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Guest September 11, 2012
I recently graduated with a degree in general management and then found out that I wanted to be an event planner which sucks because I should have went for hospitality. So my question is can I still start a career in event planning, and if so how should I go about doing so? What should be my first step?
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 September 11, 2012
The first thing that you should do is find some type of event to be a part of. Either working as a banquet server and learning all you can from that end. Working as a sales person in the industry. You can try interning with some planners. In this industry experience is everything so don't be discouraged because you have to start small. Yes you can make a career of it but you have to work form the bottom up. Here is my email if you ever want to email back and forth.

Lynne Covington
AweinerwsAweinerwsPosts: 6 December 17, 2012
You can easily become an event planner. You just need to learn the basics of the post (which you can learn from any distant learning short-duration program or self study) and then you should work with any reputed event planner for sometime to get some hands on experience. Don't expect to achieve success in the first few tries. This is a slow process and will take up a lot of time and effort.

You just need to keep yourself updated with the industry so that you are competent to survive the challenges that come along.
sophiedsophiedPosts: 6 July 16, 2013
I think you first study some event planner websites. See how and which events they organized. How they managed and all. I am sure you will definitely found some good points which helps you to make a good planner. Best of luck!

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