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miajo1001380miajo1001380Posts: 1 Philadelphia, PA February 8, 2013
I need a party space in Philadelphia for a 1st birthday party. 40 People or less not too expensive and can bring my own food and decorate at least 3-4 hrs
Guest February 8, 2013
What date are u looking for?
MarkStevenMarkStevenPosts: 13 February 12, 2013
Hello Community,

Basic Aloha Style Birthday Party for up to 10 children is $285 ($15 for each additional child) and includes:
• Rental of the entire studio for two hours.
• Flower hair clip and a lei for each child.
• Entertainment for 1.5 hours that includes: The Limbo, Basic dance steps in • Hula and Tahitian, games, a craft and a Hawaiian Punch juice break.
• All paper goods, plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins.
• Set-up and clean up.

Thanks and Regards,
Mark Steven
Guest February 12, 2013
I need it for April 20th. Just realized I may have 40-50 People though

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