Places to Have a One-Year-Old's Birthday Party Messages in this topic - RSS

Places to Have a One-Year-Old's Birthday Party Messages in this topic - RSS

MarkStevenMarkStevenPosts: 13 February 10, 2013
Hello Guys,

A first birthday is a monumental occasion. The child is probably too young to know, or care, but parents, friends, and families love to celebrate this important milestone. Choosing where to host a young child's birthday is an important part of planning the festivities. The child's age and attention span as well as the age and interests of the attending guests should be taken into account.

Best Wishes
Mark Steven
clari1002152clari1002152Posts: 1 February 10, 2013
Thank you for comment and I hope I can find a place for us
Guest February 10, 2013
It's not only the place, but the entertainment, more specifically, the entertainer that makes for a definite great party. The entertainer has to draw in the one year old very, very gradually, if at all. Simultaneously, the older children must be having a great time. The parent want their one year to have fun, but fun, realistically for a one year old is to be in their mom's arms. With that said, if the entertainer can gather in the majority group while making both mom and child feel involved, the party is a hit!
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 February 11, 2013
First birthdays are always fun, typically the best place to have them are in a large backyard or a park. This way there is room for older children to run and play and younger children to stay colseto the adults. bouncehouses are great for all ages and if the weather permits adding slip and slides with small wading pool for the tots.

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