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mella968283mella968283Posts: 6 Gulf Breeze, FL November 7, 2012
I am currently planning a wedding for May 2013 and am in search of a great venue (no Beachside weddings) to hold the wedding and reception INDOORS! My budget is $7000-8000. I would love to find a venue that allows me to use my own caterer and also serve alcohol. It will be a small wedding of about 50-65 guests. Please help if you can! Thanks in advance.
Guest November 8, 2012
Do you want the ceremony indoors as well? You could probably have your reception at Portofino and the ceremony on the beach across the street.
Guest November 8, 2012
Not sure ass nobody really does that anymore because of liability.............but whe you're ready to talk entertainment let me for a DJ, band, or violinist......thanks,
Troy Robinson-Robinson Entertainment
1-877-431-2430 or 251-979-801
Guest November 8, 2012
Sorry about the typo' was early......first cup of
Guest November 8, 2012
Vegas baby! We have a meeting room for your party. $125. rental and you can bring in your own food and beverages...702-948-6007
mella968283mella968283Posts: 6 November 8, 2012
I'm kind of up in the air about the ceremony. I really don't want to pay an arm and a leg so whatever is cheaper. There are a few places I've looked at that will do both but there is a $500 rearrangement fee. I don't know if that's good or not!
mella968283mella968283Posts: 6 November 8, 2012
I will definitely give you a call about the entertainment. I need a DJ who is well-rounded because I listen to various genre's of music. Thank you for responding.
LifetimeWeddingVideoLifetimeWeddingVideoPosts: 1 November 8, 2012
Do you have a videographer? I'm out of Pensacola, my website is
Guest November 8, 2012
If your guests don't all consume alcohol, you want to offer bottled water. Contact Sarah's Seasonings for custom made wraps very reasonable. 352.255.8351 or email: They will send you a sample.
Guest November 9, 2012
Since I don't live in the area I can only give you a generalized answer which can probably help. Check with your local parks and recreation department. They usually have facilities and recreation centers available to rent. Also check with your local Senior Centers that rent out their facilities or Masonic Halls/Lodges. Lastly, check with your local Chamber of Commerce as well as your Visitors and Conventions Bureau for a listing of halls and venues. Most places will require liability insurance which you can get from your insurance company and as for the alcohol you may have to get a permit from your local Alcohol Beverage and Control agency. Hope this helps.

Helga Stewart
Guest November 10, 2012
Hello My name is Sonia with Torrellas Special Events, Do you have your own catering already?
jpemm982452jpemm982452Posts: 1 December 26, 2012
I am a local (Gulf Breeze) resident. I'm getting married in June 2013. I'm an active member of First Baptist Church Pensacola & will have the wedding in Pleitz Chapel there, but am looking for an affordable reception place. My budget is FAR different from yours - less than half! I can give you suggestions, etc. as a formal bridal consultant here. We might be able to help each other out!

TheDolceDesignTheDolceDesignPosts: 47 January 8, 2013
Congratulations on your engagement! Your budget is actually great for a 50-65 person wedding, and I would love to discuss some ideas with you. I am a certified wedding and event planner recently based in Montgomery, AL, but most of my professional experience is from San Diego's booming wedding and special events industry. I have a lot of venue contacts in the Gulf Breeze area, that I can recommend to you once I know more about what exactly you are wanting. Feel free to email me or call me at your convenience, and I would be happy to speak with you!

Sara Bacon
(334) 521-2254

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