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mrosp378825mrosp378825Posts: 2 October 13, 2010
Our budget is around $5,000 too. Nowadays it seems a lot of couple's are trying to save their money for AFTER the wedding, which is absolutely a smart thing to do. Because of that I've found that there are a lot of ways to "cut corners" and still have a beautiful ceremony and/or reception. There's tons of DIY ideas out there is you're crafty, or ask around your families and see if anyone else is. It can also add a more personal touch to it and make it more memorable for you. Just google away and jot down notes of things you like and see if there are ways to do them yourself or modify them. It'll come together in your head I promise! I'm not the most creative person and when I first got engaged the thought of planning a wedding was terrifying, but we're getting there! 6 months to go smile
khalu506965khalu506965Posts: 2 October 13, 2010
I soo wanna get stuff and do things my wedding is july 29th and my refiance is like ahhh dont worry about it we got lots of time
Renes542091Renes542091Posts: 4 October 14, 2010
myiandfa2011 wrote:
Hi and congrats....Any words for some one planning by herself? I am having a west palm beach wedding in july of 2011(indoor) and I don't want it to be.....whats the word NUTTS! I want to have fun with it, but sometimes I get so frustrated because all my family and friends are in other towns or out of state upset and I have no friends here because I moved here to be with the love of my life and he helps as much as he can but this is not really a man thing ( but he loves to help). Any words of insperration for me wink!

Hi I know how that is to not have any of your family or friends live near you to help out. My friends and family live about 4 1/2 hrs away. So its a little hard especially when my bridesmaids all live up that way. So I haven't figured out their dresses yet. However some advice would be to send them emails of things you like and have them give you their opinions on stuff. Its still tricky but it does help. I wish you the best of luck! smile
Renes542091Renes542091Posts: 4 October 14, 2010
niecey818 wrote:
hello everybody, I am getting married on April 23,2011. I am somewhat nervous,but I think I will be okay. I'm just having a problem with finding the right dress that fits my taste. What should do???

Hi. My name is Jessica and how I found my dress was that I knew the theme I kind of wanted. And I've always loved the Cinderella type dresses. I do like some of the ones that fit the body figure too but to me I wanted the one that looked like Cinderella. It took me 5 dresses to try on and I found the right one. You also need to figure out a price for your dress b4 you start looking. Cuz believe me one of the dresses I tried on and liked was way too high of a price for me. If you want to look like a princess/Queen on ur wedding than go for the ones that are kind of poofy. If u want to look sexi but elegant for the long gowns with the train that show off more of the back. Or if you like short dresses you can do that too. smile I wish you the best of luck & I hope I help you out a little.
Renes542091Renes542091Posts: 4 October 14, 2010
amorgan2929 wrote:
hi everyone..well my date is june/11/2011!!im so excited one b/c its my wedding that its self is just so exciting and two im marrying the love of my life...but im only 18 so i need all the advise i can get..congrads to all the brides!!

Hi my wedding is July 16, 2011 and I'm so excited too. I'm 19 right now but will be married when I'm 20. I got engaged at 18. The first thing you need to do is figure out a budget b4 u start looking at things cuz then u will want to get stuff u fall in love with but then u see the priceand it might be too high and take a lot of money to buy especially if their the favors or food, etc. Figure out a theme, the type of dress you would like and everything. Its fun to plan but it can be stressful. Also make sure you ask your fiance for his opinions well like on the colors, food, etc.
Renes542091Renes542091Posts: 4 October 14, 2010
Hi Everyone! Congrats on your Engagement! My fiance and I are 19yrs old. And we got engaged the day b4 valentines February 13, 2010. Our wedding is set for July 16, 2011. I'm so excited! I already got my wedding dress and its amazing. We are getting married in Southern IL in a town called Benton. We still haven't found a venue, caterer or really anything yet. I have my maid of honor and bridesmaids and flower girl chosen. I don't have a ring bear at the moment and don't know if I will considering we don't have really any young cousins to take that part. I've been looking online for a while trying to plan things out. I already feel the stress. As of right now the budget my fiance gave me is $4,000 but it could change to a little bit lower. But were not sure yet. Does anyone have any advice for me??
info476229info476229Posts: 2 October 15, 2010
smileliseramos wrote:
AndiC wrote:
Hi there!

I am a bride to be in Brampton,Ontario and am looking for some fellow brides to be who want to chat, share, unload, whine, cry, complain, laugh, give and get ideas,suggestions...whatever!! This way, I will be talking to people who are in the same boat as me and also reduce the possibility of driving my non marriage minded friends up the wall with my incessant wedding chatter! Good luck ladies! (my wedding is planned for Sept 24/2011)
info476229info476229Posts: 2 October 15, 2010
Hello AndiC,

May I suggest finding a great Wedding Planer to assist you with all your planning and keep you on budget regarding your big day.

I am a newly wed Sept 26,2009. I hired a planner at www.veronicabridalelegance.com. or visit weddingwire.com and search for their listing. They were my life saver. Goodluck
Guest October 18, 2010
hi . my name is Yamanda . i am getting married on 6/10/11. i am so excited and anxious. my boyfriend an i have been together forever it seems . we were hs sweethearts and then broke up after 1st yr of college. we got back together after about 2 yrs and have been together ever since. with 8 months to go there is so much to do . i think the most stressful thing is worrying that the budget will be blown and that cant happen. we just bought a house so i am counting every penny. ugh! i will get thru this with all my hair and still fit my dress.
Sweet535446Sweet535446Posts: 2 October 20, 2010
congrades on your wedding. my wedding set for april 2 2011. im losen my mind. men really dont help wen it comes to wedding plans yah they give there input but thats it lol. someone help i have the colores of pink an white but no them yet. we have a hall for the wedding an reception got a DJ and a photagopher. but theres still much to do!
ky28c546625ky28c546625Posts: 2 October 20, 2010
Congrats on the upcoming nuptuals. I'm a btb as well and I'm going nuts with the planning. Our wedding date is 11/11/11 and I still have 2 find a venue.. We live in New britain Ct and have a $15,000.. Help please!
ky28c546625ky28c546625Posts: 2 October 20, 2010
blackroses941 wrote:
Hey all, I am just started in planning my 11/11/11 wedding. Kinda lost, found the venue I want but having major difficulties with it. Am I starting too early? I'm just looking for B2B who will kinda get what I am talking about and saw this post and wanted to say hi!

Hello I'm getting married on 11/11/11 as well. We have been 2gether for 3yrs on 11/11/10 and I'm stressed already!!! I have a photographer, dj, a pastor to marry us just no venue or cake, dont know where 2 start???
szoke546901szoke546901Posts: 1 October 21, 2010
Hey girls, my wedding is JUNE 18,2011smile. Congrats on your's. My fiance and I live in Atlanta,GA and planning our wedding in North Carolina to be close to our family. All I have to say is HELP ME, PLEASE! This is sooooo stressful. I don't have a planner, and maid of honor,bridesmaid are full of excusesupset. I will advice anyone that is trying to plane a wedding in a different state NOT to.
melnjon2011melnjon2011Posts: 1 October 24, 2010
Hey everyone, this is our first wedding also. Ours is indoor and in NY. It will be indoor even though I always wanted an outdoor wedding in a park near a waterfront but it's ok. I have no set theme just using my favorite colors and the date is so quick that I am getting a headache with trying to plan it all. So I hope everything goes well but as long as I have him and my two children in my corner I know it will be awesome. My date is April 16, 2011. Or so I hope, that is if we can get the venue set correctly. But congrats to all of you.
neshe556703neshe556703Posts: 1 November 4, 2010
Hi Ladies, I understand what you all must be feeling! I have been married 16 years now but am still closely connected to the wedding planning jitters. I am a Day Of event coordinator who realized that the most important part of the planning process comes down to logistics and management of the day! You want that day to be as you envision! That is my companies niche! I am in Maryland but I recommend you find a Day Of event coordinator now who you can begin passing your vision to so you are confident that the day of your wedding will be exactly what you dreamed it would be! A Day Of event coordinator will save you money and give you peace of mind with very little hassle or overbearance! Hope this helps!
BlueEyeDreams73BlueEyeDreams73Posts: 15 November 5, 2010
Well I would like to say Congrats to everyone that is here. My Day of Union is planned for the 17th of Sept. 2011 I never thought there would be this much planning having to go into a wedding..... my Fiance' and I both have been married before but we never had a wedding so this is our first wedding. We are working on a tight budget between us we have 5 children. He has custody of his 3 and I have custody of my 2. Yeah I know the brady bunch right LOLOL..... Any way we are trying to work this wedding to be rememberable for the both of us since we never had one and keep the price down is very very hard to do, but we are managing it I think LOLOLOLOL What we have done so far

Picked our colors
picked our wedding party
Found our our dresses and tuxedos (just need to order)
Found all our musice
Found our dj
Found the place to have reception $275
Found the place to have ceremony $100
Found a place to rent our chairs and Arch way
Found Photographer Artistic Photography
( http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages#!/profile.php?id=1060081788&v=photos )

Things need to do is

Find someone to make the cake
Find someone to do the ceremony
get all the decoration
figure out food

and from there not sure whatelse need to do

Bedford, Pa.
BlueEyeDreams73BlueEyeDreams73Posts: 15 November 5, 2010
katmawilson wrote:
Hello, first I say congratulations to all the soon to be brides. I am planning a wedding for Sept. 17th of 2011 and I am lost. My fiance has allotted me 5000 for the wedding because he would rather use the money to buy a house. I will be married in TX but what can you get for so little money. Help!!!

I totally understand what you are going through we are planning a wedding for the 17th of Sept. 2011 also with a VERY tight budget.
We found that if you become a member at like a Moose Lodge you can rent their place for like $275 and that is with insurance also for like if anyone gets hurt or say leaves and is in an accident.
We also found that we can have the wedding in our local state park wich is only going to run us $100 for the day
Then we found also that like at the True Value Hardware store you cause rent Chairs, Archway and if you need tents they have them also, but what is nice they will go and sit the stuff up and take it down depending on how much you need depends on the price we are looking at like $200 maybe
you also can get alot of your decorations from http://www.orientaltrading.com/party-themes-and-events/wedding-a1-388560%2098-1-1.fltr

Don't know if that is any help or not but good luck
Bedford, Pa.
kk.mo560759kk.mo560759Posts: 1 November 10, 2010
Hi Ladies, my fiance and I are planning to tie the knot in Houston, Tx Sept 10, 2011 and i am sooo excited but at the same time terrified that I won't be able to pull it off. We are planning to keep it small but im still having trouble finding an affordable venue. Im totally open to any suggestions that would save money so if anyone has any tips i would love to hear them.
MrsHutchMrsHutchPosts: 5 November 10, 2010
Hello Ladies.... We're planning to wed on June 25, 2011. It's getting down to the wire and I still have alot to do! Is anyone from the Michigan area that has a contact to a dependable photographer?
Famil562926Famil562926Posts: 1 November 14, 2010
Hello ladies..... Congradulations to u all...... Our wedding is planned for July 28, 2011..... We have a lot of work ahead of us.... HTB is in the Army and stationed in Korea at the moment so I am trying to do all that I can now before the move to Louisiana.... at which we will get married there which is closer to all of our families.... If anyone is in the Ft. Polk area and can give advice on where to look for things.... please help.... thanks... I am currently in Washington state if anyone needs help here.... I know a lot of people here that do a lot of things with weddings
weddi562668weddi562668Posts: 11 November 17, 2010
Congrats on the big day! I, too, am in this boat with you. My wedding is July 15, 2011 and I am already melting down and I just started planning a few days ago! From non-attentive husband to be to not being able to find a reasonably priced venue, I feel like I am on a one track road to tackyville and I am not so thrilled with that! I am sure much more tears are to come...
teres565701teres565701Posts: 1 November 18, 2010
Jcornwell86 wrote:
I'm also a first time bride...my date was 9/10/11 but have found out that it happens to coincide with the biggest football game in iowa...the iowa vs iowa state game, and since my family is very sports-minded, and I want my day to be focused on my fiance and I...I'm having to change my date...looking at 6/25/11, but still not sure...trying to balance being cold and too hot, not an easy task...I haven't done anything yet as I was planning on having a september wedding, and now potentially moving it up three months is making me feel very short on time...I have nothing and am quite restless about it...especially when my fiance's only thought is "Tell me when to show up and what to wear"...he's really easy going and I'm not really great at making decisions...this wedding thing is not as easy as I thought it would be!

omg !!!! thats the same day im getting married. we've actually been together for 10 years, but i cant find a decent reception hall for a decent price and its driving me crazy... i also just started looking for dresses yesterday. i feel like im so far behind even though i just gt engaged 3 1/2 months ago
Guest November 29, 2010
Hi Ladies, im Kiy. My wedding date is August 13, 2011. Everything is going well now that we finally decided on colors after changing 4 times. My fiance is very helpful in the decision making (probably to helpful) I started planning in July and think im doing pretty good at this point. So far have booked the church, reception venue, selected food, DJ, Florist, Bakery, photographer, wedding party dresses and groomsmen tux and purchased my gown. Just trying to save to pay for everything. My parens are retired and do what they can but this is hard and we are making sacrafices to make this day as beautiful as our love for one another. Congrats to all the brides.just a word of advice..Always communicate with you mate.. smile
Guest December 7, 2010
Hello to all and congrats to every bride to be here! My name is Shauntae', Im a 24 y.o. Bride-to-Be as well and my day is May 21, 2011 the day before my 25th birthday. I am getting married in Prattville, AL and I am willing to share some of my ideas as well as get some from others. This will be my first wedding and Im excited about it all. Im looking to save money, headaches, and have fun while doing it all.
Guest November 13, 2011
Hi Ladies. Congrats To ALL of us! I was married before. I must say it is alot better when my dad (mom a little) took care of the food; place....on & on. I am getting married 11-11-12. several had asked why NOT 11-11-11. Are they CRAZY?! I haven't took a breath since we set the date. This is his First real wedding so I want it to be Doublely *Special*

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