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Guest September 13, 2012
Guest September 13, 2012
vfw post
69 Bailey st.
617-416-9164 ask for mike...I just did . but they dont do teanager thats why Icould let U knw about it ~ ...good luck
Guest September 13, 2012



mssro920561mssro920561Posts: 3 September 15, 2012
I am looking for a church for wedding ceremony and also a facility for my reception for about 200ppl next year in august. i would like to bring own food. i am in milwaukee,wis. please email me with any leads.. i am trying to get a headstart and have everything taken care of. Thanks so much!!!
sweet986275sweet986275Posts: 2 January 7, 2013
Looking for a nice hall for about 200 people with tables and chairs . Would like to bring my own food and drinks . In Fort lauderdale florida Please help !!!!
Guest January 10, 2013
I'm in chicago lookin to have a baby shower on the 18th of may for bout a 100dollars I am supportin my own food an will decorate myself need room for bout 50 people hours will be 1 to 4 out an back clean bye 4 30pm
Guest January 10, 2013
looking for a place to hold a private bridal shower, 30 people in toronto..we will provides food, just need a place to hold the event.
Guest January 11, 2013
I need to find a place to have an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception hall where I can provide my own food and beverages. Inexpensive as possible in Richmond, KY.
Guest January 11, 2013
Forgot to add for the outdoor wedding and indoor reception hall in Richmond, KY that it is for 50 - 100 people and it would provide tables and chairs. Email me @ if you know of anything. Thanks.
Guest January 13, 2013
Guami988684Guami988684Posts: 1 January 14, 2013
Looking for a reception spot in richmond va that allows outside catering...
sharo990279sharo990279Posts: 1 January 14, 2013
planning wedding for 2-08-2014 looking for venues that I can afford (I am paying for wedding on firefighter recruit salary LOL) anyway we are young couple 26 both of us, and I am trying to put this together to give my girl wedding of her dreams. Only problem I do not have alot of money (in fact I have just started saving for this now ) since we have planned for 2014 i figured I have sometime (hopefully) anyway I am looking at indoor as well as outdoor venues & everything else-except DJ (have a friend) so alot of help is needed . Looking in west valley in Arizona. Thank you sooo much for any info help I can get- P.s. why am I doing this & not bride to be?? well she just feels we have no money for anything soo she is just kind of resolved to the fact that we cant have any kind of wedding reception at all & her folks ARE NO HELP AT ALL (mom wants her to wear dress from goodwill ) THanks again for help!!!!!! Budget prob @ $2000.00 (is it possible)!!!!
sewi_579225sewi_579225Posts: 1 January 14, 2013
looking for a little hall or space to rent for my son's 3rd birthday party for around 20-25 people.rental fees looking to pay around $50-100.Ottawa ontario area.please help
Guest January 20, 2013
Looking for a hall in Long Island or QueensNY for 100 guest. Want to bring my own food
volms998345volms998345Posts: 1 January 31, 2013
Small room for 25 people to have quick wedding and a party, bringing our own food. Couple are low income. Flint Michigan.
z_pau999693z_pau999693Posts: 1 February 4, 2013
Dallas, Tx looking for building for 50- 100 people that will allow me to bring my on food and drinks.
colac999965colac999965Posts: 1 February 5, 2013
Looking for a place or home to rent for a cocktail and buffet venue for 100 guests in Palm Springs. Would also like to bring my own food and drinks.
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 February 6, 2013
The tricky part about finding a venue its about finding one that will allow for you to bring in your own food and drinks. Since that is what you are looking for. Look into community centers and banquet halls, you still might have to find someone who is licensed to bring food in, but you will have control over your catering cost.

Unique SIGnature Events
DiamondSorieeDiamondSorieePosts: 1 February 7, 2013
In need of a venue that has both indoor and outdoor space for an upcoming family reunion in Indianapolis close to Carmel. I would like to bring in our own food for this event.
Guest March 16, 2013
I am looking for a hall that can hold at least 100 people. It is for a wedding reception. I am on a budget. If anyone knows of a place in NY or Westchester please email me. Thank you
weddi139054weddi139054Posts: 9 March 18, 2013
Hi, I could possibly have a space for you North of Boston in Bedford MA. Are you still searching for a Venue?
Guest March 20, 2013
looking for an inexpensive place/space in Los Angeles, CA to have a 40th bday party... about 100 guest including a few children present as well... somewhere that lets me provide my own food and drink with possibility of venue providing a cash bar... my email is
Guest March 21, 2013
I am looking for a space to rent in charlotte,nc to have a family function on sept 7
Guest March 27, 2013
need a space for a retirement party
Guest March 27, 2013
Looking for High School Graduation party venue Colorado Springs Colorado Area 100 people max
babyb1019818babyb1019818Posts: 1 March 27, 2013
leticiajoybutler wrote:
anacristinamora wrote:
I would a hall that will have a capacity of 500 or more and will let us bring our own food and beverage if anybody knows a hall please tell me @ will be really appreciated!!

did you ever find some place
orangeblossomorangeblossomPosts: 45 April 11, 2013
If you are look for a hall or space for 25 or less in lynn area then as per my opinion you should visit this site here you can get many hall's rent, capacity and facility
babyg1025959babyg1025959Posts: 2 April 16, 2013
I'm looking for a hall to ren for my daughter's sweet 16. I need something big enough for about 50 people & someplace with a dj area available. Any help is welcome. Needs to be in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.
Guest April 16, 2013
I need to secure a reception location the place I had is not big enough. In Columbus, Ohio preferably south side. Please Help!!
babyg1025959babyg1025959Posts: 2 April 16, 2013
Also, for the sweet 16 in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, the party is to be in August & the venue needs to allow for me to supply the food myself. I am on a limited budget, so I'd like to find somewhere that's not too hard on my wallet. Again, thanks for any help anyone can give.
Guest May 15, 2013
Hi, I am looking to rent an inexpensive space for my sons outdoor bday party in harford county, md
hayz51034590hayz51034590Posts: 1 May 19, 2013
Looking for a cheap space to rent for my prom
UniqueSigEventsUniqueSigEventsPosts: 95 May 20, 2013
Hayz5216, Where are you located and how many people are you expecting for prom?

Unique SIGnature Events
lscot1035024lscot1035024Posts: 1 May 21, 2013
Looking for an inexpensive place in Montgomery, Alabama for an anniversary party for 100 people
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 May 21, 2013
You can browse venues in Montgomery here. Comfort Inn and Suites has a banquet room that accommodates 100 guests and you can bring your own catering.
symsp1035890symsp1035890Posts: 1 May 24, 2013
Need to rent a Hall or Space with kitchen facilities for mom's 90th Birthday. Saturday July 27 and Sunday til noon. Approximately 20 will attend, Children, Grand Children, Great grandchildren. Needs to be in very close proximity to Grand Prairie. Due to some family traveling in we would need to accommodate rooms and or cabins. We would need the facility for Saturday and possibly Sunday til noon so that the family can have breakfast together before departing back home. We will provide all our own food and the Cake.
nicholascagenicholascagePosts: 1 May 25, 2013
Contact London Darbar at they will definitely provide you with good options at really affordable prices.
Guest June 12, 2013
Looking for a facility to rent for a baby shower that will let us cater our own food near new lenox illinois
Guest July 2, 2013
Need hall cheap for 50 people Los Angeles,CA or near by please email me thank you
Guest July 2, 2013
looking for a hall that hold 200 for wedding wilmont
Guest July 2, 2013
need it for next year long weekend in aug
vedaa1050119vedaa1050119Posts: 1 July 25, 2013
need a nice small venue to host 50th birthday party for 60 adults on 10/26/13, located in the dallas area. I want to supply my own food and beverages.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 July 25, 2013
vedaalucky wrote:
need a nice small venue to host 50th birthday party for 60 adults on 10/26/13, located in the dallas area. I want to supply my own food and beverages.

Hi Veda -
As you know, Dallas covers a pretty wide area. You can check out our party locations at these two locations:

Dallas Party Venues

Venues throughout the Dallas Metro Area

Finding a place that allows you to do your own food and beverage can be a challenge. The Rose Garden & Historic MKT Train Depot is 20 minutes outside of Dallas and might fit the bill.

Good luck!
Guest Keene, NH October 30, 2013
Hi, I am looking for a place to have a family Christmas/Thanksgiving party, where we can bring our own food. In or near Cobleskill, NY
gunit1078561gunit1078561Posts: 2 November 2, 2013
Looking to reserve a place for a winter wedding, roughly around 100 guests with less than 60 days til the wedding day! Here in Anchorage ,Alaska.
Please help!!!
Greatly appreciated Thank You smile)
Guest Los Angeles Ca June 27, 2014
I need a small lil place for rent.. Trying to celebrate a wedding for about 100 to 150 guest need a place around Los Angeles CA.... As soon as posible
dbjto1213996dbjto1213996Posts: 1 August 6, 2014
look for a hall or space for 100 or less for my husband 50th birthday party at reasonable price on the north-shore area prefably lynn area:

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