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MAGEventsMAGEventsPosts: 27 February 15, 2011
Trends come and go and there's always the classics - what are your favorite wedding color combos?
Guest February 15, 2011
Purple and cream
trice555194trice555194Posts: 6 February 15, 2011
Tiffany Blue and Brown, Brown and Gold and Tiffany Blue, Lilic and Silver, Ivory, Ivory and Brown and Gold those are just some colors that I like. I suggusted that when choosing colors pick at least 3 colors becasue one color will be an accent color for example, white/ivory, silver, black, gold etc. Hope this helps
BeyFavorsBeyFavorsPosts: 16 February 15, 2011
Just did favors for a wedding this weekend and their colors were chocolate brown and gold. It looked beautiful. These colors also allow for splashes of color. They used brunt orange but many other colors could be used.

Bey Favor & Gift Company
wildm624275wildm624275Posts: 1 February 16, 2011
MAGEvents wrote:
Trends come and go and there's always the classics - what are your favorite wedding color combos?

Going for black white & gold
clari627328clari627328Posts: 2 February 16, 2011
My wedding is on October 1st 2011 and i am stumped for colors.....any suggestions!
DorinDorinPosts: 1 February 17, 2011
Colors are important and correspond with your wedding style , and yes maybe even personalities. This needs to be considered thoroughly and not given to a, 'knee jerk' reaction.
Bright colors ( Sunny Yellow, Lime Green, Bright Fuchsia, Neon Orange, etc.) for instance would do an injustice to a formal, evening affair; but they would compliment a small informal garden wedding, even a large formal morning or afternoon one.
I know these days people are echoing, 'anything goes', and to some extent that's true, but the difference between a nice presentation and a great presentation could come right down to your choice of colors.
If your favorite colors are bright ones, then morning or afternoon, formal/informal weddings will enhance those colors and make them pop, especially in your pictures. They'll create such a lovely, happy and bright feeling that will impact all your guest.
An evening wedding with candlelight captures the ambiance of the wedding much more than capturing the brilliant colors, they'll go almost un-noticed ( it could even be distractful), but staying with black, pale, soft colors (both for flowers and gowns) will use the glow from the light making an uncluttered canvas, all the while using the shadows to create a dramatic look.
For your wedding day to be fun and enjoyed by you and your guest, keep your choices true to your personality, that will insure a successful and memorable time. If your personality is has always been loud and over the top, then a simple informal wedding will not satisfy you at the end of the day; if your budget calls for a small affair in spite of your desires, don't fret, there are ways to hurdle the obstacle, of not enough money, without going broke. One example, is to pick one area of extravagance, (other than your gown). It could be the floral arrangements on the tables or maybe the linen that covers both tables and chairs. The trick is picking something that'll grab the attentions of your guests but limit it to one area; it could be live music, or a catored sit down meal; or maybe professional lighting and drapery. You can swap one idea for another until you feel comfortable with the budget.
My job is photography, but in the past with three girls growing up, I've learn to be a 'jack of all trades'. I've designed the gowns (and very nice ones too), I decorated the cakes, professionally, made all the foral arrangements; I put on weddings with all the trimmings for others who didn't know how; we had glamor without the cost and always a great presention, but that is my personality. I'm, over the top, on everything I do.
On one occasion I used, lavishly, all kinds of candle holders and mirrors. We had candles on all the tables that were staggered in heights and size. The mirrors created enough reflections to almost double the look. I was breath taking.
I think everything through thoroughly to guarantee the style and look I'm after; and I've found that using the right colors is an extra bonus to accomplishing this.
I hope this was useful to your orginal question. I guess I can be long-winded too.
MAGEventsMAGEventsPosts: 27 February 18, 2011
We just did a wedding in August that used textures/prints instead of a main color theme. The Demask print was black and white and the bride decided to use hot pink and orange as accents for ribbons and what else. It's always best to go with your favorite colors too, that way they have extra meaning. I've seen pink and orange, brown and blue, pink and blue and pink and silver in the last two seasons. I think jewel tones can be a fun and rich way to do wedding colors.
MAGEventsMAGEventsPosts: 27 February 18, 2011
Any one else have any favorites?
clari627328clari627328Posts: 2 February 20, 2011
I am doing my wedding in eggplant and cream..
tiffa631547tiffa631547Posts: 1 February 20, 2011
blue,white,an silver
jhitz629818jhitz629818Posts: 1 February 20, 2011
We are doing a Christmas wedding with red, white and black.
MyssFlynnMyssFlynnPosts: 1 February 20, 2011
Red Silver and White
nicol631649nicol631649Posts: 1 February 20, 2011
Tangerine & & Violet ( summer wedding. untraditional. but the colors together are beautiful. if you google image orange and purple wedding themes you can see for yourself :] ) let me know what you think!
angel632407angel632407Posts: 1 February 21, 2011
I bought a wedding dress that inspired my color and my fiance wanted yellow. So sage green and shades of yellow will be our colors.
athen632926athen632926Posts: 1 February 22, 2011
I want to do White, Ivory and baby blue...what do you guys think?
tinagr1006tinagr1006Posts: 1 February 22, 2011
We want to do cream and black or champagne and black.
Shell591254Shell591254Posts: 10 February 22, 2011
we are going with turquoise green, fushia and lime green for our summer wedding
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 February 24, 2011
We feature elements of weddings by color on our blog! I would love to feature some of these inspirational color schemes, if you guys don't mind.


MAGEventsMAGEventsPosts: 27 February 27, 2011
nicoleboutte wrote:
Tangerine & & Violet ( summer wedding. untraditional. but the colors together are beautiful. if you google image orange and purple wedding themes you can see for yourself :] ) let me know what you think!

Love that idea!! Fun and lively color selection! You should post pictures after your wedding!
Guest February 27, 2011
ivory and sage
MAGEventsMAGEventsPosts: 27 February 27, 2011
Champange is a great rich/warm tone if you want to feel luxurious. Or you could do cream if you want to keep it clean and neutral. wink
tinagr1006 wrote:
We want to do cream and black or champagne and black.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 February 27, 2011
Grey, black, cream, red and silver accessories. But all colors are great -- I go by what colors a couple feels - what makes them have a feeling of happiness, joy and/or fun!


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