Ideas for Unique Wedding Entertainment? (Durham, NC) Messages in this topic - RSS

Ideas for Unique Wedding Entertainment? (Durham, NC) Messages in this topic - RSS

TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 Durham, NC February 1, 2013
We're planning a wedding in Durham, NC, and we need some wedding entertainment for a garden, rustic, vintage wedding. Our main entertainment is a band who will be playing inside the venue, but we have a large lawn area outside where some of the reception guest tables will be. We need ideas for wedding entertainment that does NOT include: photobooths, caricature artist, lawn games or a magician. Ideas??
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 February 1, 2013
It sounds like your are wanting specific entertainment. Doing another band like a string quartet can be an idea, or doing simple wedding trivia.

You would do better in thinking of the type of atmosphere you want your lawn to be. You don't have to have entertainment if the scearny is pretty let that be entertaining. This way if guest want to relax and get away from the music you can.

Unique SIGnature Events
AlP18AlP18Posts: 4 February 1, 2013
We represent some amazing Fire Dancers and acrobats that could put on amazing show that will long be remembered. Check out our web site and
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 February 1, 2013
I've seen Polynesian dancers, an Elvis tribute artist, and professional ballroom/salsa dancers who will also give lessons after their performance.
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 February 2, 2013
Thank you for the ideas. All of them are great, and sound fun. The wedding is a vintage, rustic theme so some of the dancers may not fit the bill. I'm worried about noise conflicts with more than one musical entertainment. Does anyone know of some live event painters in the area?
ParkwayBanquetHallParkwayBanquetHallPosts: 1 February 5, 2013
How about having a harpist play fro your guests? We have had one here and the music was perfect for cocktail hour. The guests were very impressed as was I. Original, classic and not a fad.
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 February 14, 2013
In case anyone is interested, we ended up getting a live event painter to paint the wedding reception, some old-school arcade games and a late night salsa bar to go along with the live band.
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 February 22, 2013
If you are having a rustic wedding, what about hiring a guitarist, banjo player, or fiddler (or trio) who specializes in instrumental blue grass type music? That might work well for background entertainment that doesn't impact guest mobility or their socializing. I would think you could find such a musician in North Carolina. :-)

Best Wishes,
Rev. Ann Fuller
Community Minister, UUSCM
Melbourne, FL
jimmyonwebjimmyonwebPosts: 5 February 27, 2013
Such musical wedding party I would surely enjoy smile
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 February 27, 2013
Thank you for the suggestions. Please note that I am NOT looking for another musical form of entertainment. We have a band and do not want to interfere with their sound. Any other suggestions are very much appreciated.

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