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Guest Calgary, AB January 4, 2013
I want to know if anyone that is getting married would be interested in an all in one Country wedding??
This would include almost everything you need??
- JP,Dinner (On site caterer) ,Dance area,photographer with a real country backgrouund,invites,Drinks,DJ and cabins for you and yr bridal party as well as parents there would also be a large camping area for guests and an ptin t rent an RV or a tent. .also add options horses,fireworks?
Is this something you would be interested in??
I need feedback please smile
Guest January 4, 2013
I notice I am getting veiws but no comments??? Please any comment would help smile Thanks
ShockwaveDJShockwaveDJPosts: 1 January 4, 2013
Where are you located???
Guest January 4, 2013
Many people do like all details covered by a venue, but usually just those going to a B&B or destination ceremony. It is the desire of most couples to choose the vendors that best fit their personality and style. PS, unless you live in one of the very few states that still have a JP (about 7), you may not be able to have that option.
Guest January 4, 2013
very much interested but again where are you located
Guest January 4, 2013
This is a company I want to start up I live on a 120 acre lot in the foothills in Alberta Canada. I just want to see how many people would actually be interested in this befor I was to go spend all the money. we still have JP's heresmile
DonitaDonitaPosts: 1 January 4, 2013
Love the idea, we do something similar here in Jefferson City Mo. I would love to actually talk to you pros and cons as we have been in business 25 years can I call you it is so much better than typing for me!
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 January 5, 2013
I can help you with all your print needs such as:
  • invites (custom to your colors and theme)
  • thank you card favors for each guest
  • Welcome Banner
  • Menu cards or posters
  • Other Favors
  • Ceremony cards with your parents and bridal party and the program of your wedding ceremony

Contact me and I will forward some samples.
Guest January 9, 2013
Thanks for the offer of the cards and stuff but I do my own smile
@ Donita I was wondering how to contact you ??
BeaufairWeddingsBeaufairWeddingsPosts: 1 January 31, 2014
I'd advise against doing the "all-in-one" venue. Wedding couples generally want to choose their own JP, DJ, Decorator, Photographer, etc. based on how their personalities and vision of the couple's day aligns. With this being said, good venues are harder to find in the Foothills area. There's Azuridge in Priddis that is VERY high end, and it doesn't have an equal in the area. If you network with other wedding professionals and maintain a good relationship, you can refer each others services.
Guest calgary 26 days ago
Did u end up doing this?? im planning my wedding and this might be nice...

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