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Karao630583Karao630583Posts: 3 February 21, 2011
I've got an event band - actually a couple of them. I'm a veteran of the event scene, but have never dealt with the business side of things before now.

My general question is how can I hook up with an event coordinator to our mutual advantage?

We do a variety of things well. We have a live karaoke band, can do a whole night with an R+B thing, Jazz, dance, 80s thing, or a variety. We can provide our own sound / lights/MC and have a relationship with some photographers who would be happy to offer package deals to event coordinators who give us volume business.

Is this an attractive offer to event coordinators? How should I market to band to the event coordinators? How can I find event coordinators to work with? (other than web searches) How should I contact them? Is there a question I should be asking that I'm not?
paigefuss6paigefuss6Posts: 3 February 21, 2011
What area are you in?
Karao630583Karao630583Posts: 3 February 21, 2011
NW - based in Portland, OR
jimphoenixjimphoenixPosts: 16 February 21, 2011
I would take the time and find someone that is not going to take advantage of you! I have seen other companies pay the artist $1500.00 and collect $5000.00 or more. Be sure to see their track record with other artists. As you know if they don't like one there will be 25 more that will come.
Karao630583Karao630583Posts: 3 February 21, 2011
Oh, I know. I'm happy to give a generous percentage, but also know that many are cutthroats. I've seen worse examples than that! How should I go about connecting with someone, though?
jimphoenixjimphoenixPosts: 16 February 28, 2011
To connect you will want to find a list of destination management companies there are several if you look them up on the computer. You will want to look at some of the destination management affiliate clubs etc. ADME,and DMC Network are some you might try. Good luck!
Guest March 1, 2011
First thing I would do is get up hit every wedding place in your area, which there are tons of them, as well in other OR places, send them a nice letter stop by, then you will start getting business that way, Some planners will want to take you to the cleaners, also don't forget disclosure to all clients on this, We refer to lots of folks and don't want a kick back or want one either pass the saving on to your clients,,They will love you for it,,,
Guest August 25, 2011
Suggestion: you might offer your services to your local chapter of MPI (Meeting Professional International). You could offer to provide the entertainment for a meeting or event your local chapter is hosting. Great exposure (you'll reach all involved in the industry: planners and venue reps).
albas733015albas733015Posts: 4 August 26, 2011
I would also search the Wedding and Event Professionals in for your area. Also when you begin to receive collaborative offers be clear on your standards and make sure you know what you want from them as well. To Your Success!
cynfa734302cynfa734302Posts: 1 August 27, 2011
Graduation party for my son & nephew
scrip875464scrip875464Posts: 2 May 12, 2012
looking for a venue in the central jersey area to host a singles meet and greet once a month. Any suggestions?
AweinerwsAweinerwsPosts: 6 December 4, 2012
Finding an event organizer can be tougher than you may imagine. The things you do and can also manage seems quite good to me. However, finding a suitable event planner may take longer than you think.

You may advertise on various forum sites. Numerous professional event organizers visit such sites. Few of them may read your posts on such sites and may get in touch with you.

Apart from this, you may also start a page on social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. These days social media marketing is the latest trend to attract a specific group of people.

There are also several mobile apps, which you may use for your cause. People who are genuinely interested will surely get in touch with you through this method.
MalayziaMalayziaPosts: 1 December 6, 2012
I dont think its nearly as hard as people say. You would just need to get some business cards or literature for your band/bands and contact as many event planners as you can in your area. Let them know that you would just like to offer yourself to them as a vendor (so that when their guests need entertainment they can refer you) and that you would do the same or even use them to plan your concerts in exchange. As for the whole money thing, you could let them know that you prefer to work directly with the customer when it comes to quotes and finances. A legit planner will not have a problem with this. Good luck!

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