Inexpensive wedding locations in & around San Jose, CA Messages in this topic - RSS

Inexpensive wedding locations in & around San Jose, CA Messages in this topic - RSS

Stefanie3zzStefanie3zzPosts: 1 San Jose, CA January 1, 2013
MY fiance and I are looking for locations to have our wedding in San Jose, CA preferably in August 2013. We plan on having our own food, bar, decorations etc supplied and are not interested in a wedding package. It seems hard to find places who allow you to run the show they way you'd like to. We don't live in the area to drive around and find places. We plan on going up and seeing locations in person after we get a few in mind. I could really use some help as to finding a location!! If anyone has any ideas PLEASE help us! We would be so grateful. Just a clue as to what we're looking for, we'd like to have the ceremony & reception at the same location. Possibly the ceremony outside and the reception inside. My fiance is an interior designer, so she can do a lot with a space. Thank you for your time!!!
sales695842sales695842Posts: 1 January 1, 2013
We recently did a wedding at the San Jose Women's Club. The facility was very well appointed, well laid out, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the price was quite affordable. You get a ballroom with a theatrical stage, a commercial kitchen, large foyer, a side room perfect for ceremonies. We were rather pleased with that location.
Guest January 1, 2013
Family Community church in San Jose has many buildings. They do weddings there
SSLLC01SSLLC01Posts: 3 January 2, 2013
How many people do you anticipate for the wedding? My son lives in CA and is quite familiar with San Jose?

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