Cheap baby shower venues in Maryland area?!?! Messages in this topic - RSS

Cheap baby shower venues in Maryland area?!?! Messages in this topic - RSS

cheni979373cheni979373Posts: 1 Maryland December 11, 2012
I am planning a baby shower for myself. Four other people where suppose to and backed out. Now i am stuck planning this event, kind of last minute. I am looking in the Suitland, MD area for an inexpensive venue. I am basically just looking for a room to rent for about 150-200 people. All food is going to be brought. I am the first child to have a baby in my family so I want it to be special but unfortunately do not have a lot of money to spend on a location. So many people are planning on attending and im starting to stress. Any ideas... anyone???
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 December 11, 2012
Hi Chenise,

Sorry to hear that your shower planning team will be unable to assist you. While I am not familiar with your area, the following general suggestion may be of some help. Think about places that may have a very large room to accommodate you in your area, call them and see if they would be willing to rent you space. Places might include religious institutions, community organizations, a mall community room, schools and colleges/universities. Full service hotels are probably not going to be willing to just rent space, as they need to make large sums of money off of food and beverage. A hotel which includes free continental breakfast, but serves no other food may be willing to help, assuming their room is big enough for your party. If you have a friend who lives in a condominium complex with a large clubhouse, see if you could rent the clubhouse for the evening.

Please contact me directly or post here if I can be of further help.

Ronald g. Shapiro, PhD
Education by Entertainment
pfgconsultspfgconsultsPosts: 1 December 12, 2012
Hi Chenise,

I to am sorry that you are having to plan your shower on your own. The last thing you need is stress. You can also look at some of the local parks, they tend to have a larger building for events, Fire halls are also relatively inexpensive. Feel free respond to the post or contact me via my website if you have additional questions.

Best regards,

Patrice Freeman-Guzman, M.B.A

PFG Events & Marketing Consultants, LLC
monik989797monik989797Posts: 2 January 13, 2013
I am looking for a place as well in PG County, MD. Preferably, Clinton, Bowie, or Upper Marlboro. Have you tried the rooms available through Park and Planning? Some have a kitche, the most they charge is $260.

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