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Guest January 21, 2011
I am hosting a 4 day conference at the Colonnade in Boston. We will be hosting a cocktail reception the first night and taking the group on a boat ride via the Odyssey the second night. I am looking for a fun restaurant/bar/hot spot to take the group (approx 80) on the last night. I must serve dinner and have some sort of entertainment. Any suggestions are extremely appreciated. Thanks!
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 January 21, 2011
Hi Guest,
It might be fun for you to have your party at the location which was pictured on the TV Program Cheers. The URL for the pub is
Since you mentioned in your heading that you are looking for fun you might be interested in a program which is both Educational and Fun (and the content can easily be applied on the job) at your conference as possibly a lunchtime keynote. I would appreciate your looking at my Education by Entertainment website and my EvenTective Listing and contacting me with some details on the conference so we could discuss a program for you.
Many thanks,
Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
Education by Entertainment
yoder161066yoder161066Posts: 3 January 21, 2011
Nothing is more fun that having a stand up comedian do a show after your dinner. Everyone laughs, has fun and talks about it for days afterword. Funny Business specializes in corporate comedians: Please check us out

John Yoder
Funny Business Agency
jimphoenixjimphoenixPosts: 16 January 24, 2011
Good reviews! I would try asking the concierge at the hotel about this bar.
sydneymyerssydneymyersPosts: 1 February 18, 2011
I am not sure on what date you are considering but the Yard House has a great menu and seems like the perfect fit for your group. They are in Dedham, MA.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 February 18, 2011
Hi Sydney Myers,

I'm not familiar with the restaurant chain (except to know its mostly California based), but the problem is Dedham is about 30 minutes from Boston without traffic. Not sure I'd want to being my business group on a 30 minute bus ride out of the city of Boston (and another 30 minutes back) just to eat in Dedham when there are so many good options within the city. As a conference attendee I know I would not appreciate this.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
danie639362danie639362Posts: 1 March 2, 2011
Hello There!

I run a few places in city that may be a nice fit for you. I have a French Restaurant called Petit Robert Central Bistro in which wehave 5 meeting rooms that may work for you. It is a chic French Bistro in downtown Boston. Revolution Rock Bar is also another location that may be a lot of fun. It is a rock & roll bar with many entertainment options should you want something fun and different. To download more about our venues you can go to www. Thank you
Guest April 15, 2011
Hi Guest,
A nice location over looking the St.Charles River is the Sonesta Boston it has a great space layout for a small/medium size group. Artbar is open in the Spring for outside patio seating. Check it out at
boris236478boris236478Posts: 1 April 21, 2011
How about a comedy hypnotist for your corporate event? check out watch online videos to see if that fits what you are looking for.
Guest August 25, 2011
For your consideration: Not far from the Colonade is The Liberty Hotel a "new-er" hotel located in what used to be the City of Boston police headquarters. The bar is called Clink, the restaurant is called Alibi, a bar called The Liberty Bar, etc. Different and fun.
greenhillgreenhillPosts: 31 February 24, 2012
I might be posting this late but i need to give the info.If your budget is too low then go for the colonnade hotel or if you want to have a taste of the french cuisine then you can look forward to the Brasserie Jo..

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