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How much should a photographer cost? Messages in this topic - RSS

cjedu925653cjedu925653Posts: 1 August 19, 2012
Just wondering a typical wedding photographer should cost for 7 hours? Located in Greensboro NC
Guest August 19, 2012
Budget 10% of your entire wedding budget.
Guest August 19, 2012
A good wedding photographer (re: one that has a clue) will put in at least 30-40 hours or more in total of time (between meetings, location scouting, gear prep, travel, shooting the wedding, processing photos, ordering albums, presenting images, etc), and prices tend to vary depending upon print/album packages. It is not uncommon to spend in upwards of $5k to $8k for engagement and wedding photos. Your typical fauxtographer with a decent DSLR and a couple of lenses will charge between $500 and $1,200. In a nutshell, like anything else, you generally get what you pay for. There are no do-overs with weddings, and when shopping for a wedding photographer, ask them flat out if they know how to balance ambient light with flash, and ask to see examples of their work (this is very basic that every wedding photographer should know). If they can't or say they only shoot "natural light", look for someone else.
Guest August 20, 2012
The last comment is pretty much correct. However, Being a professional photographer myself I charge 1500 for my top package and my work is exceptional. Not just my opinion but I offer contact references to past clients. I is just my belief that a photographer shouldn't cost you what could be a down payment on a house. If you are looking to spend a little extra you can cover my air fair and accommodations and provide transportation and I will cover your wedding. I can provide you references nationwide.
Guest August 20, 2012
There's a lot of work that goes into wedding photography. For ever hour that a photographer is with a bride and groom on the wedding day can take that photographer 2 - 4 hours to sort through those images, and do any artistic work necessary. I understand that wedding planners will say 10%. Say your budget is $10,000; that means your photographer is $1,000. Here's a good way to see the math on this. If a photographer charges $125 for a studio session fee for 1 hour and you want that photographer for, lets say, 8 hours on your wedding day, that means you will be paying them somewhere in the ballpark of $2,500 - $5,000. If you're budget is $1,000, the photographer on this same scenario is making $25 - $50 per hour, which is a huge fraction to what they make in their studio. Studio photography is easier for the photographer because the lighting is controlled in the studio. Wedding photography is much harder because the light on the subjects is constantly changing. 21 years ago I paid $500 for a fauxtographer to take my wedding photos and in the change in economy over those years, there is no way that anyone should think that they can still get photography for $500. Trust me, you will get what you paid for (or didn't). Our photographer was a husband and wife team and they decided to split up and do 2 weddings that day. We got the husband. The wife was the "real" photographer and our photos suck. The wedding photography is the only thing tangible (unless you have video) after the wedding is over. Don't skimp on the photos. You will regret it!!!
Guest August 20, 2012
Everything everyone said here is true. Though a wedding photographer only charging $1500 for their top package is questionable. My guess is they don't do this for a living, and they are a weekend warrior. If that's the case, be careful, part-timers have less to lose than full-time experienced pros. Plus, at that price, I doubt they have the equipment to be able to handle every situation a wedding will through at them. Anyway, here is a great site:
This site will give you averages for your area. According to this site, an experienced photographer in your area will cost $2,189 - $2,914. That is just coverage, everything else will be on top. I hope this helps! By-the-way, I'm a pro who shoots 50+ weddings a year and averages $3500 a wedding.
lsherasouthernjubileelsherasouthernjubileePosts: 3 August 21, 2012
I normally let my clients know they should expect to pay anywhere from $2000 and up for their photographer, depending on the experience of the photographer, the package, and any additional items they may choose to add.
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 August 21, 2012
2-5 thousand.
you could search for sales and get beginning photographers who are recent photo grads for much cheaper, but you never know what you will get.

Word of mouth from friends also is a good idea.
NBF93NBF93Posts: 1 August 21, 2012
I am a photographer - I have packages ranging in price from $695 for a small wedding up to $3,000 for larger ones. All of my clients are typically referred by other clients and I limit myself to 2 weddings per month. I also include the copyright release to all photographs taken with all of my packages. Feel free to email me if you are interested.
Guest August 23, 2012
That first guy's Web site is worth looking at. Check out everything, including the proof gallery from his most recent event. The "exceptional" work on display there should give you some idea of why you shouldn't skimp on the photographer, and why you need to put some effort into vetting before you make a selection. Caveat emptor!
rever799330rever799330Posts: 1 August 23, 2012
The cost of photography is dependant on the budget of the Bride and Groom. Unfortunately some folks can not and do not want to spend $5000 and up on a photographer. And actually there are lots of good photographers that charge less. I find some folks spend a lot of time on the Art-sey stuff and miss the action shots. And good studio photographer is not necessarily good outdoor photographer. So look at samples and ask for recommendations, ones that are in simular to your venue. I have worked with some pretty talented folks and I have worked with some folks that did not have a clue. As a couple you should decide if you are going to do engagement photos, they are a nice to have at time of the reception. I actually know a retired photographer who still shoots as a hobby. He is amazing, yet inexpensive. So it is all relative. The comment below, if you budget is $25,000, then $2500 is your number, if your budget is $5000, well that leaves you at $500.

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