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LisaM969094LisaM969094Posts: 1 Williamsburg, VA January 14, 2013
Hi, my name is Lisa Hensley. My wedding date that I set is for September 28, 2013. We are on a low income budget of 2,000 to do our wedding.........that is to do everything. Due to our budget we are having a hard time finding a place that we can do our wedding ceremony as well as reception. An estimate guest are about 60 to 70. Really trying hard to have a small wedding nothing big or too fancy. Just want to get married. My fiance and I have been together now for 6 1/2 year. And we have one child together, and really just want to make things right for our family.......by bring our family's together. Hope someone can help make our dreams come true.............its hard and frustrating because I wish I could really afford more then 2,000. To get married we plan on using our tax refund check.
djgrand62djgrand62Posts: 5 January 14, 2013
Need a city and state !!
Guest January 14, 2013
Hi Lisa, names Roderick where will the wedding and reception take place?
VillaPrivataVillaPrivataPosts: 1 January 14, 2013
Location is important!!!!
Villa Privata
Jackson, CA
JerondellzFotogJerondellzFotogPosts: 2 January 14, 2013
Where will the wedding and reception take place?
americanlimousineamericanlimousinePosts: 1 January 14, 2013
American limousine can help with the transportation.. we are flexible with prices give us a call 6104598008
CaptBillCaptBillPosts: 2 January 14, 2013
debra1365debra1365Posts: 3 January 14, 2013
Guest January 14, 2013
Hi Lisa;
With that budget you might want to consider a lunch or brunch, maybe have a 10:00 am ceremony followed by a light lunch or brunch, Country Clubs might consider your venue because it will still allow them to hold another function that evening.
Good Luck!!!
Guest January 15, 2013
$2000 is tight, but doable. Actually, 60 or 70 guests may seem small, but try to pare that list down further to under 50. You really don't have to invite everyone, and each person adds a lot to the cost.
The only Pro you must have is someone to marry you. Set your budget first, and stick to it! If you have talented friends or family, enlist their help in some DIY, but see samples of what they will do, or only allow it if it won't bother you if it isn't perfect. Not sure if you are signed up (free) on weddingwire, but they have a good budget template and other tools to help.

You could get married and hold a reception at a public park or beach with the permits. Talk to your local county parks and recreation clerk. The above brunch idea is good, too.
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 January 16, 2013
You may go to a nearby park and see what is the procedure to get married there (you may just have to give a donation) and you can easily find an Officiant on line when searching in your area. I agree a lunch/brunch would be affordable and fun - perhaps an early ceremony followed by a "steak and egg" breakfast with coffee, danish and other breakfast goodies. You can bring your own cake, I am sure and have a champagne and oj "toast" (mimosa). Breakfast would be about $20 per person, I would assume and a nice tip for staff. A nice local restaurant would be more than happy to partition part of their restaurant for you and if you do this on a Sunday, it would be very reasonable. I do print design and can offer you thank you cards, invites and magnet favors. This package would cost $150 and I would do a nice design and send you a pdf. Let me know if you have any questions and do email me at mybelovedwedandart@gmail.com
TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 January 16, 2013
I would love to help you and your fiance plan the perfect wedding in your budget. $2000 is actually doable for a modest wedding, even with your guest count! Feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to speak with you about some ideas!

Sara Bacon
The Dolce Design
(334) 521-2254
wthurowwthurowPosts: 34 January 31, 2013
Please remember you can have your dress, flowers, venue and invitations sent but without the Marriage Officiant, there is no Wedding. I officiate marriages for couples who live in or are traveling to N. Central FL. My clients also are from out of state or worldwide, traveling to FL for a destination wedding or vacation. I love weddings and work to make it easy and low cost for my bridal couples. I understand we all have lives, jobs, and Brides have 100+ details to do or remember for their wedding! Over the years I've developed a simple process to work with them to create their ceremony efficiently on-line; so they waste no time with unnecessary meetings. Everything is ready for their Wedding day. http://www.oursimpleceremony.com/index.htm :-)
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 May 22, 2013
Hello Lisa,
Please tell me your wedding place(state & city).If your wedding place place is Florida then contact http://www.orangeblossomcatering.com/contact-us.html
Guest May 22, 2013
Wow. Greedy vendors. Someone wants to have a wedding and you pounce on her like vultures. be more respectful and let her breathe. Sheesh.
Guest May 28, 2013
You could always have a justice of the Peace marry you or even have a cousin do it for 50-$75 to get a one day license to allow a family member/ friend preform a wedding at your local courthouse. Just hire a photographer do do the ceremony and a few portraits of you two and the child with your families. Don't want to risk that to friends cameras, unless they are very good and still pay them something. If you cut your guest list down, that will also save a lot of cash. Having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday will also save a bit. good luck.
seabo1035345seabo1035345Posts: 6 May 28, 2013
We have a beach front hotel available. Our pricing starts at $250. Call us to set up a tour 954.427.2525.
banan994599banan994599Posts: 7 June 5, 2013
Customized Favors and Centerpieces... Contact us and we will handmade and in your budget. Banana Leaf Creations and Events...863-812-3864
AverysImagingAverysImagingPosts: 3 June 5, 2013
I would look at parks and outside settings. The cost is lower. You only need to rent the location just like a party would.
I would look for a park that not a lot of people know about. This way you don't have people flowing into your event. Parks with water are also cooler and photos look great next to water.
*Flowers form Safeway or a store run lower too. I take a lot of photos of flowers. They do a great job. If the cost is too hige look into just the flowers and putting then together yourself. Keep them cool don't let them sit out.
*Anything you can do yourself before the wedding will lower your cost and save you money. I have even known a bride that paid for your friend to take the test on-line so he could be mister. She sent 40.00. And He was going to be at the wedding already.
*Food is a little too much to take on yourself unless you know someone that does it for a living aready. But you can look into having a store or food place in the area make it and drop it off.
*Cakes can also come for a store. They may event do a package deal for flowers, cake and food.
*DJs would be nice but with just 2000.00 you may need to shop around.
*Photographers you will need to shop around too.
It can be done. If you have any questions you can call me I would be happy to help. Michelle Gibble-Avery at Avery's Imaging in Paradise, Ca (530) 872-0524

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