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Jduna804601Jduna804601Posts: 3 February 4, 2012
I am getting married on May 12th. Well that is the date that i picked and I don't have anything. Can't really find anything that doesn't break the bank. Any idea's or help would be great!
Guest February 4, 2012
which state are you looking in?
Jduna804601Jduna804601Posts: 3 February 4, 2012
Sorry I am in Maryland
Guest February 4, 2012
Are you looking for a DJ. Go to She makes you dance like nobody's watching. Professional, Friendly and Fun
Guest February 4, 2012
If you're thinking about a destination wedding, consider Highlands Castle in Bolton Landing, NY.
Guest February 4, 2012
Buy your dress food, cake, and flowers at wal mart and just use your ipod for music. if you cant afford that you have no business tring to live past your means.
Guest February 4, 2012
Checkout craigslist for wedding items. They normally have all sorts of things for less then half the cost. You might be able to find coming up DJs, cake designers, flourists, photographers, etc. I would say get family to cook the food and have the ceremony in a free park or nice backyard. Try ebay for items as well, i bought a $1000 wedding dress for $300. Or try the salvation army, thrift store they sometime have dresses donated. Dollar tree normally has small stuff like table decor or favors.
sammysrentalsammysrentalPosts: 1 February 4, 2012
You could always do your event in your backyard or a relatives. Venues and some parks require permits, and you always have time restrictions.
You should reserve a tent as a back up in case of bad weather, to help with the heat, or to jus give a nice look to your backyard. Make sure to discuss their cancellation policies, some places are more flexable then others.
Jduna804601Jduna804601Posts: 3 February 4, 2012
Thanks to everyone for the great ideas. I appreciate it.
Guest February 4, 2012
I'm not sure what part of MD you are in but look at your local county website for inexpensive venues. I'd be happy to help stear you in the right direction,
turtleterryturtleterryPosts: 1 February 4, 2012
If your looking for Photographers, You may want to invest in some inexpensive disposable film cameras. Put them where your guest will be and let them be your photographers. You may also find a friend to take some pictures for you with digital cameras. The pictures can be cropped and you don't have the huge expense of trying to hire a professional photographer and all their charges. Just so you know, I am a photographer and I cover lots of weddings and a lot of people like this approach instead of paying out your nose on one of us.
Guest February 4, 2012
Try maybe going with Friday as your reception date...alot of places give u a a "deal".
VivianVernellEventsVivianVernellEventsPosts: 3 February 4, 2012

I would start with your local Chamber of Commerence. They could provide you with wedding planning & reception assistance at no cost.

In addition, please contact me, as I would like to offer you a free (promotional)e-scrapebook. This scrapebook will contain low, middle, and high-end ideas according to your budget, including a list of local venues, caterers, florists, musician/djs, wedding dress consultants, photographers, which you could implement yourself to get you started on planning your wedding.
Guest February 5, 2012
Hey there, what part of Maryland are you at, we have travel to many out state weddings. You can contact me at
Guest February 5, 2012
Also we do not charge a arm and leg for our services. we are located in Ala but been up to New York and only had charged 2200.
jonte815383jonte815383Posts: 1 February 6, 2012
Hi there, have youtried looking for all inclisive pakages where you live. I found plenty. I am getting married in November 2012 in Baltimore MD. Try Spirtit Cruises theye are no to bad. I found a pakage deal for my small wedding of 50 or less but they accomndate more. I went to open house on Jan. 29the to the Baltimore Sprit and it was lovely, but it was also my first so since I still have a little time I just want to price other venues too. I always have my own back yard as a back-up plan. Best wishes to you.
patri800805patri800805Posts: 22 February 24, 2012
I am a Wedding Planner and would love to help. I offer full service and A la Carte services as well. I am also offering a 20% discount to first time clients. Please respond this message or contact me at 800-734-7298.
dt611827287dt611827287Posts: 2 February 24, 2012
I am planning my wedding to be on 10-11-12 on Tybee Island, GA. Yes it fall on a weekday, I chose this day due to the novelty of the numeric order. We are getting married on the beach quick 15 min ceramony, but I am looking for a place to go with my 45 guests to eat as a group. Any suggestions?
dt611827287dt611827287Posts: 2 February 24, 2012
patrinabruno where are you located?
patri800805patri800805Posts: 22 February 24, 2012
I service all over. I from Georgia and still do most of my work there. I would be more than happy to help you if you would like.
moniq829981moniq829981Posts: 1 February 28, 2012
Looking for a venue in virginia beach, norfolk, chesapeake area of va for a wedding and reception on aug 25, 2012 does anyone know a good place?
kandkfloralskandkfloralsPosts: 41 February 28, 2012
Congrats on your upcoming wedding! smile I hand make unique wedding favors-place card holders, gift and favor tags, wedding flowers, and much more for great prices-make your day uniquely yours-keep the memories forever. please contact me for samples of flowers, and wedding favors, etc. are available to view at
Guest February 29, 2012
i checked your link, it says there is an error
patri800805patri800805Posts: 22 February 29, 2012
If you are still in need of someone, I think I have everything that can help you. I have DIY kits, I can help with as little or as much as you need for your wedding and I am no offering a 20% discount to new clients.
greenhillgreenhillPosts: 31 March 1, 2012
If you still require a place and if your wedding has been postponded then let me tell you that your wait is over.Try the calamigos ranch in malibu.CA.Nestled in the heart of malibu in between the meadows and has a lush green environment.
jess_639748jess_639748Posts: 6 March 5, 2012
Hi there i can plan in state or out of state weddings !!! great rates
FabAffarsFabAffarsPosts: 8 March 5, 2012
I would love to learn more about you and your wedding plans and vision. My fees are based on the clients needs, so lets talk! or 540-305-9964.
kandkfloralskandkfloralsPosts: 41 March 10, 2012
Congrats! Check out this website-it may help you get organized and get started. I offer very unique wedding favors, place card holders, gift/favor tags, wedding flowers, and more at I hope the site helps you! smile
model837383model837383Posts: 1 March 11, 2012
Kansas City, MO
Teddy837988Teddy837988Posts: 1 March 12, 2012
I am seeking a motel/resturant to cater my wedding at a reduced price in williamsburg, va. I am needing a photography,DJ, bakery. Wedding in Sept.
greenhillgreenhillPosts: 31 March 19, 2012
I would really like to help.First of all i would say that don't worry.I know it's a time to panic.But i got some advices for you.My cousin is going to get married in the month of august and for his big day he has selected Calamigos Ranch which is nestled in the heart of Malibu.Has a lush green environment and huge space with one of the finest infrastructure it has a great ambience and a helpful set of staffs to help you.You can have a look at and see if it fits your requirements.My cousin is also a bit worried and confused.Do help me if you get across some other fine venue.
Guest March 19, 2012
Looking for a venue in Destin Florida for approximately 100 people to have a wedding reception. The date is April 21st @ 6:00PM.
follo842316follo842316Posts: 1 March 19, 2012
We are getting married on or about September 8, 2012, and are in search of a venue for reception and dance (ceremony will be at a private location). I would like something simple yet beautiful, rustic yet tasteful. We are willing to spend whatever it takes to accommodate this, but would like it to be reasonable. Any help would be great! Our location is Abbotsford, B.C.
patri800805patri800805Posts: 22 March 19, 2012
If you need a planner, I would love to help.... Please let me know just respond to this post.
Guest March 20, 2012
I'm looking to get married 7/7/2012 in Columbus Ohio. Just started looking into halls recently and have yet to find anything. I would like to find a hall that could possibly hold both the ceremony and reception but if not both, def the reception. This event will be be for approx 100-125 guest. We would like a place that has its own kitchen area and also allows us to bring our own liquor.
patri800805patri800805Posts: 22 March 20, 2012
If you need a planner, I would love to help.... Please let me know just respond to this post or contact me at 800-734-7298.
anuha843307anuha843307Posts: 1 March 21, 2012
Hello Im looking to get married on 8/11/2012 . I live in denver colorado and i'm having a hard time finding a hall. I'ld like to find one that allows me to bring some liquor and possible bring my own food. The reception is for approximately 80-100 guest. Please let me know where i can find one thanks
eventplannermdeventplannermdPosts: 1 March 21, 2012
Call the Hilton in Greenbelt ask for Ms. Mercer 240-542-2530
ednaw840884ednaw840884Posts: 1 March 21, 2012
Hello I'm looking into getting married on 8/18/2012. I've always wanted a down home country wedding where the bride and groom jump over the broom, barque chicken, ribs, turkey, salad, and peaches and lots of pies, i can't find a place indoors where i can have my wedding and reception here in Northeast Of Austin, Tx.
DCMet835926DCMet835926Posts: 1 March 22, 2012
Consider something a little different from the norm. Maybe a church hall or something outdoor (depending on the time of year)? Talk to your close friends and family and ask for suggestions. Good luck!
From - DC Metro DJs, DJ in MD/DC/VA, (" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> book your event with me! smile
angel844179angel844179Posts: 1 March 22, 2012
getting married in indiana any ideas for cheap venues?

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