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efkha954898efkha954898Posts: 2 Sugarland, TX October 9, 2012
Hi, My Name is erum and i am looking for party place in sugarland,tx for my daughter teen birthday party.No catering needed. We bring our own food. Can accomodate atleast 40 people.
DJEmotionDJEmotionPosts: 1 October 9, 2012
Erum hopefully this isn't off topic but if your looking for a creative gift please check this out. http://fiverr.com/djemotion/sing-happy-birthday-with-this-goofy-hat-to-whoever-you-want
Guest October 9, 2012
Enchanted Evenings by Debra would love to design your party, but we are in Georgia.
Guest October 10, 2012
Hi Erum, I can provide you with a list of venues that you may like. Do you have a budget you would like to work in?
Guest October 10, 2012
What about a nice community center?
efkha954898efkha954898Posts: 2 October 10, 2012
yes my maximum budget is 300-400. Please send the list.where do you live?
Guest October 11, 2012
Birthday party
Guest October 11, 2012
Wonderful commercial reader (tarot, esp)available for your event in South Florida. Positive, ordained minister in the past, kind and interesting. Event includes setting, assistant, etc. fun and encourages interaction at party. Call 561-870-7701 to schedule.
askpreetiaskpreetiPosts: 6 December 21, 2012
you can organize a theme party. I will suggest you to contact http://www.partyprincessproductions.com/ they will help you to arrange a party
Guest December 1, 2013
Have you checked out www.rockin-teen-parties.com for great party theme ideas?

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