26, 2013
I'd say, hire a professional photographer. When the event is all done, you've eaten your cake and food. The dance is past. All you have to remember your event is pictures. Hire a good photographer! Of course, this comes from a wedding photographer. smile
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shell1033579shell1033579Posts: 1 May 15, 2013
Don't bore your guests while they are waiting for you and your new spouse at your reception! During this time frame entertain your guests with Bopping Heads of Ontario! All participants receive a keepsake DVD of the music video they made at your wedding reception! How fun is that!! And best of all it is a crowd pleaser, everyone can watch as your guests have a hoot making it!! We are very affordable wink green screen music entertainment videos! You're the Star! No Talent Required!! boppingheadsofontario.com or call 1-705-526-1244
lisas1079430lisas1079430Posts: 1 Dearborn, MI November 14, 2013
Best advice was received from my now hubby when we were planning our wedding was "Don't stress about the things that you cant control".
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JaneJensenJaneJensenPosts: 6 December 9, 2013
My father had told me this when I was about to get married" Two people can view the same thing but see it differently".
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impro1113876impro1113876Posts: 1 columbus, ga February 4, 2014
your spouse has to be your best friend and you must have the ability to tell anything to them, that they know your past and dont judge you, and have acceptance of who each other is and who you will become otherwise it will not work out.
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EventConsultantEventConsultantPosts: 9 Alpharetta February 20, 2014
NEVER complain to your parents about your fights or disagreement. You will forgive one another - they will not !
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eventsatsteamplanteventsatsteamplantPosts: 3 Spokane, WA March 31, 2014
"Pick your battles."
EventLinkEventLinkPosts: 1 April 3, 2014
Weddings are stressful!!! But Professional Wedding Planners think of everything. Get a Professional Wedding Planner who will make things happen exactly how you want them to happen, a Professional Wedding Planner who save you money, and make your wedding as stress-free, beautiful, and memorable as possible. There's no reason for your focus to be on anything other than "Your Special Moment" so let your Planner take care of everything for you.

Steve Ary
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Guest Huntsville, TX April 13, 2014
Hands down it was my wife wanting us to spend extra money on a REALLY PROFESSIONAL Wedding Photographer. I mean this guy had years and years of experience and a resume with a references list longer than my arm. Since I hadn't seen her wedding gown, I couldn't understand why she was so-ooo keen on getting such a High Dollar photographer. Stop. Let me tell you. I'd known my gal for more than ten years before the wedding, so not much about her I didn't already know. Little did I know.
When the "Wedding March" started, and I turned around to look up at her coming down the aisle, with her in that gown, it simply sucked all the air out of me. I was gobsmacked. I forgot everything -- blanked out, almost. The whirl of everything after that was all just a blur.
I missed my own wedding, and I WAS there. The wedding photos were the only record my mind could refer to. And they were as stunning as her in that wedding dress.

My advice, paying it forward, is this: Go ahead and spend the extra bucks for a really professional, highly experienced, wedding photographer. Oh, and always, always, LISTEN to your wife.
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books1145202books1145202Posts: 1 April 15, 2014
The wedding usually is special to the bride because they get the dress, flowers, and a new ring and all of their fnends and family is there. The biggestthing not to forget is its his big day too. I get so mad at commercials advertising to just brides because the wedding is about the couple joining and making a family. When its all said and done and your dress is tucked away, he's still there. The best advice I got was from my mom. "From the beginning. Work as one, do everything stressful together. Always make sure he feels like he's worthy to be beside you and your worthy of his time".
sandrafunk88sandrafunk88Posts: 2 April 23, 2014
Whenever you are planning for a wedding try not to over spend on any extra thing that would indirectly affect your budget and later you regret for things which you shouldn't.
encha1150931encha1150931Posts: 1 Gretna, LA April 29, 2014
Accept change. Accept that you will both change, not always for the better, and that through positive communication, you can change together.
Guest Palm Springs, CA May 12, 2014
The Best Piece of Advice I give in choosing a Photographer...Don't use an Ameuture who think they are a Professional. A Professional Photographer has many years of Experience. Get recommendations. View their Portfolio. Compare 'Apples to Apples', not 'Apples to Oranges'.
Set a Budget of at least 20-30% to hire the Best Professional Photographer.
Remember after "Your Big Day" is over, you will have 'Lasting Memories Forever' when Viewing your Photographs throughout the years!
Photography by Arlene Spring
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Bruce204193Bruce204193Posts: 1 June 10, 2014
Two words: yes, dear.
Guest Hampton, Ontario June 19, 2014
My husband and I have been happily married since March 18, 1967 - yes, 47 years!!

The best piece of advice we got was on our honeymoon. We were in a little pub in Llangollen, Wales, when an old gentleman came up to us at the bar and asked "On honeymoon are you" We of course said yes. He said one piece of advice will take you through all your married life "Never, I mean Never go to bed angry at each other". We have stuck by that piece of advice and here we are 47 years later!!
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lytin1030898lytin1030898Posts: 1 Uninc Henderson County, NC 6 days ago
Relax! Breathe and smile. This is a wonderful day of celebration - not a worry-fest! Plan ahead of time, but on the Big Day, let go of the little details - it will unfold in its own unique way and it WILL be beautiful!

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