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Guest Newark, NJ March 13, 2012
I need to rent a space for my son's 1st birthday is for 40 people maybe less and I need a location near newark and surrounding areas. Does anyone know of a place that is also cheap? I did my babyshower at St Lucys Church but they no longer rent the space. Can anyone recommend a place? Help greatly appreciate it! Thanks
Posts: 1 August 22, 2016
Looking for a space for my 13 year old
Posts: 1 Lawrence Ma July 16, 2016
I need a place for my daughters 1st birthday party
Posts: 1 Shawnee Oklahoma June 1, 2016
I need a place to rent for a 40th birthday party about 30 people. Would like a barn or a big room. Having karaoke, so need space.

Guest Greenwood indianapolis May 20, 2016
I need to rent a space for my daughter's 1st birthday for 40 people maybe less and I need a location near greenwood indianapolis. It shudn't b too costly.please suggest.TIA.

Guest East orlando May 18, 2016
Looking for a small space in east Orlando for a family party for bout 40 people

Guest North raleigh,nc near mini city. April 24, 2016
Need space in North raleigh,NC bringing on food.

They have to have tables and chair.
Posts: 2 Decatur ga April 24, 2016
I need a place for my daughter 13th birthday about 100 people

Have you considered an event planner? They normally have connections with venues.

Guest Decatur ga April 14, 2016
I need a place for my daughter 13th birthday about 100 people
Posts: 1 Orlando April 1, 2016
Looking for a small location about 20 tp 30 girls to celebrate a sweet 16

Guest Perrysburg OH March 18, 2016
I need a place to have a birthday party for a 13 year old for about 20 people. Not too expensive.

Guest Ohio February 26, 2016
I'm looking for a cheap space for a baby shower for 50 people in either Jackson township in Ohio or in canton Ohio something cute and a little private where you can serve alcohol and bring your own food!!! Thanks so much can't think of anything
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Guest Los Angeles, CA February 18, 2016
I would like to rent a space in a creative atmosphere for a decade themed birthday party for the month of April. I would like to accomodate 30-40 people. A house or medium sized venue would be ideal.Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

Guest 17 Maplewood Place, Staten Island, NY January 9, 2016
Kidz Louge check it out for kids birthday partysmile have fun and enjoy.. If you go..

Guest decatur ga 30035 January 1, 2016
I am turning 18 on February 4 and I wanted a room for 20 people and we would love to have music also

Guest Mobile, Al December 17, 2015
I am turning 21 this year and have never had a birthday party before. I want one this year. There would only be a maximum of 20 people there. We do want to play music.

Guest November 28, 2015
Wanted to rent a hall for a birthday party with tables and chairs how much will that be total
Posts: 1 November 11, 2015
I moved to Fort Myers, Florida and I'm having a hard time trying to find a hall/place to rent out for a few hours for my sons 12th birthday party. Nothing to expensive and big enough to hold about 35 max of people. Any ideas???? His birthday is in January so kinda pushing a dealine.


Guest North Brunswick November 7, 2015
Planning sons first birthday. Any recommendations of halls near north Brunswick

Guest Indianapolis, Indiana November 1, 2015
I need a place for a small party after a church cermony. I haven't one yet. That isn't so expensive and that it is indoor. For this November.

Guest Cincinnati ohio October 20, 2015
Hi im looking to rent a space for. At least 35 people for a 21st birthday party in cincinnati ohio where i provide my own food and play my own party music

Guest United States October 20, 2015
I'm planning a baby shower. I'm looking for and affordable hall for 130 people. We want to bring outside food. We live in Harrisburg (Pa) does anyone have any ideas?? Called a church and they wanted 600$. Way out of budget!!

Guest atascocita September 29, 2015
I need to rent a space for my sons first birthday near atascocita , any recommendations?

Guest washinvton dc metro area September 27, 2015
I need to rent space for my sons 18. Birthday. He wants. Dj and dancing. It needs to be walking distance from a metro subway station in Maryland or DC.

Guest September 17, 2015
Looking to rent space for my daughter's 3rd birthday party around alvin,texas or league city, texas

Guest south padre island, tx September 11, 2015
I am looking for a space for a birthday party. Approx 80 persons. We will have our own food, entertainment, other expenses. Need space near copa inn hotel. Is there any space available there as most of our guests might be staying there, at copa inn. Free of charge if many stay at hotel?

Guest August 30, 2015
Looking for a place or room to celebrate my daughter 14 birthday around May. Is it possible to rent a room for a whole weekend? Because my daughter also wants to have a sleepover there with her lots of friends to! Also around downey to ! If u know anything pleasee help !upset

Guest July 21, 2015
I'm looking for a space to celebrate my sons 15th birthday not sure how many people there would be. I would like a place near Denver inor Aurora Colorado.

Guest 53220 July 6, 2015
Hi planning to keep my sons 3rd bday party with about 30 guests in Greenfield area Milwaukee Wisconsin

Please advice

Guest June 8, 2015
Hi I need a building for a fundraiser and I need it for this Thursday if anyone can please help and also is a cheap place just for one day

Guest May 28, 2015
Planning for 1st year birthday party with 40people or less near Charlotte,North Carolina.Can anyone suggest

Guest May 17, 2015
Needing a place in Dallas , Texas perfect ably by oak cliff for a sweet 16 , like up to 60 people . Any ideas of a rental place ?

Guest Chicago heights or, lynwood IL area April 14, 2015
Hi I'm looking for a space to rent for my 38 birthday for guest list around 50 people

Guest Santa Ana ca March 31, 2015
Hello I'm looking for a empty lot or salon or place where I can do my 21st birthday we will supply our own food/drink.
I'm in Santa ana ca I need somewhere close local but where there wouldn't be any disturbance or cops . Party will be 8pm till like about 6am!

Guest March 30, 2015
Hi I'm looking for a hall to rent that's cheap in Newark Delaware its for my moms 50 birthday party. Please help me I need it for June 13

Guest West Palm Beach, Fl March 22, 2015
Need an affordable space for my sons 1st birthday party in west Palm beach, FL. It will be in June for 4-5 hours
Posts: 1 Tampa fl March 8, 2015
I am planning a birthday party for my fourteen year old daughter, the party would club theme. There will be at least 60 people at the party. I would like to have a DJ and a photographer. Also I would like at least two helpers to serve food. And glo in the dark theme
Posts: 1 Washington,DC March 5, 2015

Guest Chicago,IL March 5, 2015
Hello, I'm planing my 18th birthday party and I'm sure at least 100 people or less I'm not sure but I need a hall in the south side of Chicago. Please help me. I'm paying for everything so it's gotta be affordable
Posts: 1 lawton ok March 3, 2015
planning to throw a surprise party for someone does anyone know any good places to rent out for a party and that is very spacious and roomy but can book me by march 14 2015

Guest Los Angeles Ca February 8, 2015
I am planing a High school Graduation party for my daughter. I need a space for 60 people in LA area. Help me please 😳

Guest paramount California February 1, 2015
Im looking for a hall to rent for about 150 people in paramount California to do my 3 sons baptism on March 28, 2015 323-210-5570 casandra

Guest paramount California February 1, 2015
Im looking for a hall to rent for about 150 people in paramount California to do my 3 sons baptism on March 28, 2015
Posts: 1 alton, IL January 27, 2015
tryin to find a place for my daughter 2nd birthday party near Alton or close to Alton Illinois.before march 6,2015

Guest January 18, 2015
Im trying to plan a party for March 14 and looking for a rental hall 786-879-6321 cristal

Guest Newark nj January 16, 2015
Im having an 18th Birthday bash And i need a very cheap place like less then 200 dollars a night from8-2 in newark nj or irvington nj somewhere close to here maybe about 150 people

Guest Burtonsville November 12, 2014
I'm looking for a place to rent for my 22 birthday party!!!

Guest North Charleston October 19, 2014
Planning to have my baby girl a sweet 16 but im new to north charleston. Help please
Posts: 1 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania October 14, 2014
Hi I'm looking to rent a space in the harrisburg Pennsylvania area for my daughters first birthday party.something small and simple maybe at most 25 ppl. I will be providing the food and decorations just need some where to have to party any ideas.I am a single mom I'm just looking for a place I can afford.

Guest Louisville Kentucky October 7, 2014
Need A Hall,Space or room to rent for my 21st birthday party on October 18th

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