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Rent a Hall, Space or Room for Birthday Party! Messages in this topic - RSS

Sharo1026510Sharo1026510Posts: 1 April 30, 2013
Looking for a place to keep a sweet sixteen in New Haven, East Haven or Hamden, CT in June.
Guest May 2, 2013
I am seeking a hall or space to rent for my son's 21st birthday party in Sacramento CA, nothing too big and not too expensive on a tight budget.
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 May 2, 2013
Hi Guest -
Check out our Party Venues in Sacramento.

There should be something there that can fit you budget. If you mention how many people are coming, what day of the week, and what type of food you are looking for, you may get more help on this forum as well. Fill out the widget at the top of the page to have available venues contact you.

Good luck!
hannahjohannahjoPosts: 4 May 3, 2013
I had my daughter's birthday party hosted last month. It was hard to cook for many people by myself so I decided to outsource it to Franco Freshy, an event catering company in Toronto.It was perfectly beautiful!
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 May 5, 2013
Hi all, I'm planing my 30th Birthday party in a week and looking for a cheap place to rent in NYC. I have a DJ and I'm planing to bring my own liquor as well, so I'm just looking for a space.

I'm open to any suggestions and spaces. please advice. Thanks


Hi Jenny,

I'm a planner from NYC.

Cheap and NYC is currently not available, depending upon your # of guests and what your needs are.

There is a place in the lower east side and there are places scattered around, but very difficult to bring in alcohol because of licensing issues.

However, send me an email and I can try to help you out. If you want a planner/decorator, I can help with that and can include your invites.

Best! (put eventective on subject line)
Guest May 30, 2013
I've been using your site to look for event spaces and halls to host my 21st birthday and i cant find NOTHING.! Theres no halls event spaces hotels nothing im finding its a party a 21st birthday party and i cant find nothing im getting upset and everything because i really need to find something n i guess florida is not known for event spaces or halls or anything cus i find nothing for 21 year old birthdays
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 May 31, 2013
You can go to the Florida page and choose the cities where you want to host your event and browse venues in those areas. There is also Eventective's EventAgent form that you can complete with your event details for interested venues to contact you directly. Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.
tarun1037390tarun1037390Posts: 1 May 31, 2013
i am looking for a space for 30 people for the occasion of my daughter 1st birthday. Please suggest some space in Fisco/plano Tx area.
afton1037673afton1037673Posts: 1 June 2, 2013
Looking for a medium sized space for my 3oth birthday. Need caters, and decorators. I would like it in the dallas area near or directly downtown. I need it to hold up to 100 people.
leser1039205leser1039205Posts: 1 June 9, 2013
I'm looking for a space or venue that can accomodate up to 40 people, where we can bring the food in. It is for a graduation party with adults and teens. Or a venue where food is provided where I can select the menu for the guests within reasonable cost to me. In Greenville, SC or surrounding areas
cabal1039725cabal1039725Posts: 2 June 11, 2013
cabal1039725cabal1039725Posts: 2 June 11, 2013 has a private room
Guest June 15, 2013
Need a reasonable place to have Mom's 90th birthday in Ft. Lauderdale ,FL area for about 45-50 people in the peak of season January 2014. Children are all outside of Florida so it is hard to search. Appreciate any help
Guest July 11, 2013
Looking for a place in Dallas nc for my sons 1st birthday party
Guest Miami, Florida April 24, 2014
Want to have my daughter a surprise 30th birthday party on May 17th, in Miami, can you help with this
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 313 Miami, Florida April 24, 2014
Hi Guest -

Without knowing how many people you are inviting to the party, it's tough to say what a good place would be.

Feel free to browse all of our party locations in Miami and contact any venues that look like they might be a good fit to see if they are available.

DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 Miami, Florida April 24, 2014
Hi Guest,

Eventective has suggested ways for you to find a venue.

If you would like some suggestions for your Surprise Party activities, event planning, etc. you might enjoy the following:
Please do let me know if I can be of help with additional ideas. Always pleased to have a telephone conversation (no charge).

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education by Entertainment

Want to have my daughter a surprise 30th birthday party on May 17th, in Miami, can you help with this

edited by DrRonShapiro on 4/24/2014
tesha724513tesha724513Posts: 1 OKC, Yukon or Mustang June 16, 2014
Trying to find a place to have my daughters sweet 16th birthday party. Wanting to bring my own food in and need a reasonable price to pay to rent,Not trying to pay more then $500. Its For about 40 to 50 people. I need it for September 20,2014 in the OKC, yukon or mustang area. Needs to be a decent place. Can someone please help me?
Guest 72176 July 26, 2014
Looking for a place to rent for my son's 2nd birthday. That I can decorate. In central arkansas. Closer to cabot the better.
Guest Methuen Ma September 13, 2014
Looking for a place to rent for a Sweet 16 bday party. Will rent for 4 hours, needs to fit about 100 people. Any suggestions? Please help!
Guest san antonio, tx September 14, 2014
Need a room for a baby shower 30 people max in san antonio tx near the medical center area
Guest Louisville Kentucky 17 days ago
Need A Hall,Space or room to rent for my 21st birthday party on October 18th
jquin1261246jquin1261246Posts: 1 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 10 days ago
Hi I'm looking to rent a space in the harrisburg Pennsylvania area for my daughters first birthday party.something small and simple maybe at most 25 ppl. I will be providing the food and decorations just need some where to have to party any ideas.I am a single mom I'm just looking for a place I can afford.
Guest North Charleston 5 days ago
Planning to have my baby girl a sweet 16 but im new to north charleston. Help please

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