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bowle129603bowle129603Posts: 4 March 17, 2012
I have recently been informed that I cannot get refunds because my refund rate is above 95%. Not too long ago I wrote in this blog asking if other DJ's were having any success because I was having very little and I was wondering who was getting the leads. Apparently a lot of other DJ's were also not getting leads. Now I was told to e-mail Eventective or call a 207 number for
the reason I wasn't being issued refunds on leads. It has been days since I sent the e-mail and made the phone call and no one

has answered me back. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on? Are they out of business? Is this a way to run a business?

Interested in your replies.
777po533391777po533391Posts: 15 March 17, 2012
I have noticed the same thing. Only 1 out of about 10 even answer my email, or phone call, and I only sell about 1 out of 20. I have no idea where they are getting they're leads, but they really suck!
Guest March 17, 2012
I dont even buy the leads any more because I have never got a response from any potential clients. if you hear back from eventective please reply here so we can all know what is happening??
Guest March 17, 2012
I am new at this site. I did purchase the first few leads that were in my area. No "customer" even answered or returned my calls to talk about their event. Plus one of the numbers was a disconnected number.
GatekeeperGatekeeperPosts: 4 March 17, 2012
Yes,I have purchased leads, though I am very choosey of what I pay for. And yes I have made contact and benefited monetarily from providing a service I've advertised. My service is providing security, so I'm not sure where their DJ leads come from. Maybe your prices are not fitting the potential consumers budget.

Good luck!
djladyjdjladyjPosts: 20 March 18, 2012
Yes!! I have the same problem. I email or call the people from the lead and Nothing In return. They need to verify there leads.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 March 19, 2012
Thank you for your comments. Internet leads are a numbers game and you may need to purchase and work 25, 40 or more than 50 leads before you book business. Responding to and following up with leads requires an effort on your part to sell your venue and services. We have many clients who successfully book business from Eventective leads by being selective and persistent. Make sure to set your lead preferences so you are only receiving leads that are a good fit for your business. Check out this 2-minute video which illustrates the level of effort required to convert leads to actual business. If you are expecting to close business with one email or phone call, the Pay-per-Lead Program may not be for you.

Eventective is more than just leads. Only 2% of all Eventective visitors submit event requests. The rest are doing their own research - browsing listings, looking at packages and pricing information and retrieving contact information for event businesses. Update your listing with photos, descriptive text, packages and pricing information and customer recommendations. A well developed listing will be seen by more planners and can generate inbound traffic that is easier to convert. Increasing your visibility on Eventective will also help your inbound marketing efforts. EventClicks, our new pay-as-you-go advertising program, requires no money upfront. You pay only for traffic generated to your listing and website.

Our Client Service team is available to help you with your online marketing efforts. Feel free to contact us at or 207.253.1653.

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