PLEASE HELP ME WITH A VENUE!!! Messages in this topic - RSS

PLEASE HELP ME WITH A VENUE!!! Messages in this topic - RSS

smker631993smker631993Posts: 1 February 21, 2011
I live on the illinois side of the Quad Cities and I am in desperate need of a venue. I need a place that has either a good price on food or lets me bring in my own caterer. I am on a tight budget and everywhere I look it's way too expensive. PLease Help. upset
Guest February 21, 2011
I am looking for a function hall to rent around Nashua, NH for a graduation party. It dosen't have to have food. I would like to price with food and without
jimphoenixjimphoenixPosts: 16 February 21, 2011
Lisa I will help you if you reply back for no charge!!!
Guest February 21, 2011
To smkerwood:

I haven't been to the Quad Cities in a long time, but have you checked into the riverboats?

Also, I attended a live show in a big theatre there -- maybe they have an area they rent out for receptions and private parties.

Also check into the halls owned by fraternal organizations such as the VFW, Moose, Elks, etc. or look into your local park district.

Good luck!

Marti Barton
Joyful Promises Officiants
Guest February 21, 2011
Hire a Planner not only will they be able to save you on everything she will also be there on your wedding day. It would actually save you money! I would at least check into it. Could save you a great deal of money off the street price of everything that you want! Good luck!
onehe632262onehe632262Posts: 1 February 21, 2011
i will be turning 50 june 2012. am looking for a nice hall in st. louis to hold my party, any ideas
aaaplanneraaaplannerPosts: 2 February 23, 2011
The Bevo Mill

4749 Gravois Road

Saint Louis, Missouri 63116

aaaplanneraaaplannerPosts: 2 February 23, 2011
In IL try one of the community centers like Moline or Milan good luck
Guest February 25, 2011
I live in Maryland and he lives in Richmond, Va, we want to marry in Virginia. Our budget is about 5,500, I just want simple and elegant with about 75 to 100 ppl! HELP!

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