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TMoni726063TMoni726063Posts: 5 October 28, 2011
Hi everyone, like many other brides I am too planning a wedding on July 7th, 2013 and so far I'm doing all the necessary steps that I should. I looked at a couple of venues and came up with a budget but every place that i looked at so far is way out of my price range. My wedding budget in only $7,000 and i don't want to go over that cause I'm looking to buy a home. I've asked many venues will they try to help me stay to my budget but no luck so far, I'm looking to get married some where in Connecticut. I'm also looking for a venue that's all inclusive and a place that i can hold my ceremony and reception. I really only want to spend about $5,500 to $6,000 on the venue and the other $1,000 on my dress and everything else that the venue may or may not include. IF ANYONE COULD HELP I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT smile
Guest October 28, 2011
Please contact Toni Cloud with the Vinewood. or look on face book under Vinewood,Topeka, Kansas
TMoni726063TMoni726063Posts: 5 October 28, 2011
I'm looking to have my wedding in Connecticut!!!
Guest October 28, 2011
Although we are in Northern Colorado..... I stongly suggest you start thinking outside the box. Look at venues that do not advertise WEDDINGS!! We are a B & B...but we have lovely gardens and a great reception area.... i am sure that if you approach smaller venues..they wouold be DELIGHTED to help... I know we get a LOT of business just bu being reasonabluy priced... we help make memories without giving you a heart attack...there MUST be other business like our out there! GOOD LUCK... I am happy to chat with ideas (NO CHARGE) if you want to call me 970 392 1221 Stephanie
RaulcRaulcPosts: 2 October 28, 2011
Hello.- I think everything is possible with enough time to plan. What I would recommend is that you go to Bridal Shows, you might be able to get some good ideas there. If you need help with DJ services, please let me know I would gladly help you and answer any questions you have.
Guest October 28, 2011
sounds like an eventective time..if u need a dj let me know, i spin everything... call me dj MonTreal 561-699-6792 : )
EventuresLAEventuresLAPosts: 1 October 28, 2011
I think it is great that you have so much time prior to your wedding date to really think about what it is that you want. I will suggest some things that may help- First, your guest list. If you truly want to only spend that amount of money they cut your list to the people who matter most and eliminate everyone else. Then find a restaurant that can accommodate you and your needs. This will be the most cost effective route unless you have a cocktail reception with tray passed food at your home. Another thing you can do is put away $50-100/week- over the next 2 years you will accumulate a lot of money and possibly have more to spend. Furthermore, I would not book anything 2 years out in todays economy you may be out your deposit/retainer before you ever saw it coming. Good luck!
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 October 28, 2011
Congratulations! It's great that you have so much time to plan, and are sticking to your priorities when it comes to budget. It's so easy to fall prey to "wedding fever" when everybody's telling you what you "must" have or "must do" to have a nice wedding. If you've got the money to spend, great, but when you're trying to keep expenses down, you've got to think creatively!

I have officated at weddings in gardens, parks, the trapper's cabin at a local forest preserve, VFW hall, community room at an apartment complex, government building.... you name it, I've done a wedding there! You don't have to hold yours at a "wedding" place -- think of the places in your area that have SPACE available:

Does your local college have a garden, or meeting room where they hold meetings or events?

Have you checked out local organizations such as the Elks, VFW, American Legion, etc?

Is there a senior center or YMCA that has spaces you can rent?

Do you know someone who lives in an apartment complex with a community facility?

Other ways to economize:
Time your wedding so that you can have a brunch or dessert reception -- much less expensive than a buffet or sit-down dinner. Or hold a "high tea".

Think "informal" -- the more formal your wedding, the more expensive it will be. If you make it more informal, you broaden your options and save money.

Is there a culinary school/college nearby? Having them cater your reception would be much less expensive than a regular professional caterer.

Probably one of the best investments you can make is to head to your local bookstore and pick up a book or two on weddings on a budget -- you should find a wealth of other ideas there.

Happy hunting! And keep us posted....

Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises
CharlestonWeddingPhotographersCharlestonWeddingPhotographersPosts: 11 October 28, 2011
We are far far from Conn. But, our Charleston,SC county parks rent event cabins for around $1200. Don't know what Conn. has, but check with your parks and recreation department. Good luck!!
Guest October 28, 2011
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I work with Pink Chandelier, a Nyack-based wedding planning company & bridal lounge. We work with lots of couples in NY, NJ & CT. Please tell me a bit more about what you envision, your estimated number of guests and the region of Connecticut you are in. Depending on where you intend to we'd, we could send you a couple of recommendations that might suit your needs. Please feel free to call me directly if it is more convenient at 845-675-7474. You can also reach out via email at I hope this helps, after all once you nail the perfect location, everything else starts to falls into place.
P.S. I totally agree with EventuresLA's post -- be careful about leaving a deposit as your special day is over 18 months away. Hope to chat with you soon!
TMoni726063TMoni726063Posts: 5 October 28, 2011
Well I live in Bridgeport, Ct so anywhere around that area as far as Stamford, Westport, Greenwich, New Haven would be good! I'm looking to have about 75 people attend my wedding. I'm looking to have a two hearts becoming one, candle lit them wedding. I just want to have a real romantic wedding with a little bit of sparkle at the reception.
info750381info750381Posts: 18 November 2, 2011
I am an event planner I might be able to help negotiate some better deals for you. I am proud of you already having a budget you don't want to budge on. I am located in Ky but will travel and most of my work is done over the phone and emails. I will be available to you anytime. Planning this far out is common. I know you may think that a wedding planner is an added expense that you didn't want to consider but I assure my brides I will save them more money without compromising their visions than they pay for my services. Give me a shout (401FANCYME) 326-2963
Guest November 2, 2011
anyone know of halls that are inexpensive to rent out in the wilkes-barre pa area
Guest November 6, 2011

No doubt its stressful trying to plan your wedding. I am here in St. Louis, as a decorator I meet many brides that come to me with "What am I to do?" struggles. Especially with decorating their venue. I highly recommend looking for a venue that you can bring in your vendors...if you can't find a banquet cente or hotel that could stay marry to your budget. Here locally there are several placed that we decorate and turn into something EYE POPPING beautiful. Bride can now customize everything. Like having your own home built. We also provide wedding bouquets that can be shipped. View our site to see them at

I wish you the best with all your plans. Meanwhile, RELAX, ENJOY, and STAY CALM during your engagement.
smashbasheventssmashbasheventsPosts: 1 December 31, 2011
Congrats on your engagement and best of luck with planning your wedding. I am an event and wedding planner in WNY however I did live in Ridgefield CT for sometime and I am familiar with the area you are looking to be married in. If you would like some consulting on your wedding please e-mail me at Good Luck and Congrats!!
JadeO790025JadeO790025Posts: 7 December 31, 2011
Since you are located in or near NYC contact JadeOwl Event Consults & Management, they have some type of summer offer for weddings. They are great with small budgets:
Guest January 7, 2012
one thing you can think of is having your wedding on a friday or a sunday because most people will give up to a 40% discount for those days....and doing a buffett can also save you tons of money...having a very limited bar or no bar at all will also save money

for the guest that was asking about the wilkes-barre area a great place is the woodlands inn if you are looking for that all in one type of place
paisleyeventsctpaisleyeventsctPosts: 3 January 11, 2012

My name is Katherine Jacox. I am the founder and lead coordinator for Paisley Events in CT. we are located out of Ridgefield CT and service the tri state area and up and down the eastern sea board. I would love to talk with you at your earliest convenience! I can be reached at (757) 408-0522 or through my email (

Good luck!
patri800805patri800805Posts: 22 January 16, 2012
My name is Patrina Bruno and I am the owner of P&T Party Planners. I am sure that I can help you with all of your needs. Have you found anyone to help you yet? Please contact me at 800-734-7298.
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 August 4, 2012
I live in New York but have worked in Stamford, CT and have a great venue in mind. If you are not opposed to having a "day affair", you can get a lovely outdoor or indoor ceremony followed by a buffet brunch in a venue with lovely grounds. I can help with flower and decor as well as photography, invites and thank you's. Give me a call!
Llise 646 684 4294
Bryant4Bryant4Posts: 7 August 5, 2012
TMonique.28 wrote:
Well I live in Bridgeport, Ct so anywhere around that area as far as Stamford, Westport, Greenwich, New Haven would be good! I'm looking to have about 75 people attend my wedding. I'm looking to have a two hearts becoming one, candle lit them wedding. I just want to have a real romantic wedding with a little bit of sparkle at the reception.
Bryant4Bryant4Posts: 7 August 5, 2012
Hello my name is Deborah Bryant.I'm an event planner! If there is anyone looking for a good,affordable and dedicated Event Planner,feel free to contact me at Envisioning Wonderland Event Planner,my direct number is (615)364-0609 or email
MyBelovedNYC10036MyBelovedNYC10036Posts: 107 August 5, 2012
Ok, TMonique,
You have a few folks here that can help, so contact one of us. Good luck with everything!

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