Seeking venue sponsorships for upcoming events. Messages in this topic - RSS

Seeking venue sponsorships for upcoming events. Messages in this topic - RSS

albas733015albas733015Posts: 4 New Jersey August 26, 2011
We are an event management company seeking to partner with event venues in New Jersey for upcoming events...Promotional opportunities included.....
mbrown69mbrown69Posts: 14 August 26, 2011
Hi, can you please email me at I would like some info about how this program works. I am not a venue, but a linen rental company wanting to set up something like this in my area. Thanks.
Guest September 5, 2011
do you work with venues in New York?
Guest September 13, 2011
Please have 1500 sqft of space that I am looking to rent on an as needed basis for meetings, seminars, dance lessons, training classes, etc. The space is behing my boutique. www.gray lily .com
Guest September 14, 2011
I am looking for a rental location in the sacramento area that can hold approximately 1,000 people. i am having an expo with vendors. you can email me at thank you.
avleb744210avleb744210Posts: 1 September 15, 2011
I am looking for a one stop or all inclusive Venue to host a Family reunion 7/13 - 7/15/2012 for 150 people (include adults and kids) activities in suburban Chicago, outside of Cook county and north of I88. Approximately 40 - 55 guest rooms, a hospitality room for meet and greet, and indoor pool or nearby water park and amusement will be needed.
Guest August 3, 2012
l would like to sugest that you sponser the Presque Ilse Lighthouse for next year roar on the shore chairty. l was recently on a tour of the light, and was told it very badly needs funds to rstore it . lt would be a shame to loss that part of Eries history. thanks for your attendtion on this matter.please consider this. thank you Kay Anderson
kenny928453kenny928453Posts: 2 August 4, 2013
I am looking for sponsors in the Brigham City Utah area for an up coming outdoor festival. Any help would be great. Thank you

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