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I Need Help PLEASE!!! SWEET 16 Messages in this topic - RSS

mimi3930429mimi3930429Posts: 2 August 21, 2012
I have a daughter thats turning 16 and I was trying to have her a suprised party , but thats not working. I been layed off from work. It is bring tears to my eyes cause I had to use the saving that was giving to her for her birthday, that was for her party. I dont have a hall or rental. I have tried couple of recreation center but are book. I live in Marietta, Ga 30062. Still hoping for a very affordable recs. for the capacity of 100-150 people. All white party which is very cheap budget . Party is in Sept 8 do not have much time. I wanted to do her invitations online print orders it was 150 bucks, cant do that. I The hall rental or Rec center needs to be under 150 , please help me email me if you would like to help with graphic design invation of any rental place. mimi3054life@hotmail.com
SA3DayCSA3DayCPosts: 5 August 21, 2012
If you have a printer, you can print your own invitations. To be economical, create post cards which are cheaper to mail. That will save big time. Also, instead of graphic designs, find a photo of your daughter, scan it and use it on the front of the invitation post card. Check recreation centers which usually have the space, and are not as expensive. At rec centers, you will have to decorate.
Guest August 21, 2012
i am a dj
Guest August 21, 2012
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Tulip2012Tulip2012Posts: 1 August 21, 2012
Contact us, we are a full service event planning company that also happens to have a partner company which provides graphic design services. We partner with many non-profits and could assist you with planning your event, finding a venue, as well as graphic design of your invitations. Contact us today! info@tulip-creations.com or (770) 680-6957!
Guest August 21, 2012
You can get invitation pkgs from Michaels and print them yourself - I just did that for my daughters wedding and they came out beautiful. Also, look at church halls or firehouse halls, also try unusual places like a local aquarium or perhaps a retail location that may have gone out of business and is for sale - you can rent it for the day or rent the parking lot and get a big tent for it. You may also look into your local parks in town, they may rent the space for a minimal price, here its $30 for the permit (not alcohol is allowed but you dont need that for a young peoples party. Hope this helps. Chef Miriam, Caterer. The Icing on The cake Catering.
mimi3930429mimi3930429Posts: 2 August 23, 2012
Thank you guys for the help. But I can not find a Rec center for the date Sept 8th under 200 dollars. Im n the Marietta area 30062 but not too far from Barrett Parkway ,Kennesaw
Panda931065Panda931065Posts: 1 August 23, 2012
you can email invitations and just go out to a resturant. good luck!
thepo931712thepo931712Posts: 1 August 25, 2012
You can book one of the banquet rooms in a restaurant. A lot of times the rooms are free as long as the guests purchase a plate. You will likely have to revamp the guest list but the cost would be minimal. Also, you can make the invitations yourself and decorate using accents from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

I'm not in Georgia but would not mind helping you to brainstorm ideas at no charge. I am interested in becoming an event planner and would love to discuss your event with you via e-mail or by phone.

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