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jdema914036jdema914036Posts: 1 July 21, 2012
My wife has tried to find venues and services to renew our vows next April (2013). We are flexible on the date, but are having trouble finding offers that are within our price range. We have a super tight budget and I am looking at the VFW but would like to see what vendors and venues would offer a steep discount to a veteran on disability. As I said, we are looking as low as the VFW so if you could offer a price tag around there please contact me!
StylishEventDesignStylishEventDesignPosts: 2 July 21, 2012
What city are you located in? If in Los Angeles area, I might be able to assit you smile
Guest July 21, 2012
Can you tell me where you are located. I may can help.
Marsha Pruitt the Event Host
Tommymac6Tommymac6Posts: 1 July 21, 2012
I may be able to help you with professional photography done by myself not an assistant. Eight hours of coverage under $500 including photoshopped images, You will get a high resolution CD with all rights assigned to you. It will be up to you to do all the print work. I have 30 years experience. I will give you my time, experience, completely photoshopped CD. My normal fee would be $1800. There will be more than 300 images. Call 215-431-6000 HOTSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY. www.hotshotsfoto.com
Guest July 21, 2012
First Thank You for helping to protect us. Yes we need to know your location so we can help you & your wife. I am in Virginia Beach, military land! smile

I would be happy to assist in any way.

Kaili Burke, Sanrae Events 757-305-7722
Guest July 21, 2012
What city are you in?
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 July 21, 2012
First let me say thank you for your service and for your sacrifice.

The VFW is a great place to start. Also check into your local American Legion hall. Both are usually very reasonable.

Other options are local parks (if your climate and time of year are appropriate), meeting rooms in your local community center, YM/YWCA, college or university, senior center, or at other service organizations such as the Elks Club. The community/party room at an apartment or condo complex might be another option if you know someone who lives there -- I've officiated at several in those kinds of venues and they work well for smaller groups. And most of these will allow you to bring in your own food and beverage.

Get creative and check out museums, nature centers, etc. as well.

Stay away from hotels, banquet halls, and "wedding" venues -- they will charge the most and will require you to use their catering services.

Good luck on your quest, and best wishes to you both as you renew your vows.

Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises
Guest July 22, 2012
Thanks for serving....we all love you!!! Where are you located??? Would love to help out it I can!!!
Guest July 22, 2012

Posted on: Jul 22, 2012 at 7:29 AM

Thanks for serving....we all love you!!! Where are you located??? Would love to help out it I can!!! I guess I should add we are forestglenflowers.com
Guest July 22, 2012
Hello, Veteran, i am also a disabled Vet, plus i am a non denominational minister in Fort Myers FL.

You have not listed a city where you want your ceremony.

If you are located in the Fort Myers area please call me and i mihgt be able to help you.

239 258 4301

Thank You

Reverend Don Brislin
ThereverendThereverendPosts: 6 July 22, 2012
My wife and I found a beautiful Bed and Breakfast with a breath taking view off the deck.
Invited our friends and close family about 20 in all hired an Officiant ( I see one is offering his services for free)

all for the price of a night out.

You can even have your friends bring food or have the B.B. do a little lunch up depending on

what you can afford. Competes with the best Venues out there for beauty and affordability.

kerri2006kerri2006Posts: 2 July 22, 2012
Hi if you are just renewing your vows there is no need to hire a legal officient you can have a friend or family member do it for you. Do you have a friend with a nice backyard? A park is a beautiful place or how about the place where you first met. Staying in nature is free and that way your only expense for your guests would be food. Good luck and have a great day. I live in Canada so if you are here I will gladly help you for free!
Guest July 22, 2012
If you are in the Phoenix Az metro area. I am a wedding officiant and work with all budgets. I am sure that you will find my fee affordable and in your budget.
Rev. Mary Riley
Guest July 22, 2012
Many officiants and places will offer a military discount. I am an officiant who does, but I also require proof of service. Be prepared to show that. Unfortunately, there are many who try to take advantage of our generosity and ask for discounts or freebies, only to find out later they were duped, so it becomes necessary to show proof. We just had this conversation in our forum and one officiant related this story:
The mother of the groom called me and told me that her son was on his death bed.
His girlfriend wanted to marry him before he died. She asked me how much I would charge to officiate their wedding. What could I say. I told her nothing.
How could I charge for someone that was dying? I asked if he was able to sit
up in bed and she didn't know if he would have the strength. Well I went to the couple's
home and guests were helping the family to get ready for the wedding. I asked to see the mother of the groom and she was pointed out to me. So I went over to talk.
She looked at me and turned around the other way and left. I had to check my underarms to see if I forgot to put on deodorant. Well that went well, so I finally found the groom outside working on setting up tables and messing around with his friends. I had been taken for a ride. Well I was there, I promised to officiate the wedding and surely the mother of the groom would say thank you and give me at least some gas money.
Nothing, I received nothing. Discounts? Are you kidding me? Scotty on Star Trek once said fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
Guest July 22, 2012
My name is Jim Peppers and I own NoteBusters Disc Jockey Services in Bluffton SC. I am set up to help vets. We have a complete 3 hour reception with all the bells and whistles for $300.00 or $400. for 4 hours. Go to my web site http://peppersjt.tripod.com and on the bottom of the first page there are 100 free invitations. My reach # is 843-705-9852 I have several Hilton head and Savanah Ga low cost venues.
wdjones07wdjones07Posts: 3 July 22, 2012
If you are in Washington (Seattle area) I can absolutely help you. Please visit my website: http://awesomeweddings.yolasite.com.
djladyjdjladyjPosts: 20 July 23, 2012
If you need DJ services in the North Carolina and Virginia area...DJ LadY J can help you.
Guest July 23, 2012
I own a custom bridal & formal studio near the Camp Lejeune area. I also am a disabled Marine Corp Mom and can make adaptable clothing. I could offer a deep discount, I work with alot of our wounded warriors being near the base.
See my web site @ http//:jccarolinaformals.com
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 August 7, 2012
add a phone # or email address so that you could be contacted. there's always help for our Vets!

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