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tanya730099tanya730099Posts: 1 August 19, 2011
I am searching for the right venue to hold a wedding and reception in Columbus, Ohio. Don't have a lot of money but want it to be special. Getting married July 20, 2013
johnson5johnson5Posts: 2 September 30, 2011
Hi, i'm looking for a best wedding venue hall getting in next year.
chris629937chris629937Posts: 12 September 30, 2011
What city?
pajar737077pajar737077Posts: 9 October 1, 2011
tanya wrote:
I am searching for the right venue to hold a wedding and possibly the reception all in one place in Columbus, Ohio. Don't have a lot of money but want it to be special. Getting married July 20, 2013
DJXL210DJXL210Posts: 1 October 3, 2011
Hi I am DJ XL San Antonio if you are looking for a venue this is a real nice place Boulder Springs and its vendors offer unique facilities and services which include the following:
•8 am to Midnight time slot (16 hours)
• Tables & Chairs for reception halls
•Men and Women's Dressing Rooms
•Climate Controlled Indoor Assembly Hall
•Spacious Restrooms
•Parking lot
•Clean up services after party
•Day before decorating (If hall is available)
You will love this location DJ XL San Antonio
kathy787529kathy787529Posts: 1 December 22, 2011
Hi. I'm looking for an all-inclusive wedding venue, where I can be married and have the reception on May 12, 2012. I would like a beautiful scenery and not a hall if I could. I'm looking to have 150 people at the wedding. My area of interest is between Sandusky and Cleveland Ohio. I am hoping to find a great place, costing under $7,000. My last venue didn't work, so now I'm stuck, five months before, trying to re-plan my wedding upset
amber787543amber787543Posts: 1 December 22, 2011
im looking for a wedding venue and reception thats not thousands of dollars in delaware for april 21, 2012
SanTanWeddingsSanTanWeddingsPosts: 3 December 29, 2011
Parks, retention basins and unlikely "Halls" are good places to start. We had my daughters wedding in a small art gallery that we rented for $150 and that included Fri night and all day Sat. My company does inexpensive weddings so we have to be creative! A small dance studio might rent you space or a Karate studio. Good luck! Nancy from
acver783940acver783940Posts: 1 December 30, 2011
Looking for an economical venue to hold a wedding reception in Milwaukee, WI area. Open to venues other than a hotel as well.
tink1793423tink1793423Posts: 1 January 6, 2012
I'm looking for an all-inclusive wedding venue in the Troy, Ohio area that has beautiful scenery, where we can have our wedding & reception that isn't going to cost us an arm & leg.. smile on October 13, 2012 starting at 3:30 for approx 5 hrs., expecting 100-125 people..
Court791613Court791613Posts: 1 January 6, 2012
I am looking to get a make up artist and hair done for my wedding next july 2013..we are getting married on the Wellington beach in Ontario and the make up and hair would be done in my dads place near Picton Ontario

Also, I am looking for a catering company as well...for approximately 150 people.
I am looking for more but I will post later thank you
jenni791360jenni791360Posts: 1 January 7, 2012
my finance and i were engaged 12/24/11. long story short or i'll try. jphn and i were high school sweethearts that went our seperate ways after that. he married someone and it didnt work out after 20 some years.He found me on facebook. I was living in the Pittsburgh,Pa. area.My father had been having health issues and I decided to move back to The Va. area way before john found me on facebook. John and I started seeing each other and he also has two severly Austic children ages 20 and 15 years of age. I took it upon myself to take over their care as its massive. They were living in filth. I am proud to say with love and patience they have come a very long way in the almost 2 years i have been with them. John is my soul mate. I wish we known that when we were younger. but now that we are engaged. he would like our wedding date to be 9/29/2011. the first date we went on was on 9/29. we are looking for a venue in or around williamsburg,gloucester,newport news,va area. Appx. 50 to 60 ppl. Thank you
ashle795344ashle795344Posts: 1 January 10, 2012
I am looking for an inexpensive venue in/near Kansas City, MO to hold a ceremony and the reception. I am only having around 75 guests.
roxxi799950roxxi799950Posts: 1 January 15, 2012
I am looking for a inexpensive venue for my wedding and reception either in Hopkinsville, KY or Bowling Green, KY. I am having around 125 guest any suggestions?
AshantiCAshantiCPosts: 4 January 18, 2012
looking for venue in chicagoland area for wedding please help!
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 January 18, 2012
AshantiC wrote:
looking for venue in chicagoland area for wedding please help!

That's a pretty big area... can you narrow it down a bit? North side? In the city? South side? Nearby suburbs?

Here are a couple of links you can check out:

Hope that helps!

Marti Barton, Officiant
Joyful Promises
goldi803232goldi803232Posts: 1 January 19, 2012
Searching for a venue for an outdoor garden ceremony WITH capability of indoor or outdoor cocktail reception, must be 20 miles of Downtown Pgh, in any direction. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks everyone!
mwg799996mwg799996Posts: 2 January 19, 2012
rebecca.bracey wrote:
the early house is beautiful, any idea of something similar to that in Ohio? The southwest part.
mwg799996mwg799996Posts: 2 January 19, 2012
Stan Hewett Hall in Akron is beautiful. Where in Ohio are you looking?
Guest February 2, 2012
I just got engaged and am looking for a place to get married in regina, sk?
addya798564addya798564Posts: 2 February 3, 2012
Hello everyone

I am looking for a venue in the miami area for my wedding. Very inexpensive hall or any right now would do but will allow outside vendor for drinks and food. Thank you.
ocken822318ocken822318Posts: 1 February 17, 2012
I'm looking for an inexpensive wedding and reception venue for a wedding in Jersey City, New Jersey. Please help!!!
mira_832137mira_832137Posts: 1 March 6, 2012
I am looking for a wedding venue for 35 guests in Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, Red Wood City or anywhere between Belmont to San Jose, CA. I do have a caterer and a DJ.
CharlestonWeddingPhotographersCharlestonWeddingPhotographersPosts: 11 March 19, 2012
Charleston, SC has the beauty of natural setting like the beach. The beach is FREE. But, what might not be known is that most counties have the public parks and recreation departments. Our parks here in Charleston, SC are incredibly affordable compared to high-priced hotel and other venues. Our parks have cabin rentals with full kitchens, stage and huge seating areas with tables. It is fantastic! If your city/county offers this, plan an indoor/outdoor wedding and/or reception. Make it a late afternoon to evening affair. Put out tiki lamps for romantic lighting + bug control! You can easily end up with a very beautiful setting. We will be happy to help you plan your Charleston Beach wedding or other locations for your perfect wedding. We have over 25 years of professional experience and beach weddings are our specialty!!
krist866813krist866813Posts: 1 April 30, 2012
I REALLY need help finding a place our wedding reception. Does anyone know of any inexpensive places here in Toronto? My wedding will be in September 08, 2012.Help please!! Hope to hear from you guys!
Email me At thanks
sakur873543sakur873543Posts: 1 June 3, 2012
I would like to find an outdoor wedding venue in northeast ohio, please help.
dawna887771dawna887771Posts: 1 June 3, 2012
I am looking for a reception hall in lancaster, ca for around August the 28th. Just around 50 people if anyone knows where one is at that's not going to cost a lot of money. I will need it to be catored and a dj. Please let me know if anyone knows of a good place
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 June 3, 2012
mtmnlls wrote:
Looking for a economical place to have a wedding reception in Phoenix, AZ

Hi. Can you give a bit more information on what you are thinking for cost ceiling and what you are looking for (bring in own food, supply own alcohol that type of thing).

I'm a planner here in Phoenix and happy to to give you some suggestions.

If you want to contact me directly my info is below (no sales pitch so don't worry smile )

Robbie McCoy
Desert Light Weddings
(480) 235-0325
foxy9890661foxy9890661Posts: 1 June 7, 2012
looking for an economical place to get married in or around knoxville tn ...would love an outdoor wedding ...only want to spend around 3500.00 for everything ...thanks
myson891655myson891655Posts: 1 June 9, 2012
Need venue for my wedding. Ceremony and reception in Orlando Fl for cheap!
Moyas891747Moyas891747Posts: 1 June 10, 2012
Hey evryone so I'm getting married next month and I'm having problems with my venue almost at last minute i'm considering changing if it's a good deal help bride in distress i'm looking in Ohio preferably not too far from the Cleveland area...considering surrounding counties ceremony is in Mentor.
melis892126melis892126Posts: 1 June 11, 2012
Newly engaged and looking for inexpensive place for wedding and reception on 12-27-14 at about 4:30pm to about 10:30pm total amount of people including bride and groom is 15. I need an officiant, photography, video, catering unless provided at hall. I need it romantic with candlelight since it will be winter warm. I am located near Branson, Missouri.
bcarp877979bcarp877979Posts: 1 June 11, 2012
Im looking for a reception hall in the Orange County, CA area, around Anaheim, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Orange, Santa Ana, or Fountain Valley. One that is inexpensive & where i can take my own food & beverages/alcohol to. Anyone know of such a place?
melis893765melis893765Posts: 1 June 14, 2012
Looking for a small venue for a wedding/reception in May, 2013 in Marietta, Georgia. Needs to be inexpensive, as we have a very small, tight budget. We would have about 40-50 guests. Anyone have any ideas?
CRHUG894290CRHUG894290Posts: 1 June 14, 2012
Just recently got engagedsmile need ideas for caters and reception halls in Decatur, Illinois or Bloomington, Illinois??
steff893792steff893792Posts: 1 June 14, 2012
I'm looking for a wedding venue in springfield/branson MO area. I'd like to have the ceremony and reception close or even at the same place. Afternoon or evening. Approximately 150 guests. Preferably indoor. I would like to keep it under 1,500.
If you know of any churches that would be good I am open for that seeing as they are usually a little more affordable. I am open to suggestions! Thanks.

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