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movie929205movie929205Posts: 2 August 19, 2012
My daughters soon and I don't know where to do it. Somewhere formal but can do something fun. It could have catering, a dancefloor, and a DJ. My budget is $1000- $1500. If anyone knows, put up their website.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 August 19, 2012
Hi MovieStar1999,

In order to be of help to you, members of this community will need to know where you are located, approximately how many people you are anticipating, and what kind of graduation (middle school, high, school, etc.). Your budget is very low for an event of this type, so without further information my recommendation would be to see if you could possibly use the social hall at your religious institution and see if there are kitchen staff workers or else some members who might help you with the food preparation. Another option would be to find a family style restaurant with a meeting room in your area which would allow you to order off of their menu at menu prices.

I do wish you well... and Congratulations to your daughter.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
Education By Entertainment
movie929205movie929205Posts: 2 August 20, 2012
We're in the Etobicoke area and she graduating middle school. My budget is kinda $1000- $2000 usually.

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