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larso816559larso816559Posts: 1 February 8, 2012
I'm trying to plan my 21st birthday and all I need now is a venue. I have 16 days( it is on 02/24/2012) and I'm beginning to slightly freak out. If anyone is aware of cheap rentals( or can provide a room themselves) please please please let me know!
Thank you,
qcinfobroker1qcinfobroker1Posts: 3 February 8, 2012
what city are you in
eventsdetailedeventsdetailedPosts: 3 February 8, 2012
Where are you located?
Guest February 8, 2012
I can help you with this.
Guest February 8, 2012
We can help you with you party, what city and the date?
Guest February 8, 2012
We are in West Allis, Wisconsin Milwaukee Couty
GatekeeperGatekeeperPosts: 4 February 8, 2012
What's your budget? I have some connections at your location.
Guest February 8, 2012
There is an opening at the club on February 25, from 8 PM
Call me at 732-892-3700. What city do you live in? The Tropical Night Club is in Point Pleasant Beach. Transportation is available.
greenhillgreenhillPosts: 31 February 16, 2012
Stepping down into the adult group is a very crucial moment.You can list what should be the venue consist of.Like just concentrate on the food and people or you also want some natural essence i.e do you want it to be in a naturally located place.
Guest February 18, 2012
From Which city you are ?

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