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Guest April 26, 2012
Where can I throw a Sweet 16 Birthday Party in Pittsburgh during the winter?
Guest April 26, 2012
hey i am a radio station event coordinator in nyc if you need my help and need some special guest email me at
AveryFlynnMagicAveryFlynnMagicPosts: 22 April 26, 2012
are you talkin pittsburgh florida
egarn866393egarn866393Posts: 1 April 27, 2012
Planning a party for my daughter who is turning 13. We live in Bryn Mawr, PA; willing to go within about 8-10 miles in order to find a reasonably priced place. Planning to invite about 50 kids. We will hire a DJ and either use the facility for food or bring in catered food.
Suggestions requested!!
Guest May 2, 2012
Place i do not know but in decoration i may help you. Decorations! This is what makes the party to speak fun and thrill. When it is hollywood themed party you have to do something special for the eyes and heart of everyone. So, looking for the best decorative ideas and products? Then it is the time to visit The store that sells the best in Hollywood Decorations to bring the real mood and spirit to your party venue.
john555john555Posts: 1 May 7, 2012
Hello, i can guide you with Birthday decoration ideas and birthday supplies. You can visit and can get all the useful information you need. sorry but i cant help you with the venue place.

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