"Need venue help in the Lakeland area for reception need to stay under 2,500 budget is this possible" Messages in this topic - RSS

"Need venue help in the Lakeland area for reception need to stay under 2,500 budget is this possible" Messages in this topic - RSS

angel899182angel899182Posts: 1 Lakeland, FL June 23, 2012
With only 6 months to go I am just about to pull my hair out looking for a nice venue in Lakeland. Whaaaaa?The prices are outrageous not to mention I still have to pay to decorate it. I do not want to spend alot of money on things I will never have a use for after the event but my colors pink &brown are costly and in some cases buying looks cheaper than renting. I am looking for reasonable local vendors but so far I am doing everything myself so I do need everything linens,napkins,sashes, centerpieces, the cake, a D.J., dinner buffet items and foods, flatware,silverware, favors..and whatever else I am forgetting..so if anyone knows anyone or places that I can look into please let me know. Thkx <3
AveryFlynnMagicAveryFlynnMagicPosts: 22 June 23, 2012
Are you Talking lakeland Florida
djgrand62djgrand62Posts: 5 June 23, 2012
I used a very reasonable DJ service. Company was DJ GRAND Entertainment. Look them up on The Knot.
Guest June 23, 2012
You can get custom made waer bottle wraps very reasonable from Sarah's Seasonings. 100 for $33.00. They also custom label seasoning bottles for all your guests. 352.255.8351
EVENT746745EVENT746745Posts: 7 June 23, 2012
How far from Lakeland (FL?) will you travel? Date?
Guest June 24, 2012
I set up for a wedding in Hollis Gardens. The ceremony was in their garden side which is absolutly georgeous! No decor needed there. The reception we did a picnic style which was nice, just make sure you have plan "B" for anything outside. Hope this helps
Guest June 24, 2012
I know you are on a budget but this is where using a planner can help a lot, it is there job to know what vendors are where and at what price. So my advice find a planner in that area. For a venue look into parks since they are city run typically you just pay for a permit (which runs average 100.00) the usually have nice facilatities, decor you probably will be doing a lot of DIY but I can help with ideas if you want to just e-mail me. (lynne@uniquesigevents.com)
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 June 21, 2013
If you find a planner for dinner buffet items and foods and the cake the contact Orangeblossomcatering.com.It is in Florida and it's a provide a verity of catering services for wedding.
Guest lakeland April 17, 2014
hollis center, hollis gardens, on mirror lake

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