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heath906515heath906515Posts: 1 September 8, 2012
I was beginning to feel down and nervous about finding a place for my wedding and reception. Many of the places I had gone to were so expensive for just the site fee and usually it was just for the ceremony site or reception. My trouble was finding a place for both together at a decent price and one that was beautiful, of course. My wedding was only 7 months away when I got an email from Eventective about a golf club being a venue. At first I wasn't so sure, but I opened the email anyway. In the email, there was a promo code for a free lunch and $250 off the site fee just by visiting the venue! Who wouldn't want a free lunch, right? So, my fiance and I went and it was absolutely beautiful! The staff is so wonderfully nice and were willing to cater to our every need and desire for our wedding. I would recommend Auburn Valley Golf Club to anyone in CA who doesn't mind driving out in the country a bit and wants a small (150 people) wedding. This place has been such a blessing to me and my fiance and we are looking forward to our day of union in several months. Thanks Eventective for helping me find my venue!
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 44 April 11, 2013
As per your experience and topic i think i have also visit this venue for my wedding and reception.

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