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lsola409854lsola409854Posts: 4 April 13, 2010

I am planning a SURPRISE 40th bday party for a girlfriend. Any tips or suggestions to make it wonderful?
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 April 13, 2010
We have some awesome Custom Candy Bar wrappers for party favors, as well as many other things we've done custom for our party planners. Feel free to look at our work and contact me for a quote if you're interested in what you see.

NeotericExpressions, LLC
Guest April 13, 2010
If you would like a magic show, balloon sculptures, and/or face painting, clown or not . . . just let me know

Merrily Schultz
thelm201881thelm201881Posts: 2 April 13, 2010
I would think about what your friend likes and enjoy. Once you've figured that out try to tailor you party or theme around those items or ideas. Remember this party is for your friend not the guest. If you think it would be too much for you to handle please hire someone. Planner and Coordinators do this all the time so they know all the litle things that most normally forget about.
Guest April 13, 2010
Can I come? I am one of Uvic students?
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 April 14, 2010
Hi Isola,

You might want to look at the Making Events Memorable Forum if you have not done so already.
landmarkevents2010landmarkevents2010Posts: 13 April 14, 2010
Hi Isola,

Where are you planning on holding the event? How many people are you expecting?

We have great ideas you can use during your event that can be fun for all your guests...

Landmark Event Designers Team

Make it a LANDMARK moment...!!!
lkisic121lkisic121Posts: 4 April 15, 2010
Please visit our website at We offer our one-of-a-kind Paparazzi Experience package, with authentic paparazzi-style photographers and red carpet coverage to make this year one you won’t forget!
kari138509kari138509Posts: 2 April 16, 2010
Feel free to check out my website for all the different services that I can offer you.
agillum5agillum5Posts: 17 April 16, 2010
I would be more than happy to help with all your planning and designing needs, I do parties and events all over the U.S and internationally, take a look at my site and let me know if I can help you in anyway. Aimee Gillum
studi410744studi410744Posts: 5 April 19, 2010
If you are planning a celebration of any type and are looking for a reasonanbly priced venue. I own The Studio on Broad which is located in downtown Austell. We are a modern day Event Studio and I am am also the studio photographer. I usually rent my studio out for events for around $300-$400. Feel free to contact me.

Kye Brown
The Studio on Broad
BouncebandBouncebandPosts: 4 April 28, 2010
Hi Isolo,

Please let m eknow if you would like to consider our band for this event.


720 838 3701

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